flawed work of art.
Sunday, September 26, 2004 @ 10:53 pm
Dreams mean something. i believe that they're trying to tell us something. For example, my whole poisonous black snake nightmare? if you've watched KillBill vol.2, you'd recall the Black Mamba.. well, noone warned me about that, i happily watched Vol.2 yesterday and got a fright.!! another example is the dream about my friend's mum. freaky. but what was even more freaky was the encounter i had with her in real life the day after. maybe i have ESP or something. wishful thinking, no?

Saturday, September 25, 2004 @ 7:07 am
all my classmates want elder brothers of their own whenever i tell them about my 2 brothers.... they dunno that i had to suffer a lot under them when we were younger..
one enjoyed beating me up, the other had mood swings... now that daniel has left, the house is all quiet again. and my parents are back to moody mode. :(
i had a nasty nightmare a few nights ago, about a big poisonous black snake biting my leg. ouch! i woke up in a fright... it felt so real!!! and the night after that, even though aaron kept reminding me to think of fluffy white clouds, rainbows, castles etc (who does he think i am? a teletubby? or worse.. a boobah??!!!!) i didn't get a nice dream, instead, i dreamt of my friend's mum (whom i saw today at Shell) at a pasar malam... WEIRD.

fact of the day: lynette doesn't study!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 @ 3:02 am
was caught in the rain after extra class in school...
with yikes miss yiswaree aka yissy da don.
"i got newspaper! let me cover your little head with it!!!" she panted while i was running down the bookshop stairs.
yeah, and just a few moments after that, it began POURING!! it could be because the primary side held a karaoke thingy a little while before that.. we were singing along to some old song while copying rathi's essay about Information Technology or Teknologi Maklumat.
a goldfish from the house pond died today... left only it's carcass. eeww... so gross.. i didn't dare to look closer. my mum kept blaming herself for adding new fishies... well, i did tell her not to....