flawed work of art.
Monday, January 30, 2006 @ 3:58 pm
today is the 2nd day of cny. normally back home, it would be lion dance day in the chu household. but since I'm 13 & a half hours away, cny is celebrated differently.

early sat morning, armed with a daily travelcard costing 6 pounds plus, I tagged along with brendan & hilary around london to shop. I didn't buy anything in the end though. unlike the 2 s'poreans that were with me. I paid for brendan's puma shoes in advance first though cos' his visa wasn't functioning as it should. which caused him to spray the surrounding people with saliva. brendan's one of those guys who in hilary's own words, 'you know has no ulterior motive in being your friend.' I was disappointed when he said he wasn't gay, cos' his antics prove otherwise.

on the way to chinatown from soho, we thought we were sorta lost, so we asked this chinese man who told us to just go all the way straight. and so we did. I started getting suspicious when we passed by some signs that said 'Sexy Model Upstairs.' as we proceeded, we figured that we were in the middle of a red light district. so with all of our frightened whimpers, we walked swiftly out of the stretch of road emblazoned with neon lights screaming XXX and finally found our way to the red gates of chinatown! hooray!

after much complaints from brendan about him being tired of dragging his shoes everywhere and his craving for siu mai, we stopped at a small shop and thought of just having tea and a snack. BUT, the waiter told us that we have to at least order food worth 5 pounds per person. and so we each had this dim sum special. so, yeah, that turned out to be our reunion dinner. so sad!!! *cries*

oh wells, worse of all, I spent the first day of cny at home, doing homework & studying for my maths test which was just now. I think I did very badly for it. sigh. hope dad & mum don't kill me....

anyways, gong hei fatt choy everyone! though my cny was somewhat like a normal day, I hope yours was much more happier. =)

Friday, January 27, 2006 @ 4:11 pm
I never really appreciated chinese new year. especially the whole wearing red part. I don't wear red. period.

this chinese new year, I'll be taking a 20 minute train ride into chinatown to celebrate with my classmates. I think the whole college will be there, from what I've heard. we tried making mrs lau, my french-accented chinese accounting teacher, to give us ang pao, but of course, our mission was not successful.

ok, I know this is not a GOOD pic of me, but it was taken by mohan - this dude who keeps irritating brendan & together with nick, attempted to propose to me in the library. nice try, guys.

seems that the network is too messed up so I can't really post anymore pics. aww. shall try at my hostess' place later. if the pesky sons let me even touch it. sheesh. I detest kids.

ok, library's closing. shall update soon about my london cny trip!

missing y'all!

p/s: do I even look like I smoke? cos' more than 2 times, people in college have offered me fags. unfortunately, I may end up smoking in college cos' it's so rampant here. I think more than half the kids here puff... AND! this british 13-year-old girl asked me to spare her a fag at the bus stop.... who DOESN'T smoke in Britain?!

Friday, January 20, 2006 @ 11:25 am
phew. I think I finally have some spare time to blog. it's currently 11.30 am right now in croydon - which is in the south of london, for your info. jie moved to melb yesterday. hope she found a place to settle in nicely... as for my settling in? I can't complain. although I am down with the cold, which the locals call British flu. it's a cold you get when you're just adapting with the cold climate. I can't tell you what's the temperature in degrees, but I can tell you that it IS brrr.. cold. haha. but the weather seems to be picking up though, I saw sunshine today. woot woot.

anyways, I'm staying around 10 minutes away from college, by bus. not too bad. but I envy those who can walk to school daily. haih. I think I spent a fortune on my bus fares. and worse of all, I purchased the WRONG oyster bus pass. I should get the student one, not the adult one. which is almost 20 pound difference! sigh.

oh, saw loads of tiggers at the shopping centre in town. hahaha. tigger-shaped balloons, tigger plushies, even tigger boxers that go 'I *heart* Tigger!' maybe should get that for erm.. siang? hahaha. too bad I'm not a guy.

classes have been somewhat ok. forgot all my add maths which made me struggle during maths. aih. accounts & econs are interesting. but not easy. lol. the people in college are... from all over the place. mostly M'sians, S'poreans, mainland Chinese, Viets etc. I've got a housemate - Hilary as well. She's from S'pore and we managed to click together pretty fast. haha. she's hilarious. she's also the belle of the college. hahaha. I shan't go any further before she strangles me.

lastly, I'd just like to give a BIG shoutout to everyone back home! Miss all of you as well! take care aite? and I'll be home come April Fool's. and no, that's not a trick. hahaha.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 @ 10:32 am
hey all! hope that everyone's in the pink of health.. as for me, I'm freezing my butt of in gloomy croydon.

ok, not exactly, i'm in the warmths of the college computer room.

i've got class in 20 mins, so I have to blog real quick... i miss all you people who tagged my board as well. you're always on my mind. take care and God Bless!

see, quick? haha. okok, I'll blog again when I have the time...


Monday, January 09, 2006 @ 11:18 am
haven't felt this furious in a long time. ok, maybe since spm period. if you've read fang's blog about her tirade with her parents, make this entry a part 2.

fang & I had planned to take a trip down to the new jusco today to see how bhuge it really was. however, things always don't go down as planned. especially when there's always a grey cloud above you. I should never have woken up today. I should've just slept on till the cows come home, or till they find me lifeless on the bed, head down, foaming at the mouth.

I wish.

if only life was that simple. 3 days till departure and I really can't wait. of course I don't enjoy leaving the comforts of home or the warmth of my fantastic bunch of friends and family. although my parents are being very edgy, I don't blame them. cos' I'm the baby of the family and they're just having difficulty coping with that. even though I don't blame 'em, it doesn't mean that I'm dealing it with a wide smile. it's been rough and has caused me to add several pages of misery to my life. but, I'm not gonna attempt to do something stupid. simply because I still have love in my heart. for my family, friends and God. and I would simply just be letting them down by doing so. darn, I feel like crying right now.

I blame myself for being 17+ and not demanding attention. you don't know how difficult it is getting someone to take you seriously. my dad used to scoff at this and I'm sure many other adults agree with him. I am paying the same amount as everyone else, why should you be treating me any different? so, is it my fault that when I call up the visa application center, they either refuse to answer my calls or tell me that their server is busy and tell me to call again later. and when I do call them later, they tell me to do the same. and this goes down-hill as it gets my parents all angry that I can't even complete a simple task of ringing them up. my mother, especially can't shut up about the fact that I should hurry them every day to bug them about my visa. guess I was wrong that since I'm paying good money to get my application done, they'd take it seriously. trusting people easily is part of my nature and I did trust them to get it done by wednesday. since I did write them a letter and all. and what did they do? chuck it at british high commission. don't you just love the way m'sian companies work? if everything does go well and my parents do go insane and permit me to get a law degree, I'm gonna bring all these brainless companies down to the ground and ask weiyi to set them on fire. from today onwards, I vouch that I will not trust people so easily and treat them nicely. instead, I will look at everyone in a negative manner and think everyone's out to do something evil to me. pth. and that will just transform me into mummy dearest. my sister and I promised that we wouldn't become like her and I won't break our only sisterly promise. that's the least I could do.

shall be flying to kl a day earlier with mummy dearest to give the stupid visa application people a nice shelling get my passport and will be flying off the next day to UK. so, yes, I'll be leaving jb a day earlier instead. the scariest part for me isn't going to a new foreign land. it's spending the whole day with yours truly. she's not gonna make it a stroll in the park, that's all I'm gonna say. as far as bad daughters go, I have one thing to say: I forgive her. even if she hurts me by saying things like 'not that I'll enjoy it.' when referring to staying the night in kl with her last kid. you know what the saddest thing is? the feeling's mutual, mother.

p/s: thanks fang. very very much. for staying by my side and calming me down and making me chill. cos' without you, I think I would've done something really dumb and regrettable. cheers babe. your angel's always there for you. and yes, ve shall vork our butts off this year. (for me, a year and a half)

Saturday, January 07, 2006 @ 4:52 pm
Never hurry a person who is already nervous about a test on the day of said test.
After having much trouble getting to sleep, I suddenly found yet another familiar lump beside my feet in the wee morning. that lump being my dog, furbs. this time, I was wise enough not to kick it so as to avoid any growling of any sort. however, the furbster decided to annoy me by sniffing consistently in my face until I got up and washed up. the day was bright and early and most were still in bed, wallowing in the weekend sunshine, but for me it was different, I had to sit for my ielts test. for your info, ielts stands for International English Language Testing System. you're probably thinking... well, it's just English, A for Apple, B for Boy, how hard can it be? the bottomline? it's not as easy as you think. when I told mum that as she was nagging about me being late and going on and on about me getting up early so that I can relax and prepare my mind state etc, she didn't believe a word. she said that I was as cool as anything and that it should be easy peasy for me. I think she was just furious that she couldn't get breakfast earlier or something, but she made sneer comments like, 'I hope you fail' and what not. thank goodness Godpa wished me all the best before I got off the car or I think I would've cried. supportive mothers, I tell you.

Overall, I thought the test was alright. the module I thought was hardest - speaking, was actually one of the easiest for me. but I did get stumped when the examiner asked me a question on nurturing childrens' abilities. she asked me many things on children. some a bit weird. like 'what was the favourite time of day when you were a child?' erm. playtime? haha. that wasn't my answer. I had a very much more diplomatic one. I like my examiner. and I think she enjoyed my humour since she smiled and laughed when I did jokingly tell her some incidents. she seemed like a really nice lady anyways. I was lucky to be the 2nd on the list, so I finished at erm 1 plus? some poor souls had to wait there till about 4.30. *blogger refrains from going 'nyeh nyeh ni pu pu'*

as mass in church ended, I felt that I might cry as I bade goodbye to my friends. sigh. but no such luck. there weren't many emo-poppers around. apu was MIA-ing. that maggot. eesh. I still remember my vodka lime, apu!

I had a nice dinner. supposedly my farewell dinner, so mum allowed me to invite fang along. yay! I had fun at dinner. although I kinda felt bad when I overheard mum scolding kor through the phone cos' he couldn't make it for dinner. I hope kor doesn't hold it against me. I told mum it was ok, but I guess she didn't have the same sentiments as me. anyway, we had dinner at danga bay's Lazio. yeah, pretty high class. I offered to.. no, not foot the bill.. I offered to ask for the bill but because I was too engrossed with talking, my dad did it for me. hyuk. and he also foot the bill.

one for the collection, beb.

Friday, January 06, 2006 @ 4:46 am
yesterday, I went on yet another shopping trip to get my stuff for UK. this time was different. it was with mummy dearest. *smacks hand on forehead* and well, it was necessary to bring her along this time cos'...

1) they're NOT CHEAP.
2) it's a *blush* personal thing.

no, it isn't plastic surgery, you doinkey. it concerns a woman's assets. yeahhhh. those. *starts singing my humps by black eyed peas* oh by the way, we kinda figured out that humps are at the bottom and the lovely lady lumps are uhm, up there. what?! some people actually approached me and asked me, so after some careful deliberation, that (eureka!) discovery was made.

so, anyways, my mum was making things difficult when I went to her work place to wait for her lunch period.

mum: SO, WHAT DO YOU WANNA BUY?? (weiyi says that if you use caps without an exclamation mark, it means you're speaking loudly and NOT shouting. *rolls eyes*)
me: uh...
mum: what?!
me: you gimme money I go myself la!
mum: you know I don't allow you to go out yourself!!
me: *blinks* personal stuff.
mum: tell your dad what you want to buy.
me: *blinks again* I can't! it's personal!
mum's employee: bra-lah!
me: Yaya! precisely! *wipes sweat off forehead*
mum: don't lie....

I tell you. I'm gonna earn a lot of money and buy my own underwear next time.

that's not all. it got worse when we got there. I'm not going to broadcast what my cup size and what not is but here's a little uhm, general information. important for guys who will be going through the test of buying lingerie with girlfriends in the future.
Cup Size: A, B, C and so on...
mum's definition: means how big your boobs are-lah!

and the numbers following the alphabets?
mum's definition: how uhm.. tight you want the bra to be.

sometimes, I dunno whether it's good that my mum's a nurse and has seen enough body parts to talk so openly about these things.

mum: that size too big for a young girl-lah!
promoter: no-lah, madam. nowadays girls are very... uhm.. well nourished.
me: *roflmao*
mum: *makes a face*

my privacy was invaded by some stranger, promoter, I mean. but still a stranger. and I never knew one had to BEND to wear a bra. my gosh. I fail as a girl.. woman... whatever. ok, I can picture members of the masculine side shifting uncomfortably in their seats. I apologise. I just had such an amazingly hilarious time laughing at the way my mother and the promoter were debating about my uhm, assets. I felt like a piece of confused fish waiting to be sold to some taitai at the market.

oh wells, people, do pray for my IELTS test tomorrow. hopefully, I'll get an 8. (minimum requirement is 6.5 for college, 7 for Law Degree & 8 for Godma's mercy XD)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 @ 10:19 am
officially started packing last night. or was it early this morning? it just amuses me when I plop my big coat in the suitcase and it just takes up half of the storage space. ok, I'm weird, just like what my sis said on the phone. don't you just love siblings?

dunno whether it's just me but I've been helping myself to generous helpings of fights lately. not intentionally, of course. I may be weird, but I'm not that stupid. would totally understand if my bickering opponent was mum cos' well, what else is new? however, dad has jumped into the band wagon and thus, causing my temperature to spike when he's home. fang says it's cos' I'm leaving and it's stressing them. jie & I reckon that it's the empty nest syndrome. what with the 4 kids all gone. whatever it is, can they wait till I leave? I mean, is this how they're going to bid me farewell? with a whole lot of barking, shouting and disagreeing? I think fang was very amused at the way I was slamming my fingers on the keyboard, typing stuff like fjdshf78q3264092nsfd. by the way, fang's down south today. she did invite me, but after all the sh*t that's been going on at home, I'd just be inviting myself to another good round of shelling.

today, the toll stands at 8. 8 days before I'm leaving. and I spent today avoiding my father who has a day off by watching csi season 3. thank God for xin for providing me with entertainment & to keep my mind off things.

oh yes, my nails are now clean-looking, in time for my ielts test this weekend. didn't want to scare my examiners away. and I don't think it's a good impression I'm gonna leave behind in college anyways, with my black nails. I don't mind the little twits kids pointing and telling their parents about my 'dirty' nails. it doesn't bother me. I'm just amused at the way they get scared of me, especially with black eye-liner on. boo.

it's been a while since I posted a song. since everyone's just embarking on college life, here's a song I heard kor singing along to last sunday.

I can't be held responsible
She was touching her face
I won't be held responsible
She fell in love
In the first place
For the life of me
I cannot remember
What made us think that we were wise
And we'd never compromise
For the life of me
I cannot believe
We'd ever die for these sins
We were merely freshmen
My best friend took a week's vacation
To forget her
His girl took a week's worth of valium
And slept
And now he's guilt stricken
Sobbing with his head on the floor
vervepipe _ freshmen.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 @ 8:28 am
school recommences today! lalalala. and guess who got to go to school in plain clothes this year? moi! okok, I'm being a meanie...

I thought we'd kinda be totally forgotten and all at school, but what Godma said really made me go 'awww.... honest?'

'feels weird without those familiar faces. no yaofang's face being half-covered by her hair, no xinyu smiling from ear to ear....'

I know fang felt it. I sure did. we really did enjoy our senior year in our alma mater.

anyhoo, today is sabai's first day at work. she asked us to buy from her so she could get commission but the poor sod was in the storeroom the whole time. *sniff* oh wells, then they closed for uh, stock-checking, according to fang. so, fang & I sat down at season's and made a list of things to bring overseas. I'm leaving for London on the 12th, whereas she's leaving on the 26th. to scare you a bit, I'm actually leaving next thursday morning. hurhur. anyway, I'm not like those sick, sick taylor's people who messaged fang to tell her that they were at long john silver's at sunway pyramid and were meeting up with 2 of our schoolies at night. grr. fang wasn't happy that they were happily enjoying themselves while we were the only 2 out of the gang left. oh well...

Monday, January 02, 2006 @ 11:41 am
celine's new year trip in s'pore
my cousin got hitched last weekend! to wenlee and simon, cousin & cousin-in-law, here's wishing you all the very best in love and life.

you know what's the best thing about marrying someone from the airforce? you get cool sword bearers like the ones you see in movies. ;)

well, in short, the wedding was good. with loads of good food. yum. chocolate fondue with marshmallows. what else could I ask for? too bad cannot ta pao. =(

met my 3rd cousins, angie, victoria, teddy & collette. they're real lovely cuties. and I'm ever so glad I met them =)

this time was also the first time I went for a mass countdown! no more staring at the television set and counting down like a lamer. *no offence!* but yeah, it was fun to kinda relax and dance to a lovely jazz quartet at le meridian pub. I even had the opportunity to see simon doing the chicken little dance. ahahahahaaa.

so, before I sign off, just wanna wish everyone a very merry new year. and to all school-goers... school commences tomorrow!! woot woot! I'm mean.