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Thursday, October 27, 2005 @ 2:31 pm
reply tags.
it was kinda hard to reply everyone's tags, so I decided to reply them here.
kuzz: congrats, kuzzie! though I have a painful regret of entering science stream, I'm sure you'll do a better job than me. haha. what a way to talk when my exam is coming up!
abel: vodka lime wei!
ven: better start studying your form 4 when you're free. seriously.
val: are you saying that all babies born via home-delivery can't blink? haha

ah... a typical morning at convent secondary, where the 5th formers occupy the bench outside the bookshop & contribute to noise pollution. it's been a while since I saw that scene though, cos' after the pmrs, I haven't been taking the school bus. long story short, the driver was a big meanie, even after calling him politely to inform him that I won't be taking the bus during the pmrs. he never even said thanks.. all he did was shout in my ear. I think all ah bengs who can't find jobs as vcd sellers can be bus drivers. after the call, I could still hear his voice going,'who are you?!!' in chinese of course. anyway, thanks to xin's mom who so kindly picked me up, I arrived to see the scene above. but today was much merrier cos'
1) it IS the last day of our schooling career
2) we were briefed for the 3rd time about the spm rules & regulations &
3) we had to go through the test of holding back our tears..
in the form of 'sembah salam', which by the way is like, seeking forgiveness from our teachers & also thanking them for all their guidance. now, I'm no stranger to this cos' we already went through that in form 3. but this time, it was different. it's the end of our schooling career as we know it! was expecting myself to cry buckets but strangely enough, I did not even shed a tear. ok, tears DID well up as I was hugging kim ai tiong, but that was all. today, bonds were strengthened & all grudges were forgotten. even I buried the hatchet with a close friend of mine. it was indeed very heart-warming. I'm glad it's all over. the friendship that turned sour, I mean.

took some great black & whites of my form-mates hugging each other, weeping & smiling through tears amidst the music that made things worse. songs like vitamin c's graduation & other soppy numbers kept playing. song after song.. the scene outside the biolab was just giving me fuzzy-wuzzy feelings. should that not prove that I am NOT emotionless, xin yu? just because you couldn't hold it in at the last minute does not mean I'm cold-blooded, you know? eesh.

Monday, October 17, 2005 @ 6:08 am

meet william. he's one special six-month-old. of canadian & american parentage, he was born at home. literally. his dad was the proud father and gynae. both his parents wanted a birth as natural as.. adam & eve's, I suppose. next month, he & his parents will be leaving for bali for a little sight-seeing, or as his father said, to report the situation back to their families in US & Canada. I couldn't help overhearing that they were also going to tour around europe & all for a little bit. globe-trotting baby, much? too bad, he'll never remember all of that when he grows up, especially his meeting with a quiet teenager who takes too many photos of him and everything else around her.
I admit this post is just to whet your appetite. I'll come back with a better one, I promise.
by the way, spm is a royal pain in the butt. not that you didn't already know.

Monday, October 10, 2005 @ 8:45 am
new template! whee!! just thought the old one was getting a little boring.. I like this one, I *heart* colours. just ask weiyi, she knows how I squeal in delight at her bagful of colour pens. I wouldn't waste my moo-lah on them, but then again, my allowance does not permit that to happen.
it's been a rather relaxing week so far, thanks to the holidays the school has given us, pre-graduates. ahh.... what am I saying?! there's no time to lose! I've only got a month plus to the exams! THE EXAMS! on the plus side, it's a little less than 2 months till the time I'm officially free from the m'sian education system. woohoo!! no more double-standards. no more learning about stuff I'll never need to know in my entire lifetime. no more er, canteen food! lalala. right. that's in 2 months. sigh. 11 years of education and that's it?
did I mention that the day after my last paper, I'm jet-setting off to japan? am a little foggy about the details since I knew nada about it. I did tell my 'rents that I didn't want to go and that I'd much rather hang out at home and learn driving and all. but, as usual, my plans were dashed. I'm not saying that I dread going on a holiday, especially since it's with my uncle's family. it's just that, I kinda swore off holidays with my parents. they always begin with a bad note, continue on with a sombre atmosphere and end with a hidden sigh of relief. no kidding. I'm gonna count how many times my parents attack each other with words.
thou shall not kill. yeah yeah, so we've never really physically stabbed someone with a knife, but it's our sharp words that do the job sometimes. all those who agree, say amen!
recently, I've been having a little trouble drifting off to lala land. perhaps it's due to furb's nonsensical whimpering at my door in the wee hours of the morning, which is extremely annoying, especially since I'd love very much to sleep in when I do not have classes. argh. on the other hand, it could just be me worrying over stuff I shouldn't. exams. friendship problems. uncertainty. my future. you name it, I'm worrying about it. yesterday was the last straw, I woke up at one plus a.m. and was mad at a certain someone's sms. I do despise people who think they know everything. they just kill my spirit. anyhoo, I went down to the fridge for a common cure to insomnia - milk. I went to bed and in a while, found myself in deep slumber. till 7.30 when my mobile's alarm went off. argh!! I so needed my sleep.. but I knew cass & xin were gonna be here any moment. to get work done. like old times. it was rather eventful. except that half the time we were dissecting 8 days or any other matter at hand. I accomplished a malay essay, now that's saying something. oh and one or two add maths sums. =) I say that it was eventful cos' well, if they weren't here, I'd probably wake up real late and idle around till late. bad habit, I know.

Stars looking at a planet
Watching entropy and pain
And maybe to start to wonder
How the chaos in our lives could pass as sane
I've been thinking 'bout the meaning of resistance
Of a hope beyond my own
And suddenly the infinite and penitent
Begin to look like home

Saturday, October 01, 2005 @ 6:39 am
just back from across the causeway. courtesy of kor, who so kindly drove me to & fro and also sat with me throughout the interview. wait. rewind. what interview, you ask? my future depends on this! no, serious. I met up with my hopefully future principal of my again, hopefully future college. I hope I gave him a good impression and not seem well, lackadaisical about my education. oh well. I think the awkward silence was the worst part though. I didn't have any questions, cos' well, I already told him I haven't gotten my forecast results and I can't apply without 'em.
'Just send in your application, since I alraedy have a few notes on you, Celine.'
I like the way the ang mohs pronounce my name.. in a fine, french way. say-leen. that's the way iot's supposed to be pronounced by the way.

say hello to darth vader, the permanent resident in kor's mitsu lancer.

kor was also nice enough to buy b'fast from burger king for me. actually, I wasn't all that hungry. but it's BK! BK, weyy!! how can I resist? so, I sat there, people-watching for a while before my interview at goodwood park hotel. there was some police force thingy setting up outside. s'pore idol, taufik was to make an appearance later that day. kor kinda read my mind when he said, 'a lot of people around town at this time, huh?' precisely. it was barely 9.30. who on earth goes shopping so early in the morning? where's everyone rushing to?? the hustle & bustle of this cosmopolitan concrete jungle amazes me.
another thing is the cars on the road. fu-yoh! from jags to lexuses... and not forgetting the new mini, which I am infatuated with. even if it does sound like a washing machine. owning a beemer is one of my goals in life. it's just in a class of it's own.

my little cousin, andrew didn't want my uncle to get another car. in fact, he even suggested him using a toyota crown. (read: taxi..)

I know my hidden looks can be deceiving
But how obvious should a girl be
I was taken by the
Early conversation piece and
I really like the way that
He respect me
I've been waiting patiently for him
To come and get
I wonder if he knows that
He can say it and I'm willing
I knew I had my mind made up
From the very beginning
Catch this opportunity so
You and me could feel it cos
If you're ready for me, boy
You better push the button and let me know
Before I get the wrong idea and go
sugababes + push the button
this song is dedicated to all dumb guys out there who can't see what's perfectly in front of their faces. go bang your head on the wall now!