flawed work of art.
Tuesday, August 30, 2005 @ 11:30 am
hello all! it's merdeka eve and boy, can the weather get any hotter??
I left out a seriously hilarious part when I blogged yesterday. the whole day in school, we were all sweating like pigs in class cos' there wasn't any electricity. from early in the morn when we were doing silly history quizzes in conjunction with national day, till one in the afternoon when we were dismissed. no kidding! I know our school's poor, but I'm sure they wouldn't stoop so low as to conveniently forget to pay tenaga nasional, right? sigh. worse of all, just as we were packing up, almost about to leave our classroom, the lights & fan turn on magically! my gosh! this must be someone's idea of a sick sick joke, I tell you! I was cursing my head off, while gesturing furiously at the ceiling and then at the tenaga building which was opposite our school.
oh yeah! about the silly quizzes, there was this one section where we had to write our own little patriotic poem, here's my twin's one:
roses are red,
violets are blue.
our country is great,
because of you.
to the pemimpins! (political leaders)
rofl. *shakes head*
here's my version:
roses are red,
grass is green.
our country is great,
thanks to coffee bean. =)
today, in school, the electricity was back on, but it almost cheesed me off again as it switched off for a brief minute. maybe our 80-year-old school needs rewiring. school was alright, we learnt about some strange animal called the okapi during est. yeah, okapi! it has the head of the giraffe, the legs of a zebra and the body of a horse. no, I'm serious! go google it!
the exams are nearing and I'm freaking out! especially since this lady from inti college gave a speech regarding how well our seniors are doing there. another inti representative whom I've met earlier, thanks to the many career talks given by the many colleges, miss stephanie, told fang & I that fang's aunt who shall not be named for her own security, is very popular in the college, especially with the boys. *wink wink*
just came back from bringing furbs on a ride to the clinic & back again. she was shivering her furry little butt off in the clinic. I think she's afraid of strange, new places. haha.

I love you and I need you
Don't wanna let go
If you want somebody else
Please let me know
Can't take it no more
I feel I'm dying inside
Is this the price I pay for handing you my life?
I know I'm not prefect but I truly cared
So when you wake up one morning and I'm not there
Just remember I loved you
It will never be the same
nb ridaz ft. angelina -- notice me

Monday, August 29, 2005 @ 8:06 am
school has recommenced once more! *squeals with forced delight & excitement*
due to my newly rebonded straight, flat hair that I got on saturday, I received many stares, smiles, unwanted comments and attention on the first day of school. sigh.
other than that, school was alright to a certain extent. we spent english period doing nonsensical history quiz thingies that ask questions like, 'what is car in indonesian?' hello?! the only sane student who'd know that is chien wuan cos' she's from indonesia! then, spent moral lesson in the hall tying up patriotic banners done by students. we also got to judge which class did the nicest one. hehe.
ok. I know I just skimmed through the whole rebonding part just now. I look weird with flat hair. can't wait for it to grow... dan also did rebonding.. haha. he wanted the whole jay chou look, you see? haha. almost made my mom jump out of her skin when he wanted to dye his hair red.

Someday we'll know why Samson loved Delilah
One day I'll go dancing on the moon
Someday you'll know that I was the one for you
I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow
Watched the stars crash in the sea
If I could ask God one question
Why aren't you here with me tonight?
mandy moore & jonathan foreman
someday we'll know
I wanna watch A Walk to Remember!!! =(

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 @ 6:05 pm
I spent my whole afternoon at mommee goose's 2 houses. sing it with me.. 'lifestyles... of the rich and the famous...' haha, yeah. one *ahem* condo and the other house near my place.
after english tuition which was held when the sky was not yet dark, for a change, mel, cass, xin, me & of course mommee went to mommee's place to have lunch, cooked by her aunt. yumm. after that, we had a girl talk session in mommee's room. lol. seriously, the few of us were on the bed just chit-chatting & laughing our heads off. it was so much fun! hahaa. then, we headed off to mommee's condo (no 'm') for our typical future-taitai mahjongg session.
oh, but before that, we met up with mrs woodhull! still the same, slim, stylo teacher I've grown to love & respect.
okok, back to mahjongg, mel was like super eager to start, it was like trying to keep a dog with a weak bladder to keep it's pee in. ok, bad example. I'm too sleepy to think, so sue me! after a few rounds, we took a break to enjoy piping-hot pizza. yum yum! mel was like some 7th month hungry ghost, man, gobbling away like she hadn't seen a crumb in her life. ah, better example this time and no, I'm NOT joking. go ask the rest! haha.
not that I'm some mahjongg queen or anything, but I can safely say that I won quite a bit. you'll never believe who're the first people who taught me how to play mahjongg. okok, they're probably reading, so I shan't say too much. haha.
just noticed I'm haha-ing a lot in this post. must be cos' of the time or something. *refrains from going 'haha'*

I'm sorry for the tears
I'm sorry for the pain
You were the one that always made things right
I promise you this though
You got a friend for life
Maybe one day we can try it again and
Maybe things can be a little different
So let's just kiss and say goodbye
Cos' I really cant stand
The pain of seeing you cry
nb ridaz f/ angelina _ notice me

Monday, August 22, 2005 @ 1:59 pm
whee! school hollies!! woke up this monday morning to the sound of my phone alarm going off and remembered I didn't have school today. yay!! woke up early in time for fang's arrival though. we meant to complete the pathetic 1-mark-only add maths project. actually, I dunno why I bother. it only represents ONE MARK for trials. *shudders at the thought of trials*
anyhoo, I decided to take a walk outside my chilly room after waking up. I was welcomed by my mother screaming at my dog to go downstairs. I looked at the furbster and went.. 'pookie!' then it ran off and almost collided with my dad who looked at me with an expression similar to 'what-the-hell-are-you-doing-here?' as he went,'why aren't you in school?!' after a quick reply that it's the hols, he walked past my freezing cold room & told me to turn off the air-con. 'It's already turned off! my air-con's frigging cold!!!' not my fault too. it's at 27 degrees!!
after cassie's arrival, we checked out the answers for the add math project online then waited for xin to come. after that, it was non-stop work for us till 3, minus lunch & furb's intrusion by biting everyone. traumatiser, that mutt.

Sweetest invitation
Breaking the day in two
Feeling like I do, Virginia Moon
I'll wait for you tonight and now
Our shades become shadows in your light
In the morning wind we're through
And tomorrow rescues you
I will say goodnight
foo fighter f/ norah jones # virginia moon
<3 this song. jazz rocks.

Sunday, August 21, 2005 @ 5:47 am
I *heart* the weather right now... so cooling. ahhh... this is how a Sunday should feel like. besides that, tuition is replaced on tues. *smiles*
I looked at myself in the mirror just now. there's a distinct red line cutting through my eyes. I've seen it before. it's when I stay up throughout a 6-hour flight playing mario. I'm serious. I'm obsessed with mario. my eyes are like, always glued to the screen attentively. once I was onboard m'sian airlines and I think this stewardess got a bit worried and gave me a glass of coke. no wonder they've won numerous awards..
speaking of airplanes, guess who I saw on the airplane today on the kl to jb flight? c'mon. guess! none other than jac victor, the first m'sian idol! whee!!! at first, I was unsure but all doubt disappeared when she grinned widely at me. so nice! she wasn't at all hoity toity even though she was in the business class. dad said no when I wanted to go take a snapshot with her. awww. mom was being mom, egging everyone on to go take a photo with her, over-reacting as usual.
not that I'm being a big meanie but, y'know, she does tend to over-react. especially when it comes to photos.
righto. I dunno if I mentioned this but, I went to kl with my 'rents on sat to attend dad's high school reunion dinner and came back today. I didn't wanna go, but dad wanted me to. at first, I thought he had a motive. guess I was right.
before the dinner, I kept pondering to myself.. 'what will life be like for me in 37 years?' yes, that's how long they've never seen each other. 37! how 'bout that? and to think that 2 of their ex-teachers were present too. I would've thought that Mother Nature would y'know, run her course, but the 2 lady teachers looked fit and talked with much 'teacher attitude' still. after 37 years!
I've actually seen King Edward the VII School in Taiping before. my dad pointed it out to me once with much glowing pride. I bet a thousand childhood memories flashed in his brain just as he was doing so.
it really was something seeing old classmates catching up with each other after so long. will my class reunite once more after so long? what will everyone be doing then? amongst his classmates were a serious-looking pilot who I couldn't tell was joking or being serious at times, 2 rich men who had public-listed companies, 5 doctors (dad included), a dentist, a scuba diving instructor and an engineer. doesn't that make you go, 'wow!'??
from the little anecdotes from the classmates and teachers, I could tell that they really enjoyed school back then. one of dad's friends who also was with him in med school, was really quite an eloquent speaker. his memory was really something! as he said so himself, he has the knack of remembering irrelavant details. lol. but hearing him speak with an indian accent was really quite entertaining. especially since he kept making funny little comments from the back of the room at the speaker in front. he has 2 beautiful daughters that I thought looked younger than me. but you have no idea how old they are... both are doing medicine, one in bristol, the other in MU. no kidding! they really look very young for their age!!!
oh yes, before I forget, there was another school in taiping called st george. and the funny guy I was talking about just now, in form 4, he was actually weighing his options between st george & k.e. and finally decided to school in k.e. he mentioned that he never regretted it cos' he couldn't imagine himself being called a 'georgy'. rofl. georgy porgy!
k.e's school mascot is actually a tiger. which was why I found it rather sweet when they presented the 2 teachers with a silver plaque addressed to the tiger trainers. awww. but I think it should be tiger tamers, judging from all the commotion and noise during the dinner.
I had the opportunity to sit next to one of the tiger trainers during dinner. her teacher instincts sortta kicked in as she advised me on what path I should go after form 5. it seems her grandniece was also a keen writer who wanted very much to do mass comm, but due to her parents objections, did IT instead. and guess what? she's a writer now for hot magazine. haha. I guess it all works out somehow or rather.
during the beginning of the function, I met one of the k.e. wives who was a s'porean. she's a librarian with a very cute sense of humour. haha. she kinda reminds me of an old neighbour who used to babysit me when I was really young. anyhoo, she told me that her youngest daughter was in st andrew's jc and that she too, was from st andrew's, which is a coincidence, since my cousin, (coincidentally named andrew) is in st andrew's too! (ok, how many andrews did I just type there?!)
let's backtrack a bit. before going to the klgcc, where the function was held, we were at megamall. she really spent a lot.. goshh. my mouth was agape at the amount she had to pay for just one top from kookai. I can't believe she bought me an elle top for 70 bucks. goshh. I guess she was feeling guilty and all, but I didn't even like it and will probably not wear it till like, christmas or something.
it so happened there was a study in japan exhibition so dad & I went to check it out. I can't believe all the japs actually flew all the way down for this event. I like their uni tees! they're so cute!! we found out that in order for me to study in japan, I had to grasp the language as a foundation. dad was pretty open-minded actually. he didn't like, say, no way or anything. unlike mom, who still hasn't dropped the subject of me doing medicine. she even mentioned that she doesn't mind me going all the way to UK provided I do med. sigh. maybe I should just do it, just to make her contented. as the cute librarian told me, it's all for glamour's sake. '3 of my children are doctors.' huh. what's so glamourous about that? it's just a profession.
speak of the devil. she just called to make me do something to add on to her prized hall of fame. why can't she understand it's not all about 'face'? memo to self: never grow up to be like her.
now I am in no mood to blog any further. darn. perhaps later or something.
p/s: happy 21st b'day, daniu korkor!

Looking at your picture
From when we first met
You gave me a smile that I could never forget
And nothing I could do could
Protect me from you that night
Wrapped around your finger
Always on my mind
The days would blend cos'
We stayed up all night
You and I were everything to me
I just want you to know that
I've been fighting to let you go
backstreet boys ^ just want you to know

Friday, August 19, 2005 @ 3:42 pm
it's been a while. I've been rather caught up with school & work lately. actually I thought with my parents in tibet, I'd be able to relax more, boy, was I wrong! firstly, I went broke cos' of the lack of funding support from my financial consultants a.k.a my parents. and secondly, I had like so many things to settle so yeah, I barely felt their absence. I'm so mean, I know!!
okayy. so let me update you on my life. *sound of crickets fill the empty silence* nothing much, really. haha. except the stress that's piling up is agonising!! I think I'm gonna be one of those passing out or going psycho right before the exams.
I'll be leaving for kl tomorrow morn & coming back the next morn. it's for my dad's high school reunion. I really had no intention whatsoever to go, but dad wants me to, so looks like I don't have much of a choice. I shall be spending my saturday night hanging out with a bunch of 56 year olds.
speaking of 56 year olds, I just realised something. my dad's getting old... it really kinda struck me one morning when I just got on the bus & turned to see my dad at the door carrying furbie in his arms. my parents have never actually 'sent me off' anywhere before. and that was the first and most probably not the last. even on my first day of school, my parents weren't one of those super-anxious ones waiting outside the classrooms, peering down at their little ones. so, that morning, I really felt kinda sad.
so sad in fact that I cried in school! hahaa. no no, not because of that. it's because of weiyi! sigh. being in such a funny class has its downsides too. laughing so hard till I ended up on the floor is like, a usual sight by now but that day.. I actually laughed till I was in pain! and I couldn't breathe! and the next thing I knew, tears were flowing freely down my cheeks! that was my first experience with laughing till I cried. I just couldn't stop! and so, archie had to come pacify me when I went,'Help! Someone HELP me!!' kim ai tiong was right in saying that we should have videotape the whole class one day. it's just so hilarious.
today, I joined woman in the chapel with the standard sixers who're gonna be sitting for their major exam in.. gasp! 2 weeks? scaryy!! they were kinda dead during praise & worship though. guess it's all that stress.

Can't forget the things that
I've done inside her brain
Too many lies committed too many games
She feeling like a fool getting on the last train
Tryna maintain but the feeling won't change
I'm sorry for the things that I've done
And what I became
Caught up in living my life in the fast lane
Blinded by lights, cameras
You know the fame
I don't know the reason why I did these things
And I lie and I lie and I lie and I lie
And now our emotions are drained
black eyed peas : don't lie
I'm not a fan of black eyed peas. in fact, I detest them! I just thought this song is rather meaningful. hmm. lying's bad, my friends.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 @ 10:39 am
blogger pushes all the wrong buttons sometimes. if this post doesn't get through again, I am gonna send them hate mail!
dreadfully sorry for not blogging much sooner, *points to the sentence above* technical difficulties.
the house is back to it's bustly state, with my 'rents back from their 10-day holiday in tibet, which dadda said he'll never go back ever again. I'm really thanking my lucky stars this time. from their anecdotes, I don't think I'll enjoy it anymore than they did cos' they had such a rough time there, especially regarding sanitation. *goes all nauseous* my heart did give a few jolts when I saw the pics my dad took. the sky looked so picturesque and the scenery really was great, but as uncle harris, my dad's locum, said, I'd rather much enjoy it from the comfort of my own home than go breathless every few steps thanks to the high altitude. at least they were kind enough to get me a souvenir. hehe. nice of them, really. oh, kor & pooi yee-jie too. can't believe kor actually remembered to get me the original livestrong band.
if you dunno nuts about these bands, where've you been? please search through my archives if you really really wanna know about 'em. I'll give you a hint. lance armstrong is the brain child behind the bands, which unfortunately have become exploited by money-grabbing business people. grr. I myself did my part for charity by purchasing 2 celebratelife bands which is powered by the m'sian cancer association. one lime green, the other is white, but glows in the dark. I didn't realise this till I went through a tunnel while in a bus. my eyes lit up immediately. glow in the dark stuff make me excited. just like wei yi's variety of colour pens. =) whee!
our school canteen is actually a really colourful place as well. due to the fact that we prefects get to recess 10 minutes earlier than the rest, we do spend quite some time in the canteen & are pretty familiar with almost everything to do with the canteen. we have the mak ciks calling people sayang or manis, then we have one crazy auntie who is kinda touchy. ergh. bad experience with her once. can't believe she molested me. yikes. at least I'm not alone. since many others have gone through it. she's pretty sane most of the time but, when she's high, we girls tend to avoid her at all costs. recently, it's the mak cik behind the thriving burger stall. no, wait, let me rephrase. she does NOT go round molesting girls. she's actually a really nice lady, with the toothy smile of hers. I'm quite a frequent customer of hers, if there's nothing else enticing to munch on, which is always the case most of the time. she even asked for my name once. last week, she said something about my smile that I didn't quite catch. then, when arch & I were waiting for our burgers yesterday, she said that my smile seemed genuine and that she liked it. <-insert freaked out smiley here-> her toothy smile ain't so bad either, actually.
my class is getting way out of hand! poor kim ai tiong! no one listens to her announcements! and those who are craning to hear, such as myself, can't hear anything due to my fellow classmates all talking at the same time in raised voices, no doubt. and when they don't get the message, they blame kim ai tiong for not informing them. what the-?? I'm not generalising. some actually have the sense to blame themselves. I'm just pin-pointing at one person who has refrained from conversing with me after I told her to shut her big fat gap.

He lacks the courage in his mind
Like a child left behind
Like a pet left in the rain
>She's all alone again
Wiping the tears from her eyes
Some days he feels like dying
She gets so sick of crying
She sees the mirror of herself
And image she wants to sell
To anyone willing to buy
He steals the image in her kiss
From her hearts apocalypse
From the one called whatsername
green day `` extraordinary girl

green day's wake me up when september ends video is 100x sadder than simple plan's untitled. *sniff sniff* oh and fyi, the title is based on the september 11th 'tragedy', so the video does have something to do with that.
p/s: happy b'day to jbq & carol!
oh and it's angel's 3rd death anniversary today. *sniffles*

Sunday, August 07, 2005 @ 10:54 am
am officially retired as a treasurer!! how's it feel? nostalgic! what a lovely ending to my interact career...
an outgoing treasurer's account on friday's installation
first & foremost, I <3 the decorations! I really take my hat off to the mastermind. on thurs when we were completing our chem exercise/test, the whole hall was dull-looking and the same old plain one. when we were done, I lifted the curtains and low & behold! there it was! the huge sun thingy with stars around it. it's supposed to be this day/night effect, you see. really ingenious idea, I must say. the back of the hall was decorated with a dark theme while the front was done up with bright colors. *grins*
the outgoing Board Of Directors' concern.
okok, it was supposed to start at 1, I mean, that's what it said on the ticket.. however, by 2, the hall wasn't even half full... I was getting pretty worried even though the incoming board had assured me earlier that they sold every single ticket.
my last interact event.
after a while, everyone settled down and the event finally commenced. oh yeah, I also gave daddee goose a grand tour of the articles! it was nice to see him again. kinda missed my daddee! ssh, don't tell him! he'll never stop rubbing it in my face! this was the first time I actually got to see everything from the audience point of view, having had countless duties before this, especially p.a, which created quite a commotion. I'm clueless as to how come it sounded so bad all of a sudden. everything just didn't seem to be going right. and in the end, I had to nudge eli to do this & that. my friends are right, I'm never getting detached from the p.a system. *shakes head*
swan song.
after vowing never to go on stage again to perform after the many tragic dances where I was humiliated to the bone, I kinda had to break that vow as there was still my swan song left to perform. that being the hand-over ceremony. last year, quanyie had pinned that prestigious nametag on me, now, it was my turn to do the same for sara. okok, confession time. I kinda made up the tradition about the outgoing treasurer slipping one ringgit while handing-over. I just did it for fun. lol. as for the installation songs, sujen had picked out coldplay's in my place and the scientist. however, I didn't like the fact that chris martin's vocals were overpowering yvonne's, who was introducing all of us. I included 12 girls band's cover of clocks and also one of bond's songs. woman & my twin thought coldplay's 'clocks' sounded better. oh well.. I liked that we themed our hand-over all coldplay-ish. very very sad. I even instructed shen yee to play 'the scientist' when it was president peiman's turn to hand-over. I think some of us outgoing ones were seen stifling a tear or two.... seriously though, I'd never trade the memorable experience I had with all my BOD. they're the best bunch I've worked with. *sniff* I thought the outgoing board were really schweet.. the whole week, we practised our hand-over cermony over & over.. little did we expect that during our thursday practice, they gave us each a little invitation note. aww. shucks. it was such a surprising gesture. I felt so very touched..
after the hand-over.
okok, back to friday's event, it was really a blast. :D though I had to leave at 4.15 for chem class, but still. oh yeah. food was good. I'm glad my successor did a good job. it was like the first time I could actually sit down and eat properly. served by sara too. I'm truly blessed!
a bit about the presents they gave us.
well, actually, we were being a bit too demanding.. that week, we kept hinting to sujen that we gave our seniors a whole boxful of ferrero rochers each & that this year we didn't have any. boohoohoo. yeah, the whole works la. but guess what? they actually did get us something! and it IS better than ferrero, just as promised! I can't believe a chocoholic such as myself just typed that, but seriously. it was the loveliest wind chime I've ever laid my eyes upon. if I only had a cam. sighh. bet dadda's enjoying the sony e. in tibet. sighh. more on that later. they also gave each of us a little plague. I really like it. It looks so much better than my 6A pmr trophy. ptui!
ok, so that was friday. there's more on saturday. go look at something green & leafy before resuming. I bet your eyes are probably watering with exhaustion right now. lol.
hmm, so saturday.. woke up a couple of times in my sleep until I realised it was *gasp* almost 11. yikes. there goes my morning. I dunno what I did to the rest of my morning, actually. before I knew it, it was 2+ & I had to get ready for church. I almost forgot I was commentating for youth mass!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! anyhoo, my mind was too occupied thinking of how to get to church. after a 5 dollar cabby ride, I was welcomed by shawn who was pointing at his wrist. yeah yeah. I wasn't THAT late, alright? practised singing with the mike but kept receiving the same feedback. too soft!! I was trying my best!!! oh well, the real thing went ok, sortta. father actually confronted me cos' I said 'though' instead of 'through'. YIKES! okok. sorry father! first and the last time!!! thanks for everyone's support. love y'all to the core! especially angila (my guide), iris (my mentor), dez (who did very well for responsorial psalm. you go, girl!), sabai (thank you for yer sms, jamie..) stef & mich. *hugs all of 'em*
stayed for youth meeting since my 'rents weren't in anyways.. spent a lot of time chit-chatting with the people around church. there were quite a number of cars pouring in to see this sinsei who was having a workshop in one of the halls.. the rest of the youth went off to makan while I stayed behind since I wasn't hungry (so, what's new?) and I was on a high. lol. anyway, somebody found out after that and was feeling bad for leaving me alone, all by myself, in the dark and the cold. *sniff* rofl. too bad I saw nothing of that, since I was soooo high that day. ;) I really needed a hug but there was no one in sight who looked friendly enough to go give 'em a back-breaking hug. so, yeah, I had to settle for my backbone-less bag, which was stolen! by siang! bish! and my mom called so many times too. he must've felt the uncomfortable vibration every now and then. hyuk. serves him right. lol.
as you can tell, I still am pretty high.. ask cass. she knows. she says she's keeping the chat log too. so what? there was one point where she was typing to herself cos' I was communicating with her via the personal message function. haha. weirdo. *sticks tongue out at her*
while we're on the topic of my lesbo partner, she attended the 80th anniversary dinner (read last post to find out more) on sat. gosh. I saw some of the photos and boy, was I dumbfounded. everyone looked so purdy! (translation: pretty) and all dressed up and.. and.. whoa. just whoa. boss looked so hawt, man. honest opinion. *flashes a wide grin*
alright, that's all for this post, tune in next time! byebye! lalalaa. *author runs off into the wilderness in search of a huggable person*
p/s: jie called today! :D miss you, jie!

It's hard to remember how it felt before
Now I found the love of my life
Passes things, get more comfortable
Everything is going right
After all the obstacles
It's good to see you now with someone else
And it's such a miracle that
You and me are still good friends
Gwen Stefani --> Cool

Thursday, August 04, 2005 @ 9:45 am
hey all! it's been quite some time since I last blogged and I assure you that I'll make it up with an uber zesty post today. *winks*
yesterday, after school, I went to cs with cass again. hey no, wait, before you start pointing fingers at us, going 'tsk tsk', let me tell you that we were on an important mission! cass needed a dress by sat, in time for our school's 80th Anniversary dinner. why am I not attending this auspicious event, you ask? simply because
1) I have better use for fifty bucks.
2) what are the chances of my parents allowing me to go for it?
3) I am not wearing a frock. even if I did have one.
see! 3 logical and understandable reasons. I'll just enjoy laughing at the photos of them in 60's-80's attire.
oh yes, back to the outing. just as we came out mixit, where cass was taking a look at a pair of boots, a little girl dressed in red caught my eye. she had a weary look on her face and kept calling out for her mummy. I stopped to look at her pacing back and forth in search of her mother. after a *wince* seductive brush on the face by a lanky indian girl, she burst out crying. I don't blame her. who wouldn't freak out if a stranger touched you. grr. damn these opportunity seekers. anyway, by that time, we weren't the only ones peering down at her. a small crowd was beginning to form as cass & I went towards the girl who was shrieking out 'mummy!!' while in tears. we tried pacifying her while looking out for the lost girl's careless mother. I was kinda surprised at myself when I reached out to dab the poor girl's face with a kleenex. I was never a kid-lover as I always picture them in devil suits. *shivers* kids are scary.. anyway, this one wasn't. she was too shaken with fear to reveal her horns. you know, sometimes I think m'sians are dumb. seriously. they know what's going on but they don't do anything. cass & I were the only ones who actually went near her to try our luck in calming her down. one ah pek even pointed the information counter to us and said,'bring her there. there!' like WE wouldn't know-la. eeesh. and after saying that, he disappeared. m'sians have no heart, I tell you. lucky cass and I have somewhat instilled the right values in ourselves. this, I would like to add, has NOTHING to do with stupid moral, which only teaches us to memorize useless facts in hopes of turning us into patriotic flag-wavers. oh, right, back to the girl. well, at that point, I was kinda pissed at the kay-poh passers-by who only knew how to give commands at us. typical m'sian. No action, Talk only. blehh. anyhoo, cass & I took her by the hand and brought her to the information counter, which is kinda surprising too. I can't believe she actually took our hands and listened to us. I think we must have been an awkward sight, seeing as how the little girl was in between the pair of us who were still clad in school uniform. after reaching the counter, I told the lady that we've found a girl who's lost her mom. with a curled smirk, she got up and peered down at the little girl who had stopping weeping. cass placed her on top of the counter, which I thought was a very ingenious idea, since she could get a better view so as to catch a glimpse of her mom and vice-versa. when we tried coaxing her into telling us how old she was, (the lady's orders) I noticed that she was wearing a gold chain bearing the chinese word 'jing', which in english meant 'gold'. just at that moment, a lady came running angrily towards us. I half thought she wanted to slap me for kidnapping her kid or something. however, she thanked us without even a glance at us before scolding her daughter for running about. she looked like a mainland chinese and spoke with a thick chinese accent as well. slowly, we edged away and walked off. being paranoid, I glanced back at the mother-daughter reunion. just as cass was saying how irresponsible the mom was, an elderly woman came charging at us. I thought she was gonna whack us with an umbrella or something. surprisingly, she took my hand and clutched it tightly while expressing her heartfelt gratitude towards our act of kindness. now, that seemed more normal. after listening to her worried tone about how distressed they were when they failed to find the little girl, we continued in search for that perfect dress.
after 2 exhausting hours, we were still no where close to finding it. cass seemed distraught while I was just plain tired after only 3 hours of sleep the previous night. as I was finishing up my ice-cream, we decided to go to pp instead.
so off we went and in ten minutes, found a lil' black dress. can you imagine our joint euphoria when we stared at the mirror and she went,'I'm getting this'?? I was ready to hit the ceiling in joy. 'we should've gone to pp in the first place!', she added.
hmm. weird how when you're looking for something, you can never find it.

Reach out for the winds that we share
Then you will feel I am near
Taste it by the snow
I am here where you left me
I told to the mourning tree
The long way home is never too far
Unless you've reached the end of life
leaves' eyes :: mourning tree