flawed work of art.
Saturday, April 29, 2006 @ 10:25 am
in my host family's kitchen, where I love to hang out simply because I'm in the midst of food (hehe) & during pre-meal times, it smells simply fantastic in there. oh & the heat from the cooking is great too. even though, the weather has been alright the past few days. average: 13-14 degrees perhaps? I know all you fellow m'sians are probably going, 'darn it!' but let me tell you, it still is cold especially at night or sometimes when the sun refuses to come out. you should see the way I react when the sun miraculously shines on a certain spot. I lunge for it. honestly. I run to the spot where the sun is shining. call me a limelight stealer, or in this case, sunlight stealer. can't wait for summer.

speaking of summer, folks may be coming over during summer break. I end my term on the 16th of June, but my plane ticket is currently booked on 24th. they haven't decided if they're coming, but chances are good, much to the dismay of xin. haha. but I really wanna go tour london & beyond with them cos'
1) no one here wants to join me in adventure-seeking
2) no one here wants to be seen like a jap tourist looking all dumb
3) actually, I'm kinda saving up my moolah for something special

yep, so, with them coming here, I can go makan at all the nice nice restaurants & not feel guilty about emptying my pockets =)

oh. went to nando's last night for dinner. nando's is a famous chicken franchise, shawn, not some mamak's name. *smacks hand on forehead* being friday however, I had a veg pitta. which was scrumptious. or maybe, I was just hungry. haha. I was shuttling from our table to the drinks table island, where I filled up diet coke, fanta, coke etc. man, I should get a job as a waitress.

mm yes, good restaurants. anyone heard of wagamama? it's this cool jap restuarant that started in london but bloomed all over the place like holland & aussie. miso noodle place in croydon is like so feeble, standing next to wagamama. they serve stuff like fusion ramen and cool desserts and what not. how do I know this? well, when I was eating b'fast, yours truly was feeling kinda curious, and therefore turned to the cookbook book-shelf and spotted the wagamama recipe book. yum. I'm so bringing my folks there in june!

you know what saddens me? losing a friend. to an accident, to the passages of time and to the trials of distance. something happened between me & a college friend, and now, we're no longer as close as we used to. pity, really. but if that's what that friend is comfortable with, I have no further qualms about it.

on a happier note, I'm so proud of hilary. heh. sorry peeps, it's something private :) let's just say, it's a caterpillar turn into a butterfly sortta thing. ok. not a very good analogy. but, works for me.

by the way, does anyone know how much it costs to send an sms from m'sia to london? tag me. it's importante.

after nando's last night, we watched scary movie 4. which spooked me a little, especially when the little blue ju-on boy was meowing all over. eeee. I was like, the only sicko who screamed when he suddenly popped out on the screen. yeah. ok. loser.

hil's out for her bio field trip and I'm the only one at home cos' my host family went out for the day. oh, but erm, it wasn't a smooth process. cos' the little one was fussing about everything, from his clothes, to er, his big brother touching his chair, (??) my goodness, if I had a kid like that, I'd leave him and just go out with the rest of the happy family. which is what my host family did, until the little one yelled and screamed and I think cried. while I was flipping through the wagamama book, I heard him screaming, 'I don't want to wear this, daddy!!' kids. stink. and the 2 boys I live with stink even more. they called their own mother their slave at the dinner table. and sometimes push her, pull her hair etc etc. I'm tempted to call in supernanny or wait till mary poppins drops on our roof with her brolly.

last tests for the term:
accounting : 78% - what a tragic way to end...
maths - C2 timed paper : 88%
- test period: 65%
econs: n/a. cos' I had my test yesterday. I'll let you know on tues. haha. bet it'll be worse than the first two. ;)

exams in a matter of weeks. *shudders* have been studying whenever I can at home, but I dunno... I'm still afraid.

and the old celine has resurrected. the one that skips her meals, I mean. been skipping lunch whenever I can. now now, it has it's benefits.
1) a good weight-loss regime :)
2) a good way to save money
3) it's just too darn packed in the refectory during lunch times
4) I've got too much work anyway

don't worry, I do eat b'fast and dinner still :) and I think it's a very generous portion. haha.

monday's bank holiday! and kenta has asked me to go to scream studios for the band rehearsal. even though I am geoff's possible successor aka the next band bassist, I know nuts about playing the bass. besides, I only played the guitar a few times when woman stayed at my place last year. but the band think with practice, I should be ok. more commitments??? just kidding. dad actually gave the green light to this one. I am surprised. am probably getting a second-hand bass. or maybe just use geoff's till I leave college. haha. am the only girl band member, so they'll have to stop pissing in the bins, spitting all over the place, and being total clowns. oops. shouldn't say that.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 @ 9:03 am
I'll continue where I left off on friday. can't believe hil & I actually made it home without getting lost. well, not that lost, anyway. I'm still a bit hazy at some places, but hopefully, after a few more times, I'll be okay.
after dinner on friday, hil, brendan & faisal were meant to go out for a movie - I was too tired/sleepy to go. as usual, I recover from jet-lag slower than an average joe. anyways, there were a sudden change of plans, so in the end, faisal, hil & moi hung out at millenium park till 10+. rather late, I must say. haha. but nonetheless, we had fun er, talking? and eating mini oreos with milk. warning: do not attempt to pour milk with oreos unless you have a spoon. cos' the consequences are disastrous. after a while, the oreos looked like er, diarrhoea, according to faisal, who ironically is down with food poisoning today, thanks to some pizza. eew. I wonder if he's thinking of the oreos as he's... nevermind.
on saturday, I was cooped up the whole day at home, trying to finish all my homework. I think I succeeded somewhat, but I spent a lot of time just walking around the place, thinking about a lot of stuff. hil says it's unhealthy, cos' by the time she came home from her group study session, I had a million & one woes in my head. sigh. but I kinda flushed them out after dinner, cos' we talked for a while, a very long while..
early sunday morning, I woke up to the chilly morning air only to go jogging in the miserable british weather with faisal & hil. we spent more than half an hour waiting for the said indian man in the drizzle-turned-light rain. can you spell miserable? anyhoo, hil & I completed 2 rounds around the park near church. and they were rather big rounds, by my standard, okay? much bigger than the ones we did in school, that's for sure. faisal did 3 & wondered why we stopped. fact was that we were both bushed. I don't think we were that unhealthy... it's just that it's been a while since I exercised. minus the sit-ups I do sometimes when I'm bored of studying. lol.
ok, not counted. someday, I'm gonna go eat b'fast at the carvery place. everytime I pass by that place near the park, I feel my saliva forming at the end of my mouth as I stare enviously at the beautiful big crossaints by the window. I think we scared off some customers too. haha. anyway, we went back home for our very own big b'fast. ok, bigger than the usual cereal with milk, anyways. bacons, egg, toast & baked beans. yumm. so, went to church as usual after that, and back to work the whole day... not much, but I was quite tired after the exercise regime so early in the morning.. I dunno why, but my hostess has not been preparing lunch during the weekends, and it's getting on my nerves! she's supposed to! I pay good money, ok? well, it's good though, I don't plan on having lunch. have to really start shedding off the pounds, for the sake of my cheek bones. oh yes, I christened my fat belly, 'billy' that day too. but he died yesterday, after I discovered it was that time of the month for me. aiyo. but the belly's still there though. unfortunately. must abstain from lunch!!!! oh yes, we chose an auspicious day to go jogging too, for it was the london marathon day! yay! it's an annual event where people can go run 26 miles around london for their respective charities. you get celebrities like rebecca loos and gordon ramsey running amongst you. woo!! yeah, so I only caught it on the telly though, but nonetheless, it was fun seeing folks dressed up as Bob the Builder, running on the streets of london.
I had maths tests yesterday, which wasn't all that fun. :( but anyways, something funny happened during econs, my teacher told us to watch 'full monty'... honestly!!! FULL MONTY! she said it was good fun to watch, but had some economic values in it as well. talk about liberal.

Friday, April 21, 2006 @ 3:42 pm
as I'm typing this in the college com lab, some boys are playing footie outside. dk hit the window. lucky I'm not by it...
shawn has requested me to blog as soon as possible. sigh. wish I could've blogged sooner myself, but have religiously been adding diary entries in my book at home cos' of the lack of technology to do so on chuceline.blogspot.com.
I only just came online & got bombarded by news from m'sia. some good, some bad. oh, right, back to me.
posters about the ball & international evening are everywhere on the college walls & doors. before I even came to ctc, I promised myself not to go to either of those social events. but, I have no idea why everyone has been egging me to go. ryan, joseph, kenta, geoff etc. hello. do I look interested to pay £30 to go to some fancy schmancy ball dressed in a frock that has to be between knee to floor length? I don't think so. kenta reckons it'll be fun. with booze, hot chicks (yeah right) and 2 good rock bands. personally, I can't be bothered. £30 is a lot of chocolate.
hil & I have yet another thing in common. weight issues. I'm way past that stage since I already suffered enough when I went back to jb. but, she's going through all the worries I went through now. I don't think we're fat at all, we just gained weight, that's all. and I'm getting to grips with that too. I'm only eating when I'm really hungry and when I can't ignore the stomach growls. hence, am not being a pig by stuffing myself whenever I see treats. heh. but arthur, who gave me a bar of snickers 2 days back & thet, who gave me a bit of chocs just now, aren't helping. sigh. temptation, temptation.
the week has been such a blur. it was hard catching up with old work, but hopefully, I can catch up with some work in the weekend. no, am not going to town this weekend. except probably to buy my thick files for econs and soap, cos' I'm running out. other than that, I'm gonna stay home and rot with my books. I owe it to myself.
outside the books, college has been uhm, awkward. old friends turn into strangers & vice-versa. it's weird. but I've been trying my best to distract myself with my studies. and yes, I think it is working.
I must thank siang & shawn for sending me off on easter sunday. didn't sleep at all that whole night and instantly fell asleep once I sat my butt down near the departure gates of senai. it was hard for me, so, I really give credit to those 2 gay fags who shared my burden. note to all in jb: please keep shawn's paws OFF siang, thank you!
so, mel has a blog. yay! welcome to the kingdom of blogs! and I trust you'll find the experience a pleasant one.
and yet again, my accounting test period marks came back today as a surprise. 39 over 41. I imagined it to be much lower, due to my sluggish brain trying to restart itself. oh well. another unsolved mystery.
ah yes, walked to college today with hil & apek. it wasn't planned. I was just tired of waiting for the 403 bus after 3 403s from the opposite side zoomed by. and being the unfortunate celine, when I walked swiftly to cross the road to join hil on her walk to school, the 403 came. the grey cloud above my head never disappears. which has come to my attention that I'm either clumsy or just plain 'swey' (unlucky). I mean, seriously, who else falls down from stairs in public, embarasses herself in econs class when she gives a ridiculous answer, struggles to open the college doors in front of someone she's trying to avoid etc etc? I'm so tired. everything has not been going smoothly since I left for senai airport. being thousands of miles above ground while having a tummy upset and not being able to eat is a terrible experience, that I hope I never have to experience. plus, I got told off by mr 52C for putting my bag-pack at a place that will 'obstruct his feet'. I hate being treated like chopped liver, but I guess being 18 doesn't change the way people see me. I'll never gain/earn respect. some people have got beauty, brains and personality. I have zilch beauty, zero brains and a personality that stinks. now, tell me that life ain't so bad, I dare you. it just came to my attention that I really do suck in life. and without my family and friends, I'd never be able to be here typing this. oh by the way, my mom called me at 5.30 am local time today, thinking that I called her. couldn't get to sleep properly after that.
I wanna go back to jb, to my room, to my bed, to the comforts of my home. but as my eccentric ex-bio teacher once said, 'what you want, is not necessarily what you need.' I hate it that she's right.
am walking home in half an hours' time with hil. knowing her, she doesn't know her directions very well, and I only just found out the route today, so getting home in time for dinner is gonna be a challenge. what a way to end the work week, eh?
just 7 weeks till the end of my exams. then I can just lala my way through the last week of school and hopefully meet my 'rents who'll take me round london like a tourist, although I'm the one who's been here for what? 4 months? have to start saving up now. don't wanna empty my bank account too quickly.
I know I'm just talking about random stuff, but I just want to compensate for the whole week that I didn't get to complain to anyone about my woes. a word of apology to all you readers who are probably not enjoying this post. sorry!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006 @ 8:05 pm
reply tags:
val: happy belated good friday and a happy easter to you!
linn: I'm back in uk for 2 months. then home again for 3! yay! i'll get you something lah, k?
shawn: yes. yes. and I brought them here too. hahaha.
yong: aiyo. yeah. but again, only 2 months!
beb: will text you immediately after this.
mel: thanks. what's the add?
weiyi: thanks, girl. you're a gem.
sabai: yeahh. it'll be quick this time. 2 months!

notice how I kept mentioning 2 months. can I help it? I miss everything from my cosy toilet to my cosy friends. *ahem* I guess the only thing that's keeping me from taking the first plane back to jb is that I'm here to just study and get through these 2 months. then I can relax at home till sept. ahh. life will be so good.

yeah, but reality kicked in the second I sat down at senai airport, waiting for the plane. fact is, I came home from church at 2 something am & didn't bother sleeping since I had to leave for the airport at 4 plus. siang was trying to keep me awake by being the world's greatest nutter. what a pest! after a while, I just sought refuge by lying in bed with my eyes closed, blocking out all the noise that was emitting from him & his actions. and you thought kids were tough to handle.

oh yes, at the airport, I fell asleep! and thank goodness, I heard the announcement come on and immediately boarded the plane. after I sat down in my seat, that was it. I didn't even get my nice iced milo cos' yours truly was in lala land. I had no recollection of the plane taking off or landing. maybe I was teleported. hurhur.

adding on to the lack of sleep was a terrible tummy ache. yes, I do mistreat my tummy at times, but did it have to attack me when I was most vulnerable, sitting in a crowded jumbo jet with very limited space? my flight to london was a bearable one though. I slept through most of the journey and never even touched the head-sets, which I regretted a little after, since they were showing memoirs of a geisha. oh well. sleep was top on the list, whether or not I allowed it to be. wan said that he never saw me awake on the plane, as he passed by my seat to the toilet. he even boldly went on to state I was in 3 different sleeping positions. once my head was hanging outside of the chair. I think he was exaggerating. someone would've kicked my head away and jolted me awake if that were the case. the scottish couple made my flight a bit more bearable though. they were honestly, very nice, treated me like their own daughter. and if that were the case, I'd have big shoes to fill. their daugher represented scotland in mountain biking for the recent commonwealth games. wow! even someone like me, who bearly had enough sleep to respond as quick as I normally would, was amazed.

taking a bus from heathrow to croydon and then another bus to where I live was tiresome, but again, I dunno where I found the strength to roll my suitcase up brambledown hill and all the way to my place. phew. and I still wonder why I gained weight here. the suitcase, by the way, wasn't overweight. haha. 21.3 kilos. shawn, siang & I weighed it before the m'sian airlines people opened the counters. they're nonsensical. I reached at 5.15, only to discover they were opening the counters in '5 minutes', according to the dude working there. yeah, 5 minutes m'sian time! by the time, I lined up to check-in, (which was kinda unfair, cos' I was the first one there. the big adults just got priority since they could sue) it was almost 6. I felt bad making azlan, shawn & siang wait for me. so I went into the departure halls pretty early. seeing their gay smiles and their flambouyant waves, I was surprised I didn't cry.

before sitting here in the cold dining room, typing away, I was making myself some frozen dinner. sweet & sour chicken. all I had to do was microwave the little thing, but it tasted like rubbish. ergh. am gonna crawl into bed after a nice, warm shower, and wake up to the non-existent british sunshine tomorrow. 2 months, 2 months...

Friday, April 14, 2006 @ 2:10 pm
as I waved & bade goodbye to my parents & extended family members this afternoon, I couldn't help but realise how often I was gonna have to face this familiar picture.
am parent-less for the weekend as the whole big family's going to ipoh to celebrate my gran's big b'day celebration. *ponders for a while* my b'day didn't seem too long ago, actually. the day I came back from london didn't seem too long ago either. however, it just dawned on me that tomorrow will be my last day in jb till late june. not that I'm saying that I'm not happy to be leaving this notorious city. believe me, I am. it's just that I'm dreading travelling with my bound-to-be overweight luggage back to college. have procrastinated for far too long and joseph was right, I won't do my homework even if I brought it home with me. 'doh. now, the problem is the weight issue. I promised both joseph and myself that I would pack light this time, to avoid the scare at the airport again. no trolley hand luggage this time. just me and an old samsonite I found lying in the storeroom. oh. and my trusty deuter bag-pack of course. but just as I was placing the stuff that my friends' moms have made me bring back for their beloved sons, I just can't help imagining that hmm, things are not as easy as they look. once again, celine will have to raise her white flag.
bought a new pair of grey converse high-cuts. even double-laced them. well, technically, the auntie at the shop did it, I just watched in amazed confusion. and again, my 2nd pair of converse is purchased to match my clothes. sorry, mr. chuck taylor.
sometimes. life can be a total drag. I don't want tomorrow to end.

Thursday, April 13, 2006 @ 4:28 am
finally got rid of the plaster... now can type like a normal human being again. actually, I forgot to mention that the U2 guy was actually very nice. he took out his first aid kit and gave me a plaster to bind around my finger. he was really apologetic about my finger, while I was apologetic about the clothes. haha. call me clumsy. ok, not literally, don't tag my board with the words 'clumsy' all over, you guys.
so, yesterday, m'sia scrapped the crooked causeway project. what?! and we jb-ians went through all the traffic jams and detours for nothing?! there goes all our tax money too. my family had a lot to say about that, by the way. I was just amused at our country's decision-making skills. yes, folks, another unfinished project to put on the shelf of jb's unfinished projects.
this brings me to my annoying the souls out of my parents. you see, the filial daughter in me has been thinking. as it is, jb is a scary, unsafe place. and I'm worried about my parents, who're soon turning 60. which was why, I've been bombarding them with the where-do-you-want-to-retire questions. my dad jokingly said 'england'. right. as if I'd allow that to happen.
when I was younger, my dad told me he wanted to retire on a farm. so, when I repeated this to my mom, she exclaimed, 'what am I gonna do with all my pretty dresses then?' *insert dramatic music here* that was a moment in chu history, folks. when I told dad yesterday, he told my mom to wear it for the cows. *slaps hand on forehead*
seriously though, I never realised how OLD my parents were until I came back from london. they've aged a lot. they remind me of the old couples you see hand-in-hand sitting on park benches and stuff. just that mine will be squabbling half the time about everything under the sky. how romantic.
yeah, so back to the retirement scheme, I told them that we all should move to melbourne. dad just smiled that familiar smile while mom decided to buy some farm clothes to amuse the cows.
speaking of cows, did you know that if you push a cow down on it's side (I dunno how you're gonna do it, but anyway....) it can't get up? once, my sister's friends decided to give the farmer a hard time, so the big guys pushed down all the cows in his field and sped off in their car. man. how cruel are they! but, can you imagine all the cows lying on their sides mooing till the cows come home? no pun intended. but seriously, the cows will never come home, so the cows will just moo till they start foaming in the mouth! I like cows and all, but we all know they aren't that great upstairs. and that's why I love 'em! heh. ok. digressing again, I know. I'm just distracting myself from thinking about certain stuff.
oh hey. yesterday, I ended my post with a 'I love you a million red m&ms, miss mak!' I saw it off someone's webbie and thought it was cute. haha. one day, I'll buy lots of m&ms and pick out all the red ones, put them in a jar and give them to someone I really love and say, 'I love you a million red m&ms.'

random M&Ms trivia:
- in 1987, the red m&ms were brought back to the traditional mix, due to overwhelming request from customers. yay!
- in 1997, the first female m&m character was brought to life. the green m&m promoted her autobiography with the tagline 'I melt for no one.' cute!
- also in '97, m&ms world was opened in las vegas. I wanna go!!!

early this morning, I got a bit teary. I just realised... I don't wanna go back to england!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 @ 4:50 pm
for the third time this week, I've been having japanese for lunch. hey, no complaints or anything since I had my unagi on all three days. unagi means eel in jap by the way. oh. this time my parents brought me out. yep. spent the afternoon watching tv with day-off-dad. saw that winnie the pooh got a star at mann's chinese theatre in hollywood. and my dad was being critical as usual. but this time, I was on his side..

dad: how come only he got a star? what about the other two fellas? *refers to eeyore & tigger (!!!) dancing at the side of pooh*
me: yalah! poor tigger! eee. he looks ugly there.

was watching chicago just now. I must say, I liked all the rah-rahness and the choreography. but after a while, I got tired and I didn't like the fact that it might not have a good ending. what?! I like predictable happy endings.

having difficulty typing with a plaster on my right index finger obstructing my typing. oh. didn't I mention that my finger got slammed by the heavy changing room doors at U2? ok. now you know. and it bled so much that I got some on the white clothes I was trying on. but not only was the dude not mad, he was totally alright with it & offered to get a new top instead of the one with the red splotch. haha. not bad at all.

ok. this is getting tiresome. just wanna say that I love miss mak a million red m&ms. =)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 @ 6:07 pm
special shout-out:
thankyew mama beb! for a fantastic jap lunch today! had a good talk as well. no worries, nothing bad about you, beb. oh. but I think her knowing my fondness for unagi must be your doing. naughty naughty!

all you need is retail therapy, baybeh! harhar. whoever felt tonnes better after a shopping trip must be either:
a) filthy rich or
b) out to max-out their cheating spouse's credit card

yeh. that's what I think anyways.

went out to tebrau city in the evening with momsie. and *dramatic music please* I actually bought MORE than her! yes, and tomorrow, it'll snow in the southern parts of johor bahru, and a comet will strike earth soon after that. ok. not THAT unbelivable, but anyway, it's a rare occasion. bought a lot of clothes, man. I *heart* tebrau city. they have dorothy perkins & topshop! reminded me of UK all over again! *tries not to think of the fact that I'm going back on sunday* sigh. and you know what? it's cheaper here. all the clothes looked so familiar, I wanted to just throw everything off the shelves. ah well. didn't buy anything from them anyways. oh. mom bought a narrow striped tie from topshop. and I like being 18. harhar. read following:

man: so, not nice ar, the dress?
me: er yeah. too big. *shrugs*
man: oh. you try going to dp.
me: eh?
man: dorothy perkins. their sizes are a bit smaller.
me: oh yes yes. uhhuh.

didn't even like the smock. mom made me wear it. and it was an XS and I looked pregnant. rofl. stewpid british sizes.

after the retail therapy, I realised that I need white flats. mm. I never like wearing them girly sandals. but this time, I can't wear my sneaks with my clothes. they'll look weeeird.

had late dinner today. dad made me drink red bean soup. yuck. right after watching csi too! sacre bleu!

haiyoh. must finish all my homework before sat or I'll cry. no shirlene to help me in maths too. mehh. I'm stuck and lazee to think. ok, celine, no procrastination! or you'll die when you go back to college. *nods to self*

p/s: hil went back to croydon from her sister's place cos' she forgot her passport. adui. hope she remembered to lock the door and set the alarm again. that housemate of mine ar...

Monday, April 10, 2006 @ 4:07 am
mm. I love my friends. they ROCK! know why? cos'

1) weiyi & mel came to my house in the morn after their mamak b'fast. er, sorry for the coffee bean thing. that's what they wrote on the menu!!! haha. sorry sorry! oh yes, thank you all the subang people for the pressie! awww.
not gonna go into detail about what we did from that time till late noon, cos' weiyi has already gone into detail. mel & I were just roaming around pp after lunch. so tiring! haha.
2) before I left for footsal, mama fang came with a cake for me. I almost cried reading what was written on it. 'Happy Belated Birthday. from Yvonne.' =( beb, you shouldn't have. I feel so sad as it is that you're not here with me. it's just a birthday. why make your mom go through so much trouble. now I really must go treat your parents at lavender when I start work... anyway beb, thanks. I really appreciate it. and because of you, I went to meet shawn with a bittergourd face.
3) supposedly a 'surprise' b'day thingy ended up as er, not so surprising. haha. melvin already knew that he spoilt it so badly that he just laid the cake on my lap in the end. 'doh. talk about being pampered on my b'day. lol. and finally met up with siang, after what? 3 months? by the way, his bro is so good-looking that it's scary that they're brothers. HAHA. okok. I shan't be mean. actually, he does look very much like this bro of his.

shall go into detail about my first evening out in jb since I came back, since my parents actually gave me permission to go out in the first place. surprise surprise. haha.
apu is a prick. really! he never stopped saying stupid things to hurt me & threatening to whack me or something. stupid faggot. I shall get him for that. hmph. melvin's another one. my non-stop entertainment. I'll never forget the kfc thing. *reminisces* he even suggested going again before I go back. ok, melvin....
oh. and it was very amusing to see all the guys trying to keep the candles alight before the fans keep blowing them off. there wasn't much candles to blow after that. haha. by the way, mango is nice ok? I thought the mango cake was nice anyway. so, what's wrong with a little fruit cake now and then? just don't let yawsiang cut the cake next time. I think he was trying to kill everybody with the bhuge portions. aduii.
everything was fine... until... after dinner, I smashed the cake. ROFLMAO. or what was left of it anyway. poor yawsiang! haha. his face was so funny!!! er. oops, much? I thought he was gonna cry or something. haha. okok, shall shut up now. =|
anyway, had an enjoyable but tiring sunday which marked the closing ceremony of celine's b'day. =) thank you all. I love all of you! MoOooAcKsssssss!

Saturday, April 08, 2006 @ 2:04 pm
ni jiu shi wo de.. WEI YI!!!!
haha. met up with weiyi today. woot woot. she hadn't changed a bit & agrees with fang that I look healthier now. healthier, as in meatier, I think. in apu's own words, 'fatter'.
wasn't feeling good today. I thought I could've talked a lot more, but my block nose and queasy tummy wasn't helping. things got worse after siang the promise-breaker called me. but that's a different story. sorry wei yi. I really tried to be perky. but I dunno. was really tired for some reason...
meeting mama fang tomorrow for lunch. total yayness. hopefully, am feeling better to correspond like a normal human being then.
feel like the world's twirling.... what I need is alcohol a hug.

Friday, April 07, 2006 @ 1:05 pm
I was really looking forward to posting my trip back to school. but, unforeseen circumstances have occupied my mind for now.
one of my close friend broke up with her boyfriend while I was in UK. and that's not a huge deal, cos' I believe that if you don't love one another, why carry on? life goes on. yeah, so don't take life too seriously. it'll just make things complicated. anyways, he's still hung up on her and the first thing he said to me on msn was how bad she treated him and what not. he made my friend sound like some sl*t! what an ass! seriously. the close friend of mine had thought that the rest of us would be on his side and I now know why. he's such a beast! I really am lost for words. how can he b*tch about her like that?! I know he's hurt. but seriously, you can't do things like that. that's just plain stupid. what was he thinking? I'd side him and forsake a friend I knew since I was in primary school? loser.
okok, that's enough of venting my anger. hmm. let's see... school.... collected my school stuff. and besides that, went to check out the hall. must say that my interact juniors are really doing a fantastic job! it was international understanding day and their theme was South Africa. uber cool. haha. really! finally got to meet some of my old school friends. whoa. felt so young next to them all dolled up in heels and what not. and there I was, looking like a s'porean. with my black hairband and low deuter. oh yes, met up with apu as well. hahahaa. it was so fun messing about with him. minus the time when he slammed me. which was quite often. stupid faggot.
went off to go get treated from my didi. haha. after eating our pretend b'day cake, we went to visit our beloved mr lem! haha! he was waving like a small kid! so cute! he said he was very disappointed in me that I didn't get A for chem. hoho. even then, he was so cute. man, I miss mr lem.
did I mention that my school teachers said I gained weight? only on my face though. they said my body was still the same. hoho. according to mrs koo, she said it's because I slept a lot. what kind of theory is that?!
tomorrow am meeting weiyi! woot! and maybe tasha. but I dunno-lah. ey weiyi and mel, count me in on sun morn! haha. miss you girls so much. hm.
oh yeah, I apologise for the sad sad post on my b'day. I was just well, missing y'all too much. that's all. =) my heart really ached that day. I could feel it. ouchies.
note to self: must start work on monday. or not will never be able to finish homework in time for school. you know what I just realised? I'm leaving already. =(

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 @ 8:52 pm
hmm. I can't complain about my day. my 18th b'day, to be exact. was really surprised to receive calls from far and wide. haha. yep. to name a few:

1) xin. early in the morning. I was still trudging about in my pjs, eating my roti prata.
2) just as I hung up, mommee goose called. which was funny, cos' I knew that xin had to enter class at that time. and since goose was in the same college, I wondered.... oh well. who cares?! as long as I know they love me! *smiles like a mad idiot* I must apologise though. cos' at first, I thought she was lynette. 'doh. it didn't take me long to change my mind after my ear went through an ear-piercing 'NOOOOOO!!' yeah. serves me right.
3) a few secs after goose had to hang up cos' of class, weiyi's turn. she sounded like lynette too.
4) kam hoong, who wants to courier a gift to me. (!!!) at this time still in my tigger pj's.
5) Godpa! who wants to pinch my cheeks on sat. great.
6) mel, lyn & dee. rowdy bunch. haha.
7) fang. all the way from kiwiland. beb, I miss you.
8) apu & ven. all the way from uh, ec! hoho. what good students! I didn't forget my vodka lime, maggot.
9) val. all the way from Oz. touched!!
10) daniu kor. who complained that my friends kept calling the mobile. which he's having now.

uh. since it's 4 am m'sian time, I dunno if I remembered everyone. haha. shawn's not counted. and neither is max. cos' they did so online before I heard their voices. max needed a little hinting. forgiven, cos' he just woke up.

oh. and I'm not complaining about my b'day although compared to last year, it was much much more quiet. partly due to the fact that I'm down with fever & sore throat. sigh. 3rd time in 4 months. what's wrong with me?!

I didn't forget the rest of you msn-ers, friendster-ers and hotmail-ers. thanks for remembering! even if friendster did remind you. I don't care! at least you made an effort.

special mention to apu who had this as a personal message: "and 5th of April was the day celine chu was born and gave a new definition to the word 'faggot'" gee. thanks. and also colin, for the nick - 'HAPPY BDAE CELINE!' reminded me of the time kor had the nick - 'all the best CELINE CHU!' the day before I left for uk. that really moved me. sounds stupid but....

yeah. dad forgot my b'day! he actually went, 'oh yeah! happy b'day. kakak just told me. no wonder you had so many calls at 12 last night. kacau me only!' whoops. sorry to those who called. was sleeping cos' I had a bad headache and fever. oh yeah. and my mobile's not with me. so yeah. apologies again.

dad bought a cake home after that. mm. chocolate. too rich for my taste, but he was excited about it cos' they decorated it with rainbow spots and flowers and all. oh and the words on the cake? 'Happy Birthday Luv'. mom, dad & I laughed at that clear indication of his poking fun at my being in England, where everyone calls everyone 'love'. cute though. my dad. sigh.

aiyo. I'm feeling the weight of jet lag. why is it always delayed? it was the same in uk and now here. darn.

oh well. tomorrow, or rather later today, am going to esplanade to watch a classical performance, then for dinner. mm. some posh place. so much for reverting back to my skinny self. fang says I look better, healthier in fact. so. I believe her. and weiyi's been a great help too. not the boobs part. but anyway...

daniu kor's coming back this weekend. maybe anyways. good. he can gimme back my mogu. having trouble sleeping and I think it's cos' I don't have my mogu. all turqoisy and soft.

he's getting a new car and it's not even his b'day yet! and I ask for a laptop and dad is reluctant. well. what d'you think mum'll say if I say I want a lip-ring? I may get one. it looks uber cool. ok. maybe not. but how about another ear-piercing? man. I'm such a sadomasochistic 18-year-old.

perhaps I'm just sad that although I have 3 siblings, none were around to sing me a b'day song, watch me blow my saliva on the cake as I blew out the candles and of course, eat it. in fact, dad's sending it out to his work place tomorrow, oh wait, later today. cos' no one at home can finish it anyway. haiyah. and the only reason kor remembered is cos' well, he thought it was the day before until I shouted at him and said it was the next day. and daniu kor is cos' the phone was vibrating like mad while he was checking a patient. no sound of jie. although she asked for mum's, dan's and my b'days 2 days back. for some formal work stuff. or visa or something.

I'm really touched that I do have great friends out there though, who really made this fever-stricken, croaking 18-year-old smile, even for a few precious minutes. really, I do, cherish y'all. and I must say that life's been tough without each and every one of you walking with me on my journey, but just knowing that you guys are there for me, and make that extra effort on this special day, that just gives me strength to go that extra mile alone.

Monday, April 03, 2006 @ 1:33 pm
home schweet home.

sorry beb. and val. I know how agonising it feels. I'll try not to rub it in too much.

personally, I wished beb was here too. instead, I'll be meeting her mom this weekend. oh well, that works too. haha. lavender again, I suppose?

weiyi & xuanhao will be down this weekend too. yay!

my second day home and so many bad things are flying straight into my face. especially when it's only 2 days to celine's birthday. I just remembered. I honestly forgot it was so near.

last year, I had the best b'day ever in school. the 5 Science 3 paper is still stuck on my mirror.

am a blessed bunny though. cos' I celebrated on fri night with my host family & hil. thank you hilary, for the tigger socks, the jaffa cakes, the cool card and well, for the past 4 months of friendship. cheers to that!

oh alright. I will update my wishlist later. having a throbbing headache now. shall go drink my dad's mango and sunflower green tea I got for him in uk. heh. also got him his magazine and a bar of cadbury dairy milk. our favourite.

the trip back home was not too bad. minus the waking up at 4.45 am only to see the 403 bus whizz right past my face. darn it. I must apologise to all the heathhurst road and brambledowners in my neighbourhood who woke up to the sound of scraping trolley wheels on gravel. it was tough heaving my luggage on the bus to west croydon bus station, only to discover I had to wait a good 45 minutes for the X26 to heathrow in the cold 6 am air in a tee and a white hoodie. what?! I wasn't gonna wear my puffy waterproof coat and end up carrying it all the way to senai airport. ok back to the story, I was sitting on my black samsonite, thinking about all the good things back home as this greek lady began talking to me. and so, a friendship grew and it lasted all the way to Kingston, which was her stop. she wore plaits and looked so nice. and her looks did justice to her personality. she told me all about greece, where she's from and loads more. oh wait, I left out something. as I waited at mayfield's staring at the familiar houses around me for the last time - until I come back anyway - my mom called and shouted at me, saying how dangerous it was alone in the wee morning. I practically threw my head back and laughed. I knew I was as safe as safe could be sitting on my samsonite at the request stop on mayfield's where I always waited every morning to take the good ol' 403 to coombe's where I'd have to hike up to college. anyway, as I was saying, my parents were squabbling over the phone and complaining that I should've taken a cab. I dunno. I don't feel particularly good spending 40 pounds on a cab to heathrow. do you? I thought I could manage with 2 trolley-like suitcases. even though the handle for the bigger one broke on the way to croydon in jan. sheesh. should've stuck to samsonite.. oh yes, I'm digressing again.. hmm, I thought wrong. simer was right in saying that my small frame would never be able to carry all that luggage. but how should I know?! that comment was made from simer! who laughed at me bopping my head to one of 50 cent's tunes coming from a shop in croydon. she never let me forget that. 'So cute!!' yeah, cute indeed. it must've been very amusing watching a speck of white dragging 2 suitcases. *shakes head*

road turning up from mayfield to brambledown.

taken at the bus stop over-looking mayfield road.

the flight was good, despite a little scare at the airport. my check-in baggage was fine, but as I left the counter, the lady made me weigh my hand-carry and I knew I was done for. I think she must've thought I was mad. what?! they were filled with my books and notes! sigh. anyway, lucky I had joseph. or maybe it was cos' God heard my prayers. he changed my ticket so we could sit together and you know what? it was the smartest decision ever.

1) we had the first row seat and that means... plenty of leg room!
2) she gave me a new ticket. which was good cos' the check-in lady had scribbled the words 'plz check hang luggage at gate' on my previous boarding pass. phew!

so, that was all good... security clearance went smoothly..... until they checked my passport.

man: do you have any hand-luggage?
I point at my bag-pack, paper bag with a muffin and a bottle of juice and joseph's camera bag. you see, joseph had been so nice to switch with me. his cam bag for my 27 kilo trolley bag. the man made me turn around so he could see my deuter and permitted me to go in. phew! but then...

man to joseph: is that your hand-luggage? *points at trolley bag*
joseph says yes and stares at me. *gulp* the man gets out of his chair and carries the bag. 'oh no no no no.. I'm dead, I'm dead...' surprisingly, he let joseph and my bag through. PHEW! but that didn't mean I didn't suffer. no siree... all the way, since we exchanged the ticket, joseph never stopped nagging at me. 'Chiseen ar?! Who packs 27 kilo worth of stuff into their hand-carry?!!!' and as he strolled pass the man who checked my bag into the gate and sat down next to me, he turned to me and said, 'NEVER. EVER. PACK. SO. MUCH. AGAIN.' scary.

oh yes, I love the flight for the reasons below.
1) entertainment on demand! which means I can choose what I want to watch/listen and pause, forward, rewind anytime I want. there's also a jukebox function, where you can choose 50 songs from various albums into your playlist. very very very cool.
2) the service. I wasn't mistreated or ignored for even once. even though I was barely 18.
3) constant water-flow. every half an hour, a stewardess strolls by with a pitcher of water and glasses. say no to dehydration!
4) joseph's arm. I dunno how I could ever fall asleep without the mas pillow leaning onto his arm. even if it was just for half an hour.
5) nice food. salmon for dinner, full-on english b'fast and sandwiches, peanuts and ice-cream in between. ah, heaven.

I hate johor for the reasons below.
1) the guy searched through my bags just as I was walking towards my mom and shawn's smiling faces.
2) said guy was asking way too many questions.
3) said guy wanted to eat my UK chocolates. who's he trying to kid?
4) said guy was fingering through my clothes.
5) said guy was such a slimy creep.

and when I walked out the air-conditioned airport, I was overwhelmed by the immense heat. so much so that my cheeks turned a bright pink and then red. just as I'm typing this, I'm in my puma shorts and tank top. the weather is unbearable. how did I ever survive with jeans and a tee?

question mark.

never stopped talking with my parents since I came home. excluding the times when they went out to work. I think I ought to shut up more often.

aiyoh. I grew fat already. according to mum, shawn, kor, jean and azlan. boohoo. I think it's cos' of all the twix bars and good food. =( meh. I dunno why.. but my clothes seem to fit me better. hoho. weird.

so jamie cullum's gig is cancelled. so am going for a brahm's performance in esplanade on thurs instead with my parents. woot. and we're taking public transport. double woot. my parents. taking public transport. wow.

ok. such a long post. I know. haha. oh yes, daniel chu absconded to malacca with my lava lamp, radio, mogu and xin's csi series. and put silly stuff on the pc. some tag heuer watch thingy that I can't delete. ergh.

have to do my IC on thurs/fri. mom reckons putting 'celine' in. so I have to go pay 10 bucks to get a 'sumpah' (oath) letter. and I'm only doing it after wednesday. so I can do it all by myself as an adult. joy.

do not contact me on my 012 number. daniel's having it permanently now. what a bleeping... ah, forget it. weiyi's in love with him. his voice, anyway. what's so nice about his blooming voice? sheesh.