flawed work of art.
Friday, June 30, 2006 @ 2:44 pm
6am: last year this time, I'd be waiting for my bus to go to school.
today at this time, my mom opened my bedroom door to let the furbster in. & when I groaned, she said that she'd chase her away if I didn't like it. I mumbled that it was okay and moved furbie's face out of mine.

wait, I should explain before I get sued for being cruel towards animals. ever since my arrival back home, she's been scratching & crying at my door, begging to be let in. Normally, I'd hear & let her in, but very often, someone else like my mom or kak yati will do the honours. this morning, the furbster was being a pain. I think she's having PMS or something cos' she just sat there, stared at me & whimpered. You know how dogs do that whole whining howl thing? Yeah. She was begging for attention. And so I sayang-ed her, and she kept quiet till I fell asleep. It was like she was bent on keeping me awake. ARGH. I even let the door open a little cos' sometimes she'll cry to be let out. But no, she just wanted to torture me. I swear that dog's too smart for her own good. oh yeah, she's got herself a boyfriend too. A medium-sized pure white handsome thing that looks strangely like a wolf. Yat & Jean have taken to comparing her boyfriend with 'mine'. Jean's in love with him. Ok, just infatuated, but anyway....

'He's handsome, Lin!' (Lin is short-form for Celine)
'Eyer!! Don't say that, Jean!'
'Next time he come, I'll tell him he's very handsome....'
'NO. He's not coming anymore.'
'Why, Lin?'

Hmm. Cos' he's afraid of my mom? Cos' furbie always barks her head off when she sees him? That's not her fault, he stupidly scared her the first time he came. Dumbass. Or wait, this is the best part, cos' he's simply not my boyfriend? He's everybody's boyfriend. Everyone wants a piece of him. And I did too, once upon a time. Yes, I'm ashamed to say that I was one of those girls who prized a guy's looks over everything else. But, I'm older now and my thinking has (hopefully) matured. I no longer drool at a cute guy, I just think, 'Oh, so what?'

Reasons why it's bad to have a good-looking partner
1) Everyone wants them.
2) People hate you.
3) You feel self-conscious.
4) You're insecure, over-suspicious & hilariously paranoid.
5) People describe you as 'the lucky ugly one'.
In a nutshell, you're never good enough.

So, dudes & dudettes, think carefully before launching into a relationship. Loads of my friends have embarked on this journey that doesn't just involve 'I' anymore, but more of 'We'. I know it's none of my business, so I shall not give any advice. Just a note that, whatever happens, you know you've got your best friends around to whine to. And at this point, I'd just love to give a shout out to WeiYi, who came to my aid when I needed her, giving me the girl-power boost I truly needed. Also, to Shawn, for listening patiently as I cried over the phone. Haha. This is probably the gazillionth time, anyway.

I dunno if anyone will be patient enough to read the whole lyrics part. But, this song means as much to me as the 'You and Me' song by Lifehouse. Both these songs are to do with someone I really love a lot. (It could be you!) Go d'load this song if you're like me, into romantic emo songs that'll either make you smile or cry. But, I do hope you'll just skim through the lyrics. I was totally clueless about them lyrics, but after a second glance, it just hit me today.

Brooke Fraser : Arithmetic
I've been staring at the sky tonight
Marvelling and passing time
Wondering what to do with daylight
Until I can make you mine
You are the one I want
I've been thinking of
Changing my mind

It never stays the same for long
But of all the things I know for sure
You're the only certain one
You are the one I want
I've been counting up all my wrongs
One sorry for each star
See I'd apologise my way to you
If the heavens stretched that far
You are the one I want
I won't find what I am looking for
If I only see by keeping score
'Cos I know now you are
So much more
than arithmetic
'Cos if I add, if I subtract
If I give it all, try to take some back
I've forgotten the freedom
That comes from the fact

That you are the sum
So you are the one I want
When the years are
Showing on my face

And my strongest days are gone
When my heart and flesh
Depart this place

From a life that sung your song
You'll still be the one I want

Azlan asked me to list down reasons why I loved that certain mister...
'Cos' he loved me-lah!'

ok, this is very wrong thinking... I know. But, back then, I was young and foolish. And this was the first thing I thought of when asked this question in the car. This brought about a very loud NO from the Raja. Did I mention he's a Raja? Meaning, he has royal blood? I'm honoured. Anyway, some things he said, struck me a little. And no matter how much I try, I just can't shake it off. I don't want any more advice! I just want to tell Him everything. EVERYTHING that's on my mind. Oh heck. What are the chances of him reading this anyway?

I told Mommy I prayed & lit a candle at the altar early this morning. She got worried.
'Why?! What's wrong??'
'Just some problems..'
'Don't scare me! What problems?'
'Erm. Friends.'
'Your friend asked you to pray for her?'
'That's good.'

Technically, it wasn't a lie. Cos' Shawn asked me to pray for the people on his mind. And I did. Although, Shawn's not a Her. haha. Sorry, Shawn.

Thursday, June 29, 2006 @ 5:33 pm
Fang's home... I didn't tell her I was going to pick her up. She looked so shocked. It wasn't easy hiding behind a pillar waiting for her to push her trolley out of the arrival hall... I was so excited, but I wanted it to be a real surprise. So, patiently, I waited. Finally, she pointed at me while I was hiding behind a woman. haha.

'I thought that girl looked familiar...'
*points at skirt* 'So cute!'
'I thought you weren't coming?!'
*smiles silently at each other*

That was all I can remember... cos' after that, my body was killing me. I was so dizzy and nauseous, I just wanted to die. In my head, I kept telling myself not to ruin mama mak's bmw leather seats by regurgitating all my undigested waste.

Met my dear housemate in Novena Square. Found her all by myself since Little Miss Blur didn't feel her pink Razr vibrating in her handbag... as usual. She influenced me to buy from Gio Kids. Ok, maybe it was due to the cute-as-hell cow motifs. I was in love. The saleslady was super nice. And I can't believe we were shopping at a kids shop. And I can't believe that we still fit in them. hahahahahaha.

I cried on the phone while talking to Shawn just now. Sometimes, there's no blocking the flood gates, you know what I mean? I just feel that my life is so messed up right now. And no matter how hard I try to clean it up, it just gets worse and worse, to the extent that I have lost all faith in solving said problems. I wish I could tell you, but I don't wanna end up in tears. I don't wanna retell what I told Shawn. Because I might alter the truth, and that'll be catastrophic.

I realised I have gained a lot of bad points since going abroad. For instance, I've begun swearing & gossiping more. which is bad. very very bad. cos' the old Celine wouldn't swear like a sailor, nor will she gossip a hell lot. She would've said things like, 'No, we must pray for these people.' And she would do exactly that. I think tonight, I shall light a candle at the altar and pray for forgiveness. There's just too much of burden in my chest. I need to let go.

People, please don't ask me what happened. And make me retell my tale. I don't wish to share my burden with everyone. And only wish to be left to my own devices. If you really wanna know, I grant Shawn permission to tell anyone who might be worried about my well-being.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 @ 8:54 am
took a picture today. and it caused controversy. cos' shawn said my tummy looked fat. and that caused a lot of grief. cos' before that, fang said that I looked good. and now, self is very conscious. makes me want to run to my dad for some comfort that we're all 'beautiful' in our own way.

I love those dove commercials. even before I gained weight, I always thought they were doing a great job by saying how every woman is beautiful. click on the link to see what I mean. I knew that I didn't eat that much as a kid. but I guess, being fed in london just well... is enough to tip the scales. I still don't eat much when I come back here. but, the body doesn't work that way. it takes weeks to shrink back to my original rake-thin figure. sigh. it doesn't help that I was ridiculed by some of my guyfriends last saturday. did I mention that siang poked at my hips and called me a fatty? sigh....

speaking of siang, we were supposed to catch a movie today, but guess who injured his leg during his sports day? *points at an invisible figure that is supposed to be him* yeah. so, no movie. which is good too, cos' discovered that self am obese with help from shawn, my very own bad news presenter. how come I don't have a bearer of good news as well?

we were also supposed to go out tomorrow, but now I think my self-esteem is stuck to the darkest corners of my bathroom and refusing to come out. and anyways, he's a handicapped boy. so am going to get things done alone.

am now talking to shawn, who's giving me all this weight loss tips. and it's making me feel even more miserable. am not gonna see the world till tomorrow. everyone, take a hike. (at least you can even hike! with my 52 kg frame, all I can do is wallow in my fats.)

Monday, June 26, 2006 @ 6:53 am
someone asked me how my brother was a few days ago... I told him I hadn't seen him yet. in fact, I haven't seen any of my siblings yet.

where they are at present:
jie is currently taking a break from work and just chilling in melbourne. she'll be back on the 5th.
kor just reached kl from south africa. all I know is that it's for work. which is puzzling cos' my bro's company does smart card stuff... like they did the 'Bliss' card for pelangi group. now, why on earth would safari animals need that kinda stuff? anyway, he'll be back on the 2nd.
daniu kor is in malacca. having exams at the moment. I told him to come back home this weekend. but I dunno if he is.

I'm not sad that my siblings are scattered all across the globe. I just miss them.

I think I blogged about this uncle before. ergh. he's no relative of mine. thank God. he's what you call a wise guy. he acts like this is his house. hello. even if I die, you won't even get one spot of this house, ok? he so boldly comes and takes my dad's collection of dvds and returns the bad ones in a few months. he saw me. and asked me about london. I told him it was okay. and he said it should be nice. I could see the pound sterling signs fluttering in his beady eyes. his "friendship" with my dad is nothing more but materialistic. I wanted to snatch the dvds from his hand and chase him out of my dad's house, because by right, I'm 18, and therefore, am an adult, and can act responsibly of my own accord and no one can say, 'aiyoh. she's just a kid, what does she know?' okok, so, I was gritting my teeth, clenching my fists, praying that he'd get out. he's gone too far, man. he went into my dad's bedroom to look for dvds. what the hell is wrong with this man?! has he NO brains?! I told my dad that I didn't like him. and I told him why. but my dad's a peacemaker, a trouble-avoider, a lover, not a fighter. as for me, I'm a daddy-lover, so of course I'd feel mad that my dad's taking all this crap and not doing anything about it. which is why my dad should never go into business, he'd get eaten alive. which is why I wanna go into business, so I'd get to avenge all those frauds who stepped on my dad, thinking that he doesn't know. truth is, he does, he just doesn't want trouble. as for me? I'm just a daddy-lover. is that a crime?

nellie mckay -- the dog song
I was the archetypal loser
I was a pageant gone bad
then there was you on time
and wagging your tail
in the cutest mime
and you was in jail
I said woof, be mine
and you gave a wail
and then I was no longer alone
and I was no more a boozer
we'll make the happiest home
and I said Lord I'm happy
'cos I'm just walking my dog
singing my song
strolling along
it's just me and my dog
catching some sun
we can't go wrong
'cos I don't care about your hating and your doubt
and I don't care what the politicians spout
if you need a companion
well just go right to the pound
and find yourself a hound
and make that doggie proud
'cos that's what it's all about

Sunday, June 25, 2006 @ 4:56 am
my first festival of arts. I admit, I was anxious to get the green light from my mom to go. well, she didn't say no. but she did make a fuss at 5 pm, when I still wasn't home. hmm. what's new?
woke up bright & early for kim's ride. haha. it is very very nice when you've got friends that have a P licence & a car. haha. after my pre-L licence driving fiasco on friday, I think I'd rather get a plane licence. oh yes, foa...
something puzzled me when I was watching channel news asia the other day & saw the annual womad event held in singapore.... wasn't foa used to be called (festival of music & dance) fomad???! with that answer tickling my brain, I went to someone who knew EVERYTHING about fomad/foa - mr. shawn j. edmund.

"Ahh. you see ar... fomad is the collaboration of my school (english college) & other schools. foa is just organised by my school. (again, he means ec. absent-minded fella still thinks he's in ec. hur)"

Right. thank you for clearing the air about that, shawn.

blogger's note: even though shawn is no longer the LDDS (literary, drama and debating society - which organises foa) president, he still felt obliged to make himself useful & seem important. in colloquial terms, this is called being kay por. and don't you dare flame me. cos' this is what he admitted himself on the day of foa.

shawn says that the hotdogs are supposedly very popular. hyuk. never tried one. haha. shall touch on that later.

well well well, I liked the ninjutsu or whatever you call it performance. the guy who was narrating all the moves was quite good-looking, despite his broken english. hurhur. anyway, he taught the crowd some defence tactics, that seemed easy. haha. but the next time I'm attacked, I don't think I'll remember anything. -.-

I liked this brother-sister performance. the sister was on bass & the brother, drums. I was with apu beside the fan when they were performing. and our first reaction was..... whoa.

"the chick can sing wei!" quips apu.
"yeah wei!" agrees celine.

some bands could play metallica quite well, really. well, I thought all those who had the guts to go up were already very brave. just like I'd never be able to control my nerves enough. haha. I liked white fluffy pau, alven & apu's band, even though they didn't emerge as the winners of the comp. but I still think they're victorious, because the crowd really loved them. I could tell alven's dad was really proud of his son, tapping his foot as his son's band put on a fantastic performance. sometimes, things go wrong. and it's not your fault, but they just don't go as planned. so whatcha gonna do? take things in your stride and say, 'well. it's fated.' and then, life goes on. I'm not just referring to a wayward performance. hasn't anyone ever gone, 'why the heck is this happening to me????' I know I have.

I dunno why some people go to foa. just like, I always knew that most guys would go to my alma mater's iu to see girls. when I was in the interact club, a little part of me was hoping this wasn't true. and I still hold onto that hope, even until now. but, I don't disagree that it isn't a social gathering. you mix and mingle, right? but that's not the main theme. although some perceive it to be. sometimes, I wonder if I'm the weird one in society.

met up with siang a little after. looking at him & melvin, I started laughing. they both had ripped jeans torn at the same place. backstreet boys, much? okok, not being mean. I want some ripped jeans too. did that come out a little too groupie-ish?

I told shawn my theory on players in jb.

"they take stone & throw anywhere ar, sure hit somebody they once had something going on with."

jb is too small. everybody knows everybody. sigh. it's a vast difference from being in say, london? there are many many many differences I can think of. like in college, people are in original evisu jeans, no, not from cyber zone in cs, but the real ones that cost thousands of pounds. some tote around LV bags, and I don't means just the girls. *wink* then, there are the girls in micros when it's frigging single digit celcius out there. my godma once told me that these girls will end up with arthritis and die. in fashion's name, perhaps? like, I once told some folks that I'd pose naked in the name of art. the look of horror on their faces? priceless.

anyway, I was really pleased that I went to foa, even though:
  • the weather was stupidly hot. times like these, I start to miss london's 20 degrees.
  • I received comments that I was fat. you baskets try going to england and not putting on weight.
  • my mom made a fuss.
  • I had to wake up early. *yawn*
  • I was tired, sweaty and longing for a bath after a few hours.
  • did I mention the weather?!!
to apu and alven: you guys did good. and that's not because I am bias. haha. because. it takes a lot of effort to put on something like this. and I bet I wasn't the only one who could see it.

p/s: the star wars sketch was... insane. hahaaha. apu, you give me haunting images of darth vader. alven, I pity you when you were dragged out of the stage. ouch!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 @ 12:31 pm
had a visit from a goose today. mommee goose, that is. she deliberately brought cakes even though I mentioned that I was fat enough. I won't deny it was a good tiramisu though. yumm.

stuff gurgling in my tummy
  • half a slice of tiramisu
  • veg
  • potato slices
  • bits of chicken
  • water
  • o.j.
  • 2 cubes of cadbury
  • 3/4 of olive & onion bread, intorduced by goose
  • 1 spring roll
anyway, goose & I spent the afternoon yakking. we were meant to watch over the hedge, but ahaha... we got distracted by kowfoochai, kuzz & big boy andrew! thanks for dropping by! : )

I've got myself a new maxis line. it's 012-.... aiyah, come ask me personally & I'll tell you. it's actually a combination of my mum & dad's num. I chose it! hehe. this time, no more ending with 123.

also got my school report last night from mr bjorn wong, or better known as bjornwong bjornwong bjornwong! ahaha. this nice gentleman scanned it for me & sent it via email. didn't have such a good econs write-up. but overall, my accounting & maths tutors had only good things to say. hehe. I swear I didn't bribe them!

today, I'm gonna do a ben & jerry's review. if you didn't already know, b & j's is an american 'homemade' ice-cream producer. and they're FANTASTIC. I love their flavours. yumm. and people wonder why I put on weight. kowfoochai said he doesn't see a difference -.- & goose said it was just the face. hmm. same comments from mama goose. bleh. anyway....

1. fossil fuel
(Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Pieces, Fudge Dinosaurs and a Fudge Swirl.)
this was my first b & j's in uk. I bought it at a newspaper agent & finished it in one go in sanderstead park. I also tried another flavour that warm summer's day, but I'll tell you about it later. my favourite part were the cute fudge dinosaurs. hee!

2. phish food
(Chocolate Ice Cream with Gooey Marshmallow, a Caramel Swirl & Fudge Fish)

this was hil's on that fateful day I got hooked to b & j's. instead of fudge dino bits, she had fish bits. ok. the fish scales were all still defined & visible, but I still liked my dinos. fave bit? the gooey marshmallow...

3. oatmeal cookie chunk
(Sweet Cream Cinnamon Ice Cream with Chunks of Oatmeal Cookies & Fudge)

my last flavour before heading back home. this one was extra special, cos' I had a cone of that at the b & j stall in leicester square, london, while watching the mad england fans having fun after their paraguay victory.

4. chocolate chip cookie dough
(Vanilla Ice Cream with Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)

the world's first cookie dough flavoured ice-cream. a b & j classic.

5. chocolate fudge brownie
(Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Brownies)

my least favourite. unless you absolutely love chocolate ice-cream, which I don't.

Monday, June 19, 2006 @ 1:06 pm
what went into my rumbly tummy today:
  • water
  • glass of o.j
  • wantan noodles
  • slice of cake
hmm. better. much better. if I keep going at this rate, I'm gonna rebound back to my skinny state. yes, hilary, we can do it. haha. we must keep each other in check when we go back, man, seriously. no more late night b&j's. *pictures look of horror on hil's face*

so jet-lagged. was wide awake at 2 plus in the morning, re-designing my bedroom and tidying up my room. people who live with me a.k.a. hil, should know what a sickeningly tidy person I am. or try to be anyways. actually, it runs in my family. my sis has the cleanest house I ever set my eyes upon. it's so spick & span. and from young, she's always the one that makes me clean up after myself. maybe that's why I'm such a neat freak. while I was in london, I'd be doing my ironing to calm my nerves - it just gives me such pleasure. okay, I'm a cerified sicko. either that, or I just need a laptop.

should get my mom to sign a contract. I'll continue my driving nonsense and get my full licence if she agrees to let me do whatever I want in the hols. she's been bugging me since the car ride from the airport to get my licence done. why oh why? am not really bothered if I can't drive legally. I didn't fly thousands of miles to sit for a 3-hour long lecture and then get in the car with a complete stranger who'll show me the ropes on how to drive like a sane human being. I wanna drive like I'm in a bumpercar, cannot ar? not like my m'sian licence will allow me to drive in uk.

schedule for tuesday 20th june '06
0930: leave for dentist's
1000: dentist appointment
after dentist's, bring mum to maxis center in kotaraya to get supplementary line. I tried to do it without her today, but nope. she's gotta be there in the flesh. my fake british accent didn't work either. phooey.

Sunday, June 18, 2006 @ 6:01 pm
I barely slept last night, or rather, this morning... was awoken by mom to go to church at 6 am. so, I basically got less than 4 hours of sleep. but that's okay. I was quite energised throughout the day.

met hema - the b'day girl in church. can't believe she recognised me. even after my weight gain. hahaha. she was kind enough not to mention a word about it. aww. she told me that jayne called her all the way from manchester, which was super nice of jayne. but then again, when was she ever not nice? agree?

before I left for church, I left dad a card by his bedside. he said he liked it. so, it was time for part 2 of the surprise. shall take a pic of both the card & the mug which I gave him. it's really cute. haha. if I say so myself.

what I consumed today:
- orange juice
- water
- half drunk glass of white wine
- char siew pau
- lotus bean paste pau
- 3/4 of a lor mai gai
- slice of cake
- half drunk mushroom soup
- salmon salad
- sea bass with potato risotto & asparagus
- few sips of tea
- 1/4 bottle of coke

now. tell me. is this why I'm gaining weight? grr. I hate the fact that in cold climates, we tend to eat more. before going out for dinner, dad made me change out of my 3/4 pants. and I forgot that my only clean clothes were my levi's, which I washed before coming back to m'sia. bad idea. I couldn't button it up. darn it. I'm going jogging tomorrow morning.

Saturday, June 17, 2006 @ 7:05 pm
have been breathing jb air for approximately 4 hours. and thanks to the starbucks mocha at klia, am not able to sleep tonight. which may be a good thing, since I need to go to church in 4 hours' time.

something's happening.

can love ever fade? cos' I can feel it slipping through my fingers. can one actually stop loving another? or is the caffeine ruining my brain? can a mom really stop loving her own offspring, like how bree from desperate housewives dumped her teenage gay son a million miles from hum dum, because she couldn't stand her son's evilness. and what if you woke up one morning to discover that you don't love the person sleeping next to you? is it too late?

sigh. all good/bad things must come to an end. it's time to "get my sh*t together". finally. thanks apu.

Sunday, June 11, 2006 @ 10:15 am
it's finally the end of my exams! yay!! ok. the lowdown was that I don't think I did well for accounting cos' I didn't have time to finish both papers 2 & 3. after the exams, my accounting tutor - mrs lau approached me...

"Celine, how was it? Did you have time??"
"Er. Not really."
"I know! I passed by and saw that you hadn't even started the last question when there was only 11 minutes left!"
"Yeah!! Sorry."
"But did you manage to finish it?"
"Sorta. Didn't really finish the theory part *makes a face*"

as my econs tutor would say, 'oh dear, oh dear.'
econs was better than I thought. better than accounting anyways. *crosses fingers*

so, on friday evening, after econs papers, bjorn & I set off to find hil & faisal who were chilling at starbucks. then, we decided to venture on something entirely new & foreign to us, we went to purley way, which was a few tram stops away. never took a tram here, so it was quite an experience. haha. oh yes, it's also home to the bhugest ikea I've ever seen. whoa baby! which we did go in right before closing time cos' bjorn wanted to have some meatballs. don't worry, I didn't have any cos' it was friday & that means no meat. oh yeah. purley. we forsaked bowling cos' it was too expensive, so in the end, we played around in the arcade and watched a little of the opening world cup match. after which, hil, bjorn & I finally got to watch da vinci code. emm. I don't care what the critics think. I think it was a so-so movie. no spark to make me wanna watch it again, that's for sure.

hmm. saturday.. oh yeah. london trip. also, england's first match. there was a sea of red & white everywhere. from oxford circus to piccadilly circus. even a blind man wouldn't be able to miss it. haha. but the fun began after england's victory... was around odeon theatre deciding what ice-cream to buy, (first a ben & jerry's stall, then a häagen-dazs one and lastly, a baskin & robbin's) when there was this group of england fans who started chanting football anthems and clapping, basically having a wonderful time aka 'shiok sendiri'. then, the crowd grew & they started playing ball. but instead of passing it on the ground, they passed it by kicking it high in the air, in hopes of hitting random passers-by. haha. it bounced off glass windows, restaurant go-ers, peoples' butts etc etc. even the arrival of the police couldn't stop their enthusiasm. I was just happy to be there, watching the amazing crowd and laughing when some unfortunate soul lost his shoe when he tried to kick the ball. so, not only did the ball fly, the shoe also did. sensational.

okay. so... before I log off and fly off on MH 1 at 10 pm from heathrow airport, would just like to say... I'm coming homeeeee! looking forward to seeing all my family & friends. yay. and for all those who are abroad, I'll see you peeps soon. take care!

Friday, June 02, 2006 @ 3:48 pm
toothache update
after my wednesday dentist trip, I have to admit I feel much better now. thanks for asking, peeps. *gives a toothy grin* my dentist looked really young. handsome too... which lessened my worries a little, I have to say. hee. anyway, I have an infected wisdom tooth so it's best to just give it a good yank, by that I mean, extract via surgery. dad told me to do it in m'sia in 2 weeks' time cos' if I do it here, I'd need to be hospitalised and be put to sleep and all. hey, I don't mind! I don't WANT to feel anything!! plus, since I'm 18 & under full-time education, I don't have to pay a single penny! well, I didn't pay for my consultation nor my prescriptions aka antibiotics for my infection. dad was right though. as usual. the young and handsome dentist showed me the x-ray of my teeth and said that my wisdom tooth was rather near the tooth so it'd be quite a complicated procedure. *shivers*
found it cool that I had to pop down to the chemist's to collect my presciption. though some people may find it to be a hassle, I found it quite an experience. haha. they ask the collector what their address is before passing the paper bag of medication to them. cute, right? well, I think so...
right now, I'm typing with practically no gum swelling at all, which is definitely a great thing! finally! I can chew without cringing!! I think I lost a bit of weight abstaining from food during my tormentuous period.
speaking of periods, mine is late. why is it always late when I have exams? must go ask dad. perhaps due to stress.
oh and another funny thing. the first time I took the medication, I felt so feverish. I really thought I was running a temperature. but after a couple of hours, it was back to normal. hmm. my bodily functions never fail to amaze me.

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aiyoh, babe, I'll be around to bug you everyday you're back. don't worry! and goose, can't wait to see you for the first time in 6 months too!! it's been THAT long?! wow.

tonight is the college ball. and hilary, I don't think we're the only 2 people who aren't going-lah. just found out amber isn't too! who cares?! I already had the mind-set of not going even before I came to college. but that doesn't mean I don't have fun looking at people all dolled-up and stuff. in fact, yesterday, I accompanied shirlene to buy accesories for the prom. she's wearing my favourite colours! green, white and black! woot!! also tagged along with faisal, bako & ryan to collect their smart-ass suits. although we missed the fashion show, I managed to catch a glimpse of suited-up bako who looked awesome. laughed so hard at the suit shop. read on...

bjorn: *points at little boy manequin dressed in a suit* hey celine! look!
celine: *gasps* that's sooooo CUTE!
hilary: where?
celine: get up-lah, come here!

*hilary & celine stare at manequin*

celine: it's SO CUTE!!! *whips out phone to snap photos of it*
bjorn: I notice you like small things.

*hilary & celine look at each other before bursting out in laughter*

bjorn: what???
celine: nothing.
bjorn: what? I don't get it..
celine: forget it-lah.

he finally got it after we went to danny's, with the aid of a banana. yes. a banana.
maybe I DO like small things... cute what!!

oh and I chatted a little with the shop assistant at the suit place too. haha. funny man.

celine: *runs breathless to the fitting room and sees faisal dressed in casual wear* aww! we missed the fashion show!
shop assistant: aww! nevermind. you can see my fashion show out there tomorrow! *points at stage outside shop in the atrium* in my boxers!
celine: wow! really?! I'll definitely come tomorrow!!

*bjorn plays with a top hat*
SA: hey hey. no, don't touch that. there's a rabbit in there. I can pull it out like magic.
celine: you performing tomorrow? in your boxers?
SA: yeah! why not? I should tell the organisers!

whether or not he did perform or is performing in his boxers, I'll never know....
by the way, the manequin is my phone's wallpaper right now. haha.

on the way home yesterday, all peril was not over yet. oh no.. as we walked past a group of juvenile delinquents sitting around a boombox playing 'words' by bee gees, bjorn decides to sing along.. so hil and I chimed in.

bjorn: it's only words..
celine: and words are all I have to take your heart away....

black man in maroon hat walking in front of us: *turns around & stares straight at me* whoa! she can sing!!

*celine stops singing*

man: seriously!! I'd love to hear that voice! give me your website... my space?
celine: ?????
man: *holds out palm and does a writing action* my space? no? website?
celine: no....
man: aww. okay... *looks at everyone around me* you guys should get her into singing...

*celine hides behind the very tall faisal*
*man walks off*

faisal: what was that?!
bjorn: whoa. she can sing!!

*everyone laughs*
*bako explains while celine is still hiding behind faisal*

ryan: ey! take picture!! she's blushing!

*celine covers face with hands*

bjorn: whoa! she can sing!
celine: shut up, bjorn.

*everyone laughs*

I reckon he was just being sarcastic. either that or he's pitch deaf. I can't sing. right, shawn? har.har.

p/s: oh yeah, sorry shawn. the com lab assistant put a blocker thingy on e-messenger. so I couldn't go online.... : ( I hope this keeps you entertained anyway...