flawed work of art.
Thursday, December 29, 2005 @ 4:33 pm
WELCOME TO CLUB 17, BEB! woot! my bestie's turned a big one seven! I'm that proud. and no, you're not old. I'm turning 18 in less than 4 months, so don't make me feel old too, you wet blanket.
yesterday was officially the day of our last big gathering at cs. met a whole lot of familiar faces there too, that brought a grin to my face. for example, I got to my feet and hopped my way to my twin when I saw her walking along. immediately, I gave her a great big hug and our faces were all aglow. true friendship. *smiles*
as the rest went to watch cheaper by the dozen 2, I opted out and roamed around cs myself. not the first time and definitely not the last, I think. oh yeah, bought a black & white cap. woot. I like it cos' it's brandless. hahaha. although it was purchased at crossover. meh.
anyways, bumped into shanu, who so kindly treated me to a brownie at secret recipe. thanks again, girl!

what's left of our shared brownie. darn, we eat like birds. hahaha. her hands were going, 'why didn't you take the pic before we started?!' hee.

later will be going to babe's house to parteh! and then off to singapore for cousin's pre-wedding relatives dinner thing. I sound tired just typing about it...

p/s: I got another tigger for christmas! this time from babe! she's that crazy.psychotic fella on my tag. haha. should've known. thanks, babe!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 @ 3:19 pm
actually, I was already midway typing about my christmas a couple of days ago. but today, I opened it and decided that since it's already 27th of December, we shall move on with times and stop brooding.
I just came back from lyn's new place. woot. neat place. a little like mine, actually. just a whole lot newer and neater. haha..
oh yeah. newsflash! I passed my driver's law test! yay! whilst celebrating our (lyn, xin, fang & I all passed. hee!) success, we'll wait for xin to turn 17 then we'll go ahead with our L licence. dunno how daddy derrick did. we left for lunch with lyn's dad before he was to take the test.
anyway, as I wallow in full glory, I must take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to my success. *clears throat*
- the 2 lecturers, for keeping us laughing throughout the seminar
- siang, for giving me a wake up call at 6.15 =P
- cass, for her energy-boosting milo early in the morning
- lyn, for boosting my confidence
- xin, for urging me to go try out on the pc outside before my test
- daddy derrick, for entertaining us. hyuk

Friday, December 23, 2005 @ 7:44 am
ever been to a foreign country with a bunch of crazy, insane, phychotic nutcases a.k.a. your best friends? for once in my life, I can gladly say that I have.
although it was just singapore, I really enjoyed my day trip across the causeway. especially since all of them never took a bus across before. and of course, they were at my mercy since I frequent s'pore by bus, foot and mrt before. sadly, I missed the opportunity to 'sabo' them. hehe. nah, not so cruel to do that... *halo magically appears over this typist's head*
with fang's expert navigational skills around s'pore and my mrt skills, we never got lost. except that small part in bugis where we couldn't find the way to the train station. haha. but thanks to lyn's photographic memory, we found our way.

the bad news? the weather was not being very nice to us as it poured for quite some time.
the good news? the prodigies, xin & lyn brought brollies. =)

the reason for the season. convent girls will find this slogan familiar. it was the theme for our christmas concert a few years back. ah, fond memories...

mary had a little lamb... celine wants a speedy lambo. oooh, black...

yes, weiyi fell into a deep slumber on the way back. hurhur. snapped it before she woke up for the umpteenth time.

weiyi seriously wanted to make it known to the public that most of us were mrt virgins. except the one with the tongue stuck out. :P

I spent quite a bit. on fang's b'day & christmas pressie, earrings & my tiggerific tee! *bounces up & down* would like to give my girl, xin a great big hug for the tigger plushie which I sortta made her buy for my christmas. hahaha. love ya!
all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. and yes, wei yi, let's make this an annual affair. *wink wink*

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 @ 11:32 am
I know I'm being a brat by saying this, but I just simply have to.. shopping is tiring!
one thing I have against shopping is the lighting. I dunno why, but the lighting in shopping centres just makes me feel all giddy. hence, I'm now typing this with the room spinning around me. whoa... and no, I'm not on drugs.
fang came to my place bright & early. ok, it was 9+, but to someone who sleeps at 3 something 4 am, that's considered bright & early. haha. walked to the salon where she finally got to wash her hair after 3 days of icky suffering. oh well, I went through it when I did my rebonding, so haha, I understood her plight. she felt so relieved to finally get a wash. she also persuaded me to get a trim, which I did. now, my hair's all thin and the fringe is short & kid-like. hahaha. no more rock chick look already!!! sad sad. but fang likes the new hair-do. mom exclaimed it was UGLY. dad? well, he says it's nice. woot. 2 against 1.
after a cab ride to pp, I finished up my x'mas shopping & met up with dad to go to landmark mall. apparently, he wasn't planning on getting me a laptop (aww.. shucks!) but wanted to look for an fm modulator for his mp3s. yes, mp3s. he's got this cute sony one & a creative zen micro. I tell you, my father is more hip than me. but my ipod 40G wins hands down. mwahahaa. okok, anyways, we went to this music shop where dad spent some time with a salesman about some casio keyboard. dad wanted to pick up keyboarding since a long time ago, but he simply has no time. there was this other sales dude who was uh, asking a bit too many personal questions.

'Amoi duduk mana?' (I can't stand guys calling me that. ergh!)
'Pelangi.' (I wanted to lie and say skudai.. but it's advent season...)
'Ohhh. dekat saja la..' (right. that was so necessary for you to know, mr salesman.)

fang with straight hair playing the keyboard. I took some unflattering photos of her when she was getting her hair done, but I love her too much to publish it. all stalkers and admirers can bribe me at their own risk. =)

dad dropped both of us off at pp again where we had lunch & searched for my black dress for x'mas eve and my cousin's wedding dinner. mum joined us before we made a decision. haha. I think she didn't trust me that much to get a dress myself. oh wells, I'm gonna be decked out in black from head to toe. hee. should be interesting. ;) but, am still looking out for black ballet flats with strings and all as seen in the helena video.

Sunday, December 18, 2005 @ 3:57 am
yesterday, I went for my first carolling expedition for two-oh-oh-five! woot! ok-lah, I'm a little late cos' the rest went to the general hospital last week when I was in jap. so, I was pretty er, hyped for this one.

my good friend, shawn gay, was very much looking forward to being santa, as you can see.

he even piled on the kilos, for a more realistic effect. take that, renee zellweger of bridget jones fame!

santa can't wait to turn on his gay charm. hohoho. poor adrian.

honestly, I really pity shawn under all that warm & uncomfortable clothing. but still, he was ordering us around like we were his factory elves. sheesh. I heard that shaun mike is taking up the job this monday. may the force be with him.
carolling was so much fun. we accomplished 7 houses last night, including mine. my mom was practically glowing, with all the carollers around. she likes to do these kinda things, like entertaining guests. speaking of entertaining guests, every house we went to had so much food laden for us. they had to practically feed us cos' we were already so well fed by then. haha. note to all the mal-nurished, join carolling!
by the time we finished the last house, (rachael's) we were all dead beat. but that didn't stop roseanne & me from wrestling over rachael's bhuge pooh bear.
in the end, we called it truce & had a kodak moment with pooh. (not you, desmond!)

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Make the Yule-tide gay *whee!*
From now on our troubles
Will be miles away
Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days gone by
All these friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more
have yourself a merry little christmas. I especially love the coldplay version.

Friday, December 16, 2005 @ 4:32 pm
I'm beat. how can they call it 'retail therapy'? I almost died carrying so many bags! and you know what? after all the shopping my mom & I accomplished today, we still aren't halfway thru the list! oh wells. there's still a week. *gulp*
my mum has to be the craziest cutest mother ever. after we were done shopping, her eyes lit aglow when she saw a dude giving out lime green balloons outside coffee bean. I was the one who pointed it out, cos' well, I asked her a few minutes before if she noticed the balloons and she said no, although they were EVERYWHERE. right, back to the balloons, she practically ran up to the guy and stood there with her hand out-stretched. I just stood a few metres away, laughing at the scene. imagine a dude with a lot of lime green balloons with the silhouette of mickey mouse surrounded by an eager bunch of kids & their parents & my mom, laden with shopping bags. it was a kodak moment. I just was too 'bagged-down' to reach for my e398 to capture it.
did I mention that my mom made me buy thick, long-sleeved clothes to prepare myself for uk? I just have one thing to say: I look like a dweeb.

I will be king
And you
You will be queen
Though nothing
Will drive them away
We can be Heroes
Just for one day
We can be us
heroes by the wallflowers

Thursday, December 15, 2005 @ 1:48 pm
don't you just hate it when you're awakened from your slumber? especially when you had trouble entering dreamland in the first place?? yes, I have been suffering from insomnia the past few nights. worst of all, I was obliged to wake up early the next day. sometimes, it's my dog. other times, it's my mom. I'm so deprieved of sleep that I don't even bother about the alarm on my mobile nowadays. fang should know. I only woke up when she gave me a missed call when she reached my place a few days ago. stupid listening thingy for driving. okok, actually the lecturers were all incredibly funny, but the day I went was a day after I touched down from kl. I heard what they were saying, but I wasn't bothered to absorb it. I have a bad feeling I'm gonna flunk the test. uh-oh.
right. back to today, furbster attacked me in my sleep at an unearthly hour (for a holidaying student) of 7. I would've shoved the little furball off my bed if I had the strength. unfortunately, (or fortunately, for all you obsessed animal lovers) after finally gaining admittance into lala land at 3 am, I was in no position to do that. instead, I got a faceful of fur sniffing my face. if that won't wake the blooming daylights outta me, I don't know what will. which was in a way, good, cos' I was supposed to accompany my gran to the hospital for her CT scan. we were late. don't look at me. I was the early one. mom, being peeved with dad cos' he kept rushing her, kinda told mama off in the car. though my canton sucked, I managed to understand a few bits & pieces. the hurtful ones. I stayed silent but my mind was whizzing with protests. she is after all only a lil' old lady. she didn't ask to be born with all these ailments....
I never actually went to see a doc aside from my dad & the occasional dermatologist, which was only a couple of steps away from my dad's place. I was more relaxed today however cos' since I brought mama to the same hospital a couple of days ago, I'd know how to handle things, right? wrong. I forgot that we were in m'sia & not in japan, where everyone would nod courteously. she must be the head clerk of the x-ray labs or something, but that doesn't give her the job to snap back at a patient. ok, a patient's granddaughter. I'm paying for a service here, ma'am. besides, it was barely 9 am. sheesh. wonder what twisted her knickers. ok, that was mean. but yeah, I detest rude-ass people who think they can get away with anything. anyways, after mama drank up some milk-looking solution, we waited an hour before the scan was done. after which we waited another hour for the results. even though the tiny room was crowded with people, the place was still an igloo. I took off my jacket (smart-thinking on my part *wink*) twice cos' my gran said she felt cold. and whilst doing so, I was dreaming for my prince charming to do the same. hah! yes, I'll continue to dream on.. after receiving the results, we went back to the gastroentrologist. he checked the scans & announced that everything was normal. the cause of mama's fever & jaundice was actually a tiny stone in the gallbladder which was slowly disappearing. my heart gave a little cheer as we left the clinic...
later in the afternoon, I dumped dropped all my secondary 4 & 5 books to pam. it's a n annual affair reminding me how old I am. this year was exceptionally so as there was not 2, not 3, but around 8 bags full of books. poor pam's gonna have to sort through the whole pile that I so kindly packed according to subject. :D well, I am a tad bit OCD about categorising my stuff. especially during the exam period, when I would start cleaning my room when I was stressed out or couldn't get to sleep. after a reverse to Godma's to pass eva a pack of jap chocolates, I made my way to fang's, then to the plaza. you wouldn't guess who we bumped into. poor old wei yi was just as surprised to see us. I think it took her a few seconds to register who we were. lol. I collected my lenses & headed for a bite at season's. yeah, back there again. *rolls eyes* I took a few bites of my frosted choc malt and surrendered. luckily for fang & I, we had weiyi, who still had room after her breaded chicken & half of the malt. fang & I were speechless. oh wait, rewind.... a tall, lanky bespectacled waiter took our order and weiyi had to say something as he was collecting our menu..

weiyi: how old are you?
cel: he's our age...
him: yeah. we're old schoolmates.

I was surprised he recognised me. we weren't even close. anyway, he couldn't stop making eye contact with our little miss weiyi & passing comments to her. hyuk hyuk. fang & I never stopped teasing her too.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 @ 9:28 am
I finally sent out my visa application today via courier. I put it as urgent so the lady said it'll reach by tomorrow. wow. and it didn't even cost that much as the last time I used fedex & got ripped off. no matter how good their tv ads are, I'm still anti-fedex. nyeh.
my mom woke me up this morning to get me ready to go to the bank to get my bank drafts. went all the way downtown to hsbc, where I met my parents' personal banker. she's really famous around the building, thus causing her to be extremely busy. as uncle robert & her were talking about their old kampung, (hey! they're from the same one!) they came to realise something extremely weird.... in uncle robert's original birth cert, aunty nancy's (the personal banker) granddad was stated as his father! apparently, her granddad was really famous around the kampung & was the one who brought uncle rob to get his birth cert done as his dad was away in China. and back in the old days, the birth registration system was whacked, so that's how the mistake happened. that was just plain weird...
after the visit to the bank, we went back to the office where we made photocopies of all the important stuff & walked to the courier place nearby. boy, no wonder at 71, uncle rob's still so healthy. he walks darn fast for an old guy. I had trouble catching up with him! I was panting about that to my mom when we got back.. my mom's reply included something about me being spoilt. ahh, should've known. I think she said that word more than 3 times the whole day, especially as we were doing lunch together. her idea, not mine. I still had nightmares about the whole cookie summit thing with fang. *shivers* so much so that I didn't eat anything after our unsuccessful attempt to conquer the summit until last night's dinner. and I didn't even feel hungry. shawn thinks I'm whacked. I think I'm anorexic.
after lunch, mum went bra-shopping. I just stood awkwardly staring at her choices. I mean, no one looks at your underwear, so why fork out hundreds to pay for some gawdy-looking flowerish types? mum said that she can see it for herself. *smacks hand on forehead* okayy.... mum paid for the present I got for my mama. she offered to. ho-hum. a neat-looking handbag, by the way.
while we were at the atrium, I caught the eye of the perfume girl who fang & I met 2 days ago. she was so funny... when we asked if we could try that scent, (I think it was gucci..) she accidentally sprayed on herself instead cos' the nozzle was the other way round. all 3 of us ended up bawling. haha. she was really nice, intro-ed us to various scents. my favourite? true star. beyonce has taste. you go, girlfriend!

There's a love that's divine
And it's yours and it's mine
Like the sun
And at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray
To the one
rod stewart's have I told you lately.
personally, I like the oliver james version in What A Girl Wants better..

Monday, December 12, 2005 @ 5:19 pm
yesterday, ladies & gents, I walked. A LOT.
ok, not as much as the st. john ambulance flag day people, but still. A LOT. for someone who's enjoying her hols.
firstly, after asking my dad about the UK visa application, I walked to pp to get my contacts. unfortunately, they haven't arrived yet, so off I went to fang's, where I coerced her into walking to pp with me, where we bought quite a few kismas pressies for some of our friends. oh wait, did I mention that we had a bite at season's? I'm pretty surprised by the newly refurbished season's... which I think roped in swensen's to lure more people. ding! a smart marketing move. ;)

yes, I dunno how we even ordered so much. fang's sourdough & blue heaven. my cookie summit & iced lemon tea. *shakes head* we, being the food-wasters that we are, didn't conquer the summit. haha. I was so full that I didn't even eat dinner.
fang almost tempted me to buy this polo tee. lucky I backed out at the cashier. it's not like I own money trees with fruit on them all the time. unlike someone I know. *rolls eyes*
I just realised that my hand-eye co-ordination is zero. I couldn't even follow simple action movements for carolling. hahaha. either too fast or too slow. oh well... practice makes perfect. we're hitting the houses this sat, including my humble abode.
I also just realised that dad's b'day is coming. my gosh! I haven't got him a present. if his b'day is coming, means that christmas is too! omg! I'm so dead!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005 @ 9:52 am
my @#*^!^%!$ exams are finally OVA! dismaying as it is, I feel kinda empty not studying for the last 2 days, like not having the usual guilt pangs as I prop myself in front of the pc, jamming away on the keyboard. oh well, no time to brood over that now... I'm jet-setting off tomorrow to hokkaido, japan. ironically, 8 days has a write-up on it this week. thanks xin!
techinically, I'll be flying to korea, where we'll take a domestic flight to jap from there. geographically & economically rewarding, I suppose. honestly, I was never looking forward to the trip. and I still am not. a little. I mean, I could be driving by x'mas if it weren't for the whole 1 week away from reality. I say reality cos' holidays are always that space of time away from reality, as in.. 'no work, no pressure, no worries.' besides, it's tour group style. *makes a face* let me tell you all the downsides of such style of vacations.
1) you are told when to wake up. it's MY holiday! can't I choose the time I wanna wake up? what about jet lag? sheesh.
2) you are told where to go. hullo? I didn't fork out a few k to have someone tell me where to go. ever heard of lonely planet or the internet?
3) it's uncool. ok, I'm being such a schoolie by saying that, but it IS a fact. I shudder to think that we'll be led by some local with a weird twang, waving a light blue flag.
4) can't I have chocolate ice-cream for lunch if I want to? I'm a paying customer. so, don't make me eat out of some place where you get to eat free too.
yeah, those are the main reasons, but I could compile a whole pageful of lamo excuses if I wanted...
so, during this one week away, I wish all you blog readers good health and have fun this pre-festive season! wait for my next blog when I'll tell you all about my trip. by the way, I lost my coat and will have to wear a mom's checkered one that is probably older than my eldest brother. no kidding!