flawed work of art.
Monday, May 29, 2006 @ 12:23 pm
time is 12.21pm, GMT. and.. I'm still in my black pj's sitting at home blogging. what a life. host family went out shopping despite persistent protests from the elder son who said he had enough clothes. aiyoh. teenage rebellion.
had my own fair share of teenage angst a couple of days back. was not very polite towards my mother on the phone, I must say. was I think, groaning and moaning and just being grumpy. for starters, her phone call in college made me cry at the computer room stairs cos' of her breaking news.

her: I've got news. well, I dunno whether it's good or bad - but it's news.
me: what what?
her: daddy says he's too tired to go visit you. so we're not going over anymore.
me: WHAT?!
her: anyway, then you can go change your ticket to an earlier date. I have some numbers for you..
me: NO! whyy?! cannot get earlier tickets already-lah...
her: nevermind, just try..
me: oh. okay.
her: if worse come to worse, you stay in croydon for another week...
me: NO!!!
her: then how? I'm not letting you stay in london!
me: why not?!
her: you're NOT to go to london, you hear me?!
me: yes. *sobs*

well. call me a brat. but I was kinda peeved they weren't coming. I arranged the itenary already!! well, sort of. but.. but.. sigh. nevermind. I called to change my ticket from the 24th of June to the 17th. so, folks, I'll be touching down on the 18th of June - Sunday - 9.25 am local time. would've loved getting the same flight as lionel on the 16th, but sadly.. no. it was fully booked. :( so, yeah, I get to celebrate father's day with my dad that day. yippee!

faisal will be flying off that time too. not back home to singapore, but to frankfurt to catch the world cup - live in the flesh! bleh. I'm not jealous.

as for me, I'll be basking in home sweet home till early sept, when I have to go start a new term in college. darnit. oh well. at least I'm going home in less than 4 weeks time. now, that's something to look forward to! no no, not the exams next week, that I'm so not waiting in anticipation for...

my faithful blog-readers will be aware that I was lusting after a baby converse shoebox that contained the shoes bjorn & faisal bought for little narhan. (ok, I dunno how to spell his name..) well, guess what? it's happily sitting in my cupboard right now! the shoebox! not narhan!! hee. bjorn brought it out yesterday before our tesco's escapade. and in it were 2 krispy kreme doughnuts. yummylicious! I've eaten my share. the chocolate one is in hil's bedroom. wonder how long that'll last. heh. oh yeah. tesco's escapade! it's like visitting giant/carrefour all over again. woot! I've bought enough food to last me for the remaining weeks here in croydon. but most of the stuff is for folks back home. even bought the furbster some doggie biscuits. & jie, if you're reading this, I didn't buy schmackos - I reserved that for you.

what I bought at tesco's:
- kit kat orange flavour
- kit kat dark chocolate flavour
- limited edition mars bars with BELIEVE on them (these are really cool. they're in support of the england footie team and they have the words 'BELIEVE' emblazoned on them instead of MARS. neat!)
- honey & nut shredded wheat cereal (because I'm tired of plain shreddies and cheerios at home. :P)
- said dog biscuits

all that I bought and you know what's the worse thing? I don't feel like eating it. cos'of my stupid wisdom tooth growing on the right side. :( it hurts so much, man! no wonder they call them 'wisdom teeth'... they sure give you wisdom. *rolls eyes* couldn't even enjoy our nice indian buffet. fantastic food, man. seriously. yumm. just that after the starters, I had to eat 2 panadols to drive the pain away. and 2 again yesterday night before I slept cos' it was hurting so badly... when I woke up to eat b'fast this morning, it was a torture.... I had to eat so slow in order to not cause too much trauma to my poor gums. cannot even talk properly... hmph. stupid wisdom tooth.

currently talking to shawn, who's made me on my webcam, so he can see me in my black pj's with doggy prints on them. haha. he says I've grown fat. quite the contrary actually. I think I've grown thinner! haha. well. that could just be me... shawn, you not exactly lean and muscular also hor, so shut up. haha.

ok. now am webcamming with fang. so better stop blogging and start entertaining her. hahaha. till next time...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 @ 3:49 pm
maths exam yesterday. Core 1 & 2. I regret to say that I'm not getting 100%. cos' I couldn't get the answer for the last answer for C2. mum says my excuse is useless. my excuse being that my brain was so numb at that time. there's no break between the 2 papers, unfortunately. and the sweets the tutors gave us did not help boost my sugar level.
last weekend, I saw the most beautiful girl ever. no, actually, I saw the clone of kristin kruek. for all I know, she might be. the thing about being in london is that you THINK you see some popular celebrity but you can't be sure until you go up and ask said celebrity right in the face. the marks & spencer cashier I talked to yesterday, told us he met pele and got 3 autographed copies of his biographies. we were so engrossed in chit-chat that he gave me change short of 20p. oh wellll. I remember his name - lawrence. haha. but I can't remember the sainsbury cashier's name who suddenly broke into a smile when he saw me. err. okay. oh yes, back to the celebrity thing. yeah, that girl was seriously so darn pretty. she looked like kristin kruek, man. no kidding!!
okok. I have mocks to study for this week. sigh. accounting and econs. die-lah, die-lah.
oh wait. forgot to mention that I finally watched pride & prejudice. I *Heart* keira knightley. woot.
spent last night sleeping on hilary's carpetted floor. no complaints since I couldn't sleep thanks to the coffee. just because I wrapped myself round with my comforter doesn't mean I'm a poh-piah, ok, miss kok? *shakes head* we were so insane, wasting my valuable credit by calling her when she's just upstairs. I dunno how long we talked for, but the line got cut off after my credit hit 0. whoops. but then, I relocated to her bedroom and we continued talking nonsense.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 @ 2:23 pm
wearing the sweater my sis sent to me for my b'day. : ) am gonna see her soon. finally! after 2 years!! I myself can't believe it's been so long.

ought to be studying. but I couldn't help replying tags on my board...

babe: I'll always be waiting for you. ;)
mel & weiyi: can't wait to see you girls too!
ven: harhar. very funny. by the way, I liked the lengmou blog. haha. they remind me of a certain other m'sian studying in uk. *whistles*

red hot chili peppers are in uk now, holding a couple of gigs. and here I am, trying my best to type softly so the occupants in the library will not stare at me later when I leave. did I mention that my efforts are simply futile? can't wait to get my very own laptop, man.

Let me be your freedom
Let daylight dry your tears
I'm here with you beside you
To guard you and to guide you
Say you'll love me every waking moment
Turn my head with talk of summer time
Say you need me with you now and always
Promise me that all you say is true
That's all I ask of you
all I ask of you
adapted from phantom of the opera - faisal's favourite. haha.

Monday, May 15, 2006 @ 12:48 pm
remember how I felt like crap in my previous post? well, after dinner, I just plonked into bed & slept all night through, all the way to 6 am. guess all I needed was a little rest to feel better. : ) that certainly worked well, didn't it?

wasted my whole saturday bumming in hil's room. kenta called at 2 pm, urging me to go study at the library with him & lionel. of course, lazy me said no & kenta wasn't pleased. update on the band thing: kenta says I can be the one in the band to hit the tambourine. harhar. very funny. midway through our conversation, he hung up on me! ok, not really. lionel explained that his phone ran out of credit, hence the midway hung up thing. ok. not a jerk after all.

went to the 10 am mass on sunday and this time, I got a seat! yay! I so love the medieval-style church hymns, sparkled with a touch of violins, tambourine, classical guitar and flute. now, that's what I call, King Arthur!
when I got home, I missed eggs & bacon b'fast again, but that didn't dampen my spirits one bit, instead, I made myself toast & ate it with the last egg. one maths past exam paper later, faisal, bjorn, hil & I were off to papa john's for lunch, where we were served by a very nice waiter who was smiling 24/7. the pizza was flaming hot! think it was called, 'the mexican' & they did put in small font 'Very Hot' next to it, but some smart alec went on to order it, depite my protests of 'it's VERY HOT!!' oh well. we did share one pot of chocolate after. which was mmm... good.... *daydreams of heaven* enroute back, bjorn was plucking dandelions or whatever you call those weeds which little thingies blow all over the place when you blow on them. really annoyed faisal. haha.
dinner was spicy hot too. leftover indian food, which have been in the fridge for eons. no tummy upset to report at the moment. will update if there are any.
watched top gear after massaging hil's gigantic blue-black patches aka 'ocheh'. you should have seen her screaming and biting her hand with tears forming in her eyes. but that's the way to get rid of them - massage them with force so the blood clots will dissolve and tada! baby soft smooth skin. yay! oh, about top gear, it was so funnyyy!!! especially the part when the 3 hosts - jeremy, richard & james got to dj a traffic show on radio. long story short, they weren't very good at it and one mrs smith called up and reprimanded them sharply. ouch! the british have no compassion.

this morning as faisal, hil & I took a long walk to school, I plucked some of those dandelion thingies and blew them all towards their direction. hehehe. evil I am.

my 'rents are coming to london on the 19th. now that, I'm looking forward to. no more forking out money to pay for food etc etc. yes! speaking of food, a wagamama outlet is set to open in croydon. I passed by the place last week. yeah babeh! oh yep, scheduled to arrive in m'sia on the 25th of June. sweet!

Thursday, May 11, 2006 @ 3:38 pm
friday night
went to college after home dinner for int'l evening. everyone was dressed to the nines... except me. and a few other dots of people. but that's not the important thing here. the concert was okay. somewhat. stayed in the hall till after all the good performances. methane rocked. even though my principal's wife was seen with her hands over her ears in the front row. according to the guitarist - lionel leong. and I haven't decided whether or not to join the band. but lionel has wasted no time in replacing my position with bako. kenta was not happy. he came in the com lab just now and pushed me then broke the news to me. but kenta says, I can still join, cos' he'll make bako do keyboards instead. I dunno-lah. if I do take up bass, I'll lose the only part of my body that is untarnished - my soft palms. honestly! touch my palms! they're super silky soft! okok. what a braggart I am. aiyoh. enough. let me tell you more about friday night. oh yes. they served alcohol. they as in mr & mrs oakes. & someone - i'm not saying who, but someone got so drunk that after the whole thing, he was seen in the car park, throwing kung fu punches & kicks. someone save him from himself!! was so so tired already, but managed to drag my lethargic butt to the kebab shop for supper & all the way to the cinema, where there weren't any good movies so we hung out at the popcorn area, we as in, wan, faisal, hil & me. by the time I reached 64 heathhurst road, it was 2am. *yawn*

recovery day. had indian food for dinner. long story. read hil's blog for reference. long story short, our dinner was what was left after my host family & their relatives ate their fill. hil & my mom both had the same thinking - being treated like maids...

went to the 10 am mass, where I saw mrs lau. music was nice!! big choir, many cool churchy instruments like violin, flute etc etc. very cool. it was so so so packed, I had to stand the whole time. oh well. but I was glad that I went for it. I'm gonna go to the 10 am mass more often now. heh.

the journey to school was horrible. had to go early cos' I had extra accounting class. my first class together with hilary! yay! oh and we both forgot to bring testpad. gosh. anyway, it was raining cats & dogs!!! dreadful weather.. hmph. a passing car splashed road slush on me at a few roads down my house. imagine my frustration. having a maths timed paper that day was already enough to occupy my mind. let alone the weather... anyway, got back the paper yesterday. 88%. yeah, babeh.

asked faisal & hilary. all any of them could remember is that I didn't join them on the walk to school cos' I had a late class. hmm. I think it was green & black's dark choc with cherry day. wan's treat. sucky-tasting chocolate. bleh.

bought shirlene's present with hil. then baby shoe-shopping with faisal, bjorn & hil for faisal & bjorns' hostess' kid, nerhan or narhan or something. hil says it's ah han. sounds like a motorbike seller from good ol' m'sia. ended up with a pair of cute blue converse sneaks. and being the converse freak that I am, I was gasping all the way at the cuteness of the shoes & also the box. ok, if you've ever bought a pair of converse, you'd know pretty well how the box looks like right? the ones for the baby booties were more square than rectangle, but exactly the same design as the adult version. aiyoh. imagine how the shutterbug in me kept snapping photos of it on the way from the shop to the bus. if they throw away the box, I'll murder.

happy b'day shirlene!! our gift was a CK pouch for her ipod nano. yes, I no longer laugh at the sight of her bringing out her sleek new ipod out from a horrible pink plastic bag. went to danny's for lunch. ah, danny's - the value-for-money m'sian eating place. no free fruits this time, I'm afraid.

well. am in a sucky mood at the moment. & I must apologise to shawn for taking it out on him. actually, the last straw was when he kept answering me with his 'ha ha'. ARGH! I'm gonna scream!!!! some stupid british local just tapped my shoulder and ran off. go find your amusement elsewhere, you stupid scum! GRR. do I look like a typewriter to you? darn it, you ass!!! sheesh. I hate it when they look at us like we're so foreign & make us feel like circus animals. sheesh. you see! something's wrong with celine today. she's an insane loony. omg. I'm turning into my econs teacher who yesterday, waved her arms and slammed on the table like a mad woman, just cos' no one answered one of her questions. she is sooooo menopausal, man. gosh. maybe I am too. *slaps hand on forehead* I think it's PMS. oh wait. that can't be right. I just had my period. maybe mine is Post Menstrual Syndrome. hah. or I'm just frigging angry at everything for some weird reason. just now, during break, I just shouted 'shut up!' at some vietnamese kids. no offence or anything, but can't they speak in their own mother toungues softly? ish. they have to speak in vietnamese loud enough for a person in the neighbouring country to hear. your fellow country-person is just right smack in front of your face, just talk like a normal person, for goodness sake. there's no reason for you to shout! not like your language is like, not nice or anything. it's just, well, yeah, your language sounds like swearing in hokkien. just multiply the volume and the spitting 10 times. eeee. just made the hair on my back stand. goodness, I'm such a bee-yotch. I'm just... in angsty mood. grr. grr. grr. must drink lots and lots of water to drain out the heat. must play the music on maximum volume. must must must... go back to my home in jb to seek refuge in my bathroom.... :'( I saw my parents yesterday on the webcam, courtesy of kor. was screaming like a bafoon in the computer lab and almost tearing at the sight of my bro waving, my dad scratching his er, nose & my mom staring at the monitor and not the camera & undoubtedly, making a lot of noise I guess. her lips kept moving & kor was not looking very happy...
a vietnamese dude is furiously slamming his fingers on the keyboard next to me. he should vacate the seat next to me as soon as possible before I start shouting at him for annoying me. NO. NO. NO. what the heck is wrong with you, celine?!

Friday, May 05, 2006 @ 4:24 pm
have I ever mentioned the wonders of poundland? everything in that shop is one pound! which is er, RM 6.50. but anyway, it's ONE POUND. haha. faisal, hil & I went to poundland for a visit on wed. it was faisal's virgin's visit & he was seriously ballistic. 'everything's one pound?! omg! so cheap!!' hahaha. okayyy. I bought a chocolate drink, a packet of twix fingers & kinder country. I've never tried kinder country - it's basically a chocolate bar with cereals in them. but the cereals aren't like crunch's rice crispies, they're really wheat, barley etc etc. so healthy! no wonder it never made it to m'sia. harhar.

thursday was good. ben & jerry's day! how ironic that beb blogged about ice-cream too. haha. everyone must try b & j's fossil fuel! it's basically sweet ice-cream with cookie pieces (cookies & cream... mm..) & cute little dinosaur-shaped choc bits. YUM! ok. you're probably thinking, 'why on earth would she be eating ice-cream when she always complains about the cold british weather?!' well, miraculously, it was a high 22-24 degrees yesterday. hil said it felt like s'pore. haha. but when the breeze came, wow, it felt so nice.... haha. so yeah, we decided to get some ice-cream since it was kinda warm. I finished my tub in half an hour, while hil brought her phish food (choc ice-cream with fish-shaped choc bits) back to the home freezer. both her & I are amazed that I finished it. woot. oh yes, my belly returned in the name of 'billie'. this time, a girl, no more a boy. billy, may you rest in peace.
watched house & grey's anatomy last night so had to do my accounting work till *sigh* 1.30 am. darn it. nevermind. it was worth it.

oh yeah. called the b'day girl - tasha at 9pm m'sian time. she was so so speechless. it was so awkward for me cos' I was using the public phone where all the kids were just staring at me. mind your own business, you busybodies. sheesh.

am also glad that xin got my letter/card. she even took a pic of it and it's now posted proudly on her blog. aww.

due to the absence of test periods, hil & I both went to town to enjoy our pizza hut buffet. 3.99 pounds for unlimited pieces of pizza, you know?! sigh. now I wish m'sian currency was on par with brit pound sterling. stupid m'sian ringgit. anyways, tonight is int'l evening at college, where almost everyone's gonna be dressed either in traditional costumes or suave-looking clothes. I say almost cos' I'm not. I never even brought any of my skirts over anyway. kinda regretting it now cos' the weather's turning warmer... oh yah, anyways, am going for this social event simply cos' hil's going, dressed in her punjabi suit. haha. she looked hot yesterday when she was modelling around her room. haha. tonight is gonna rock when methane take the stage. I just know it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 @ 10:07 am
after blogging, was coerced to go to chicken palace for lunch. had some nuggets and fries - sid & faisal felt bad eating my food. hahaha. I could feel it.
anyways, walked to the bus stop to go home after that. not before purchasing this very cute teddy shaped chocolate biscuit at ray flint's bakery - a place I've been meaning to visit since my dad told me to. I love the scent of freshly baked bread, don't you? mmmmm. yeah, and people are wondering why I gained weight. just check out what I eat for lunch! oh & I've decided to boycott the cafeteria. they not only serve bad food, but they make us pay exorbitant prices for the ready-made food like chocolate bars! I should start a petition! hey! everything's possible in this democratic country, no?

speaking of this country, world cup fever is brewing.... wayne rooney & his injury has been on the news for days! don't they have more important things to report about? sigh. the brits are pretty distressed that their star player won't be able to play & are just praying for a miracle. *shakes head* little jonathan & his mom (my hostess) were singing the 'come on, england' song at dinner 2 days ago. haha. I think my host is bringing them to watch a big crystal palace match this weekend. crystal palace is like, the local football team here, so support for them is huge.

my econs suck. my test periods have been coming back with atrocious marks like 9 over 25 & 10 over 20. what the-?? the best dudes in class get 17 & 18 over 25. what the hell am I doing with a 9?? anyways, I have to meet my econs teacher tomorrow regarding my university application. she thinks I've got an idea about what I'm planning to do. er. marry a rich man & be a tai-tai all my life sounds good. no no, I always wanted to open my own cafe and manage it. :) and I serve a mean hot beverage ok? don't believe, I'll make for y'all one day. ;)

today is college photo day. *looks at what I'm wearing - converse wrist band, dark green dcshoe tee, levi's & converse high-cuts* guess who isn't keen on taking a picture? sigh. you think they'll notice if I'm not around? 287 out of 288 isn't so bad. I'll probably ruin the whole thing anyway. why do they subject us to this torture?!

I missed csi yesterday. hmph. doing accounting homework. grr. I love the new season, where nick's murderer's daughter from the last season makes a comeback. it's all connected.... okok, shan't spoil it for y'all.

am not getting a new phone after all. cos' O2 doesn't have the nice nokia phone that I want. besides, I won't be around for 3 months anyway, but will still have to pay the standard monthly fee. so that's not too economically wise. heh.

oh yes, I've corrected everyone's blog links. ish. mafan people. hahaha. anyone's whom I haven't done so or done a wrong link, please tag. spank you!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 @ 12:57 pm
reply tags:
due to overwhelming *ahem* response on my tagboard, this blogger has chosen to reply them all here...

everyone: I miss EVERYONE. you, you and you. haha. take loadsa care, peeps.
shawn: shut up. I don't regret being happy that I came here, it's just the feeling of missing friends that gets to me.
weiyi: kids suck. nando's rock. more than kfc. :P

a different blog entry today. instead of moving forward, I'm rewinding & retracing my steps..

had a first ever student assembly just now, which I was late for, cos' mrs lau was still cramming bits of information even though her period was over. oh well, we ran down to hear the principal's booming voice about exam prep... reminded me of a pep rally in high schools, just that this was for exams.

walked to school in the morning with faisal, bjorn & hil. at first, I was feeling totally frozen wearing my 3/4 pants, but after a while, they got kinda numb/immune. hil wasn't helping at all. 'it's so cold! look! *breathes out so I can see the cloud of mist coming from her mouth*' I really didn't need that.

slept at one something in the morning, was up doing my accounting homework which I procrastinated from friday. haha. before that, was watching matrix on tv. lol. ok. am such a procrastinator.

something weird was happening to my body last night. my stomach felt like a bottomless pit! even after dinner (beef, potatoes, carrots), dessert (a small petit filous cup of yoghurt) & post-dinner snack in hil's room (ritz crackers with nutella - yum!), I was still bfungry! billy has resurrected and just now, he was making growling noises during econs lesson. how embarassing!!

I spent most of my monday at scream studios, enjoying myself with methane who were practising for int'l evening this friday night. they're doing 2 familiar covers - nirvana's smells like teen spirit & 3 doors down's be like that. either I've never been to a jamming studios before or they were above average. I really liked it. most of the time, I was either holding the lyrics for kenta, passing guitar picks to lionel or recording them with lionel's videocam. haha. I did get like, a 5 minute lesson from geoff though. I still have not decided whether or not to be his successor, but I'm gonna have to get a bass guitar if the answer's yes. and how am I gonna get my parents to buy me one?? 'daddy, if I get all A's for my AS exams, will you get me a bass guitar plus amps?' err. right. ok. shall concoct a plan after the exams itself. anyway, scream studios is one typical run-down looking jamming studios. with like dirty-looking sofas and funky murals on the walls. by the way, we were in the band's favourite room - the hendrix. which is wayyyy at the end, a good thing too. there were a bunch of emo bands in the front. words of wisdom from mr, kenta sato.

sunday was eat unhealthy MSG-filled b'fast and spend the whole day in the park day. the MSG was overwhelming & I could feel it. you see, celine chu is allergic to all things aji-no-moto so when I eat stuff with MSG in it, my cheeks feel sore, like I'm having mumps or something. I called shawn at the phone booth in the park and after a while, an ice-cream truck parked right behind me and the noise emitting from it was booming loud! imagine a tinkling kiddy-sounding jingle. OVER AND OVER. sheesh. I was wondering who in the world would eat ice-cream on a cold day like that and soon after, faisal & hil were RUNNING towards the truck. my gosh. yes, it was a traditional english ice-cream truck, but still!! talk about big kids. ok, I was bad too, cos' I ate a crunchie ice-cream on the way home. haha. trapped by temptation!

p/s: fang told me that nz's labour day is on oct 23rd. so, she had to go to school yesterday. MAN! what a drag!!!