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Friday, February 24, 2006 @ 3:39 pm
it had to happen. I knew it was coming, you knew it was coming. it simply had to happen. no questions about it.
what you ask?
me falling ill.
yep, I fell ill for the 1st time in uk. only a flu, but it was a darn bad bug that went around the whole college & even at home, with my hostess' sons catching it initially then transmitting the deadly virus to their mom and then, eventually yours truly. even though I tried staying away from home for the longest period of time, I still caught it. darn.
even more interesting stuff happened at home. hilary, my housemate is convinced that it is haunted. she heard voices and whatnot. it didn't help that the lights flickered on & off on 2 occasions. once was when she was telling me about her scary encounter. the other was when she made me stay up in her room on the lonely 3rd floor. she was so freaked out that I got a little jittery myself. the next day, upon request, I brought her to the catholic church I always go every sunday. (mummy will be so proud *beams*) she felt that she needed somewhere to erm, pray. although she's bible presbyterian and she doesn't mind catholics, just that she feels quite strongly about the differences between our religions. not the first time. why can't people just live in peace? aih.
last week was valentine's day. and well, I'm not the sort of person to really bother about all these special days. for me, it's just one out of the 365 days in a fulfilling year. however, this year was different. I actually got a v-day gift! a bouquet of roses! woot! ok, not exactly roses, but with other flowers as well.. all in shades of red. I had such a pleasant surprise that I felt tears almost welling up in my eyes.. when he stood outside my doorstep in the bitter cold, I was totally speechless. and of course, it is common knowledge that prices of flowers and chocolates and whatnot are hiked up during that profitable time of the year. so, darn, I felt bad after that. one thing I really like about here is that there are fresh tulips here. white ones too! my favourite! hahaha. but I think it might be a bit erm, weird for me to buy a bouquet for myself, so I can just admire them everyday when I pass by the florist's. ahhhh...
college has been alright so far. weekly test periods in all my subs are kinda becoming less of a 'oh no!' and more of a 'ah, just get it over and done with..' yep, quite a norm. my last accounting test was a B and my teacher actually told me not to feel too bad cos' she believes that I can do a lot better next time. aww. I love mrs lau!! well, can't blame her, since the past few tests I've been doing well, 94% in fact. sigh. gonna drill myself this weekend with maths, econs and accounting. gonna be a guai kia. translation: good fella. definition: nerdy toot. sounds good to me.
aww, but I wanna go to camden again! and eat chinese sweet and sour chicken! and and buy the foo fighter tee and and and... oh yes, camden is a little goth town in london. and just walking there is fascinating. I never saw so many goths in one place. I could just imagine ven melting there and then. hahaha.
lucky I didn't bring hilary. she would be cowering and whining that she wanted to go home every 5 minutes. I can just picture it. *shakes head* we're basically opposites in this area. the maturity area, I mean. she's a small 5-year-old stuck in a 17-year-old's body. that ain't healthy, I'm telling you. she's so perky and hyper, it makes me sick at times. sigh. oh well, I guess you just have those feelings when you stay with someone for a long time.. like family.
I can't wait to come home!!!! even though it did snow the last 2 days but I'd like to point out that I almost slipped while walking down the steep road to the bus stop this morning. you know how dangerous that is?! grr.
ok, that's all for today. i've got 10 minutes left before the com lab lady shoos us all out. and I still have my newsletter thingy to complete. sigh..
oh yeah, selling my motorola phone to kenta, this jap guy in college who understands malay. fascinating. I thought I might as well sell my phone since I'm getting a new one after my b'day via contract line. here in uk, you get a free phone when you sign up for a contract line. *grins like crazy*

Wednesday, February 08, 2006 @ 1:50 pm
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aj, I miss everyone at home too! read this entry. posting photos on cny here.
shawn, when are said results coming out ar? end of march? I know O Levels' is coming out this fri. good luck to them.

speaking of O Levels... meet hilary & brendan. my 2 s'porean buddies who never fail to make me laugh & in hilary's case snort uncontrollably. this was taken at GAP oxford street.

we thought this was how depressing cny was gonna be until...

..we saw this in chinatown!

managed to eat this in chinatown. photo taken at croydon's very own chinese supermarket - wing yip.

didn't manage to eat this. a good thing, really. the sign made hilary, ian & I cringe for a moment in the supermarket that reminded us so much of home. *sighs*

night scene at opposite trafalgar square.

trafalgar square.

I *heart* the buskers here. uber cool.

so, that was cny weekend. a lot's happened since then. which brings me to my next subject - newsletter.

yes yes, the nerdface (as apu would say) writer in me brought me to the first newsletter meeting, where I was given my first assignment - newbies. am supposed to write on the new students' point of views regarding ctc. hmm. I have a whole lot of ideas in my head but I dunno which would suffice to give an impact. after being taken aback by a certain new colleague's ego-boosting introduction on her very descriptive writing, as her teachers say. now, I'm not a confident person and her words really made me want to kill myself. I mean, honestly, what if I have permanent writer's block and will never be able to write ever again? so what if godma did read my essay to 2 of the form 5 classes in convent a couple of weeks ago. wait a minute, I should get paid for that! no wonder she made me give her all my essay books. damn it, I should've known. anyway, point is, I really dunno if my writing is matured or fluent enough for college standards. when I read my essays, I feel like they're from a 15-year-old kid. hard to believe I'll be 18 in 50 something days.

oh by the way, newsflash! I'm currently on the waiting list for march 31st for the flight home to m'sia. it's james' fault for not telling me there was an earlier flight home. so, no longer going back on the 1st, if all things go as planned. *crosses fingers* I shall be touching down on sat night at klia. and will probably need to take the last available flight to jb which is if I'm not wrong, almost midnight. can't wait. *squeals*

current weather: around 8-10 degrees celsius. now isn't that reason to be happy? whee!