flawed work of art.
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 @ 10:52 am
yes! no more add maths! mwahaha! take that all you little kiddos reading my post who still have to go through algebra, calculus & basically stuff you'll never use in life, unless you're gonna be russell crowe's character in a beautiful mind. what? I never watched it, so don't tsk tsk me.
guess what, folks? i'm down to chem, bio & est. and est's not even a subject you can prepare for. HAHA. so, there. it's going to be over soon. ooh yeah. very soon. then, I can adjust myself to 'do-whatever-I-please' mode. whee! in fact, we were just reving our engines today! ok, we were 'supposed' to be preparing for add maths paper 2, which I wasn't very much in the mood to, cos' I was devastated over paper 1. just ask fang, xin & mommy lyn. I put on my hoodie & just sat in total silence, while mommy lyn was obsessing over a minuscule insect that was buzzing about, avoiding being squished in between mommy lyn's palms. as I couldn't be bothered about the flying insect because I was more bothered by everyone going 'paper 1 was ok..' while I thought that it couldn't be any worse. oh well, back to the story... so there the 4 of us were, salivating at our december holiday plans. we were so enthusiastic about it, we wrote all of it down, or should I say, fang mapped out our whole month. we even stooped so low as to check out which days all of us are free to squeeze in an activity or two. yes, my eyes are all aglow with excitement now. wheeeeeee.
continue praying for me, y'all! *grins*

Thursday, November 17, 2005 @ 9:19 am
yes, folks. 11 more papers to go! keep praying for me!!!
today was physics day. 1, 2 & 3. and also the last day of exams for the week. yay! I dunno why I'm so excited, but as we were lining up to go in for physics 3, everyone was in a yay!-last-paper-of-the-week celebratory mode. some even boldly left early after completing their paper. was the paper that easy??? ok-lah, all 3 papers were better than I expected. just not too sure about the Section B essay. very difficult!! oh wells, no use brooding about it now. at least it's ovah!! [translation: over]
pretty happy about physics cos' it's my only hope at getting a passable credit for my sciences. I know, I know, I haven't sat for the other 2, but it's just a gut feeling. sigh.
you know what's better than knowing that the arts students & other friends are watching harry potter 3? sitting for an OK physics paper. honestly. God must have heard my prayers. I love you, God!

Monday, November 14, 2005 @ 11:36 am
conscience: spm wei! why am I blogging??????
relax, conscience. let me chill out for a bit. I almost got my head bit off by my ferocious parents, for reasons I can't fathom. maybe it's mid-life crisis, maybe it's senism, maybe it's just stress from work or lack of sleep. ahh, the possibilities.
anyway, just a little low down on the first day of spm. I would write in my journal, but my fingers can't take the torment. it didn't stop moving since 8. no joke. but it's normal. cos' well, it's malay! malay 1 & 2, no doubt! they're no real killer papers, they just send your index fingers into traumatic shock & temporary numbness once in a while.
don't ask about history 1. I just am praying I do well for history 2 tomorrow. and of course, english! why are they making me finish all the nice subs so early in the week? excluding est, which is on the last day. whee! can't wait!

Saturday, November 05, 2005 @ 2:57 am
today, kids, I'll be talking about the dangers of grocery-shopping. especially with my mother.

imagine.. 2 bhuge [pronouced ber-huge and is a short form for bloody huge =)] trolleys laden with groceries. it looks empty now, but you have not seen the after picture. wow, I feel like a slimming center agent fella. ok, I admit, the tub of ice-cream & toblerone you see in the photo is mine. truth is, I'm dead afraid of ending up a shopaholic like my mom. hope it isn't hereditary or something.

ok, after picture. took this as I was on the way down the escalator, which by the way, DOESN'T KEEP THE @&$#%^! TROLLEY IN PLACE. stoopid. I was almost crushed by the 2nd trolley while holding onto the first, so it didn't just roll all the way down and hit some innocent passers-by. read: I was almost squished to death. it all started cos' I couldn't stop the trolley from rolling down, so yat came to help me, abandoning her trolley behind me. just as we finally gained control of the damned thing, we got stuck at the end part. you know, the part where the trolley eventually LEAVES the escalator? well, it WOULDN'T budge. can you picture the indiana jones scene now? it is rather unfortunate that the trolley rolled off the escalator just as the second one bumped against my rear end. I didn't know whether to cry or to laugh cos' in my mind, the headlines 'GIRL SQUISHED TO DEATH BETWEEN SHOPPING CARTS' kept flashing... you can stop laughing now.

well, since I was left to my own wandering devices, I stumbled across this part of the supermarket. mum mum? it took me awhile to register the message they were trying to get across to the consumers. yeah, after reading that, I SO felt like plunging my hands into boxes of sugar-coated, flavouring-filled pellets of pure sugar, just to end up with diabetes a couple of years later. did I mention that candy is evil? yeah sure, you get the sugar high at first, but it actually drains you and thus, causing an emptiness within. I just have one thing to say: lucky I don't like candy, unlike cass, who adores the mini skittles. hyuk.

before I end, have you ever seen these scary machines lurking around outside supermarkets?

I never had a liking for them. you'll understand after this true story:
my brother once had this japanese friend who as a kid, wanted sooo much to sit on one of these weird ride machine thingies but his mom who wasn't really sure it was all that safe, didn't let him. one day, his mom got so irritated that she relented. she placed him in a seat, much like the one these gullible children are in and put in a coin. the machine purred and started to jerk a little. suddenly, it jerked hard and the poor boy flew out of the seat and hit the floor with a bone-cracking thud. ouch.
the conclusion? after a lawsuit, the family became a few thousand yen richer, the boy never sat on one of them machines and grew up with much fear in them. so, one day, if you see a 20-something kicking the machine and then running away like a coward, you'll know why.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005 @ 3:26 pm
hey blog readers! hope that all of you are in the pink of health as you're reading this. ok, pardon me for that sudden over-friendly warmth, I'm kinda on the high side right now.
yesterday was the day my headmistress bade farewell to our school. I think we (the 5th formers) were the last batch to really get to know her. out of my 5 years in convent, she spent 4 battling cancer. fortunately enough, she's one of them rare survivors. however, I really do feel it's time she retired & rested at home. I personally can't wait for that day to come. minus the part where I grow old & wrinkly though. I know, I'm avoiding the inevitable.

a few of us 5th formers who are supposedly on study leave, came back to bid our beloved headmistress farewell. as the hall was arranged for our exams, the function was held here, outside the biolab, where the students gathered at the balding field.

the choir's performance of 'wind beneath my wings' & 'because you loved me'. huh. they should pay me for singing celine dion songs. the most remarkable thing happened after the first song. as they sang their last note, a flock of birds took flight. it was so beatiful, like it was their cue to spread their wings. the few of us who witnessed the whole thing were just in awe. I only had my low quality moto e398 cam, which wouldn't be able to take a good photo anyway, so there.

I snapped this photo of an 'anonymous' girl sobbing next to me. actually, I do know her & you probably recognise her, but yeah, I don't really want to expose her identity, just in case she decides to go all violent on me.

did I mention it started to drizzle & mrs koo was so nice to invite us to go under the shade. ironically enough, all of us seniors just stood under the rain. I dunno about the others, but I really felt like standing there for the longest of times, just soaking in the atmosphere. even as we sang the school song with our chests out in pride, I couldn't believe that we were leaving, together with our dearest headmistress who was always going about calling girls 'sum sum' cos' of our hair. I'm gonna miss my alma mater. this was where I made true friends and learnt valuable lessons beyond the classroom & textbooks. my 2nd home where I was free to just be me.

I never could imagine
Life without you
From the moment
You walked into my world
Never knew how long a loving flame
Could burn
But losing you has forced me to learn
That we can't change
The way we feel inside
And every try at love
Never turns out right
We both know it's better if we just let it go
taufik batisah_one last