flawed work of art.
Monday, August 28, 2006 @ 12:31 pm
the last saturday night dinner with parents and dad was ever gracious to bring me to friday's!

screwdriver. go check the alcoholic drink dictionary. I love vodka. apu, this doesn't mean that you don't still owe me my vodka lime. christmas ar?!

in true friday's style, there were b'day babies there. this girl was being super whiny about standing on the chair. dad said one word. unsporting. *nods*

nachos. stretchy pants! rofl.

this is the level when celine started to feel very groggy. yes, I can't hold my liquor very well.

next morning, off to singapura to visit kfc and family. no, I'm not talking about colonel sanders aka the white guy at kfc, I'm talking about kowfoochai which translates as er, youngest uncle, I think? haha.

kfc and jjj (jiejie jodie) brought everyone to esmirada, a very swanky mediterranean restaurant for lunch. apparently, you can break the plates if you really like the food. we all read the back of the plates which read 'handmade in portugal' and went, 'er, maybe not.'

everyone, including korkor & his.. friend, chenli. finally know her name.

appetizing. I like the mushrooms. yummers.

kuzz, what is this called again? some lasagna thing but with eggplant instead of pastry.

kor's steak and chenli's pialla. er, is that how you spell it?

my boneless chicken dish. did I mention boneless? yumm. the pasta was nice too.

a very unique toilet. can you see the different queen cards above the door? really ingenious.

at bugis. the maid with the umbrella potong stim only lah wei.

wish I had dad's slr with me at that time. could've taken sharper images.

check out boy with blue pants.

green boy makes me smile. he has no other care in the world. how nice.

korean tourists on trishaws. yay!

chocolate fondue! I hear chocolate covered strawberries are an aphrodisiac... prefer grapes though.

when kor stopped for petrol, I had a photo op! I love this poster. it's just so cute. everyone, go rape hug a petrol thingy now.

Saturday, August 26, 2006 @ 2:25 am
yesterday, I went to tebrau citeh! oh wait, I went to elschmo's dad's office in molek first. ottomerc! such a cute name, no?
thanks to elsie, we got there before 1 and made fun of all the colourful, wonderful things in tebrau citeh (pronounced see-teh! so chim, right?) till ben told us she was there already.. oh yeah! forgot to take a photo of geoffrey the toys 'r us giraffe with a rotound tummy! how did we know his name was geoffrey? he had a neck brace with his name emblazoned on it. haha. he was bfrigging tall, man. scary.

taken at Harris, which is the more chim name for popular.

a beverage served at the flinstones restaurant. can you imagine a 4-year-old kid going, 'mummy, can I have a peach b*tch? please?'

went to black canyon where we met up with jeanie and ben. I took some photos on ben's 'clapping' sonyericsson, but I don't think she's had time to upload it yet. oh well, it was just plain old wacky fun. elsa, if you're reading this, send me the video! haha. or just put it on youtube so I can grab it.

jeanie then drove us in her nice new car-smelling gen 2! I want one too! it's spacious inside. not what I thought from the outside..

and the radio's cool! oh by the way, jeanie and ben helped merdeka man two days ago. okok. merdeka man is actually this dude from hitz.fm who always runs about in august to go from state to state spreading the good word of our national day! haha. but, the thing is, he's got no cash. nothing! so, it's up to the listeners to help him in any way possible. kor helped him last year by giving him his socks. haha. jeanie and ben sang Negaraku for him. I dunno-lah. that's what they told me. oh. and the hitz people got ben's name wrong. on air, they called her gina. on the website, trina. alamak. why hitz people always like that ar? that time they call abel 'apu'. hence, he's now apupu, my fwaggot! haha.

ben is always smsing away. who arr??

elschmo beside me in the brand spanking new car!

ben & sarah showed us around sunway campus. reminds me a lot of my old primary school. with the whole courtyard thing. mobbed by ex-cons in the canteen! convent girls, I mean. like owner, aunty maba, huiying, weiling, yvonne, cindi, huizhen, ash... sigh. reminded me that in 8 days time, I would no longer be in jb.
jeanie then dropped us (sarah, ben, elsa & moi) off at tebrau citeh again. thanks jeanie!

we got ourselves an entertainer when we were lunching at pizza hut. first the eyes.

then, the small little fingers..

aha! caught you! peace, sistah! she was a chatty one. oh yeah and she told us she was 5. and she thought I was 12. heh. cute kid kept playing with me. peek-a-boo!

my friends are superb. they knew that friday was no-meat day for me and opted to go vegan. yay!

guess who we bumped into at the toilet? a teary rachel! hahaha. she just watched click and got teary. just like everyone else. but she looked like she cried throughout the 2 hours or something, man! goodness gracious.
fast forward to elsa's dad's office again, where we mucked around till it was time to go home. a lot of things happened here, but er, most of the wacky insane things like mimicking aerosmith singing 'I don't wanna miss a thing' were captured in elsa's nokia.

see, what did I tell you about ben and her phone?

I love meeting up with my school buddies. they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. because I already am warm and fuzzy on the out. bwahaha.

Thursday, August 24, 2006 @ 1:27 pm
dunno why but I feel very tired right now. ok, so I've been out from 10 plus till like, 5. but, that's pretty normal whatt..
drove to clinic to get moo-lah from mom for furbie's jab. then, azlan drove to han's place in molek where I got to play with angel! han's wife's maltese, not you know, my angel. she's so light! weighs less than 3 kilos. what a big difference it was to carry her. and she was so fun-loving and tame. furbie should take a few leaves from angel's books, instead of cowering and hiding from people and animals. sheesh. han's ginger cat is super obese by the way. it was like if homer simpson got reincarnated into a cat's body. but han says he enjoys hugging her fats. er, o.. kay. met a german shepherd puppy too, who was whining because he wanted to go near furbie, but was on a leash. too bad, brother. she's shy. anyway, you deserve better too lah. my dog is high maintenance, man.
fetched lyn from her heavy secured home. then, it was off home to pick up patients' diet, which I sent to the clinic. after picking up xin on the way of course. her hair-style gave me a shock, man. it definitely sheds years off her actual age of 17. see, I didn't say anything bad also! oh and thank you for the panda biscuits, which I ate in between traffic lights. haha. azlan finished it, man. ergh. must go buy from cold storage on sat or something. they've got this japan special going on. loads of panda biscuits. yumm. have yet to try the chocolate coated one....
ok, anyway, back to my day.. fetched twin at her place. which was chaotic cos' there were so many cars parked along the road that it made it very hard to do a simple 3-point turn. so, turned out to be like a 9-point turn or something. eeesh. lastly, fetched mel loves cel, then drove all the way to Godma's. old memories of shouting outside her gate without anyone pressing on her doorbell flooded my mind as my twin was shouting Godma's name from outside. goodness. why doesn't anyone ring the doorbell these days?

this is my twin bouncing up and down on the trampoline. actually, in this photo, she's like falling off.

*heart* her tee. haha. just that the red dye kinda faded. what to do? cheap tees what. haha. I checked the label. it was the same with my blue fender. so, yes, it's F-A-K-E!

jilly what the dilly! miss her so much. can you see her light brown lenses? no??

how about now?? sorry I flashed at your eye, twin.

aww. twin on a trike! roflmao.

after a few heated rounds of scattergories (me + jilly, xin + lyn, mel + Godma) while waiting for archie's arrival, we set off to 'the ais kacang place'. the lady got our orders a bit mixed up. haha. but, everything was a-ok even after twin changed our orders. haha.
Godma & twin then got off the car at kotaraya to withdraw some cash and Godma told me to sit in the driver's seat, where I was messing around with the steering wheel thingy. aiyah. hard to explain lah. but it's just some gadget to make steering easier.
dropped jilly off at cs then went back to Godma's where azlan came and I drove everyone back.
so, tell me, why am I tired again?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 @ 4:22 pm
what a jam-packed day!
sabai is probably gonna complain about how difficult it is to spend a night in my place is, but since I can blog first...
after a heart-to-heart girl talk, we dozed off (me first) only to hear scratching and whining coming from the door. ergh. was too bummed to go let her in. and thought that furbster would disturb sabai in her sleep. but, someone, I think my mom, opened the door. mistake mistake. she immediately pounced in front of sabai's face and gave sabai a shock when she opened her eyes. lol. was procrastinating getting outta bed till about 9-ish? sabai was just watching me sleep. haha. at least she didn't poke my cheeks like goose did in class last year. ish.
woman's family came up around 12 to pick us up to cs. was nice to see papa, mam, fiona & of course, my dear woman again. kept reminding everyone about the nutella. ;) fiona joined our little group for a little while, where she kept laughing... can't blame her... we got chased out of the bank, shooed away from a jewellery shop and did I mention the stares? hyuk. can't blame us. we're convent girls!
I must say, we ate a lot! dunno whether it was my tastebuds of what, but the only thing I found tasty was the macker's ice-cream at the end of the day.

mine is the special raspberry one. heh.

watched nacho libre! *yawn* it was funny in places, but not the best jack black flick, you know what I mean? his acting is fantastic though, as usual. oh and the chick who played the nun was hot. my favourite part was when he starts singing about his love for the nun and in the middle he goes 'I eat bugs/I eat grass/I use my hand to wipe my.. tears.' well, tears doesn't rhyme with grass, go figure.
met one of our old school friends, safra. or whom I called safari.. till she started having one of those scary lesbo crushes on me. but I forgive her. cos' later on, she dropped out of school and had to be hospitalised for some mental illness. when we saw her today, she had gained a lot of weight - dad says it's due to the meds - and when I turned to see her, she came running and hugged me. I was... shocked she still remembered me. funny how the human mind works.
after sabai's dad dropped us off, I fetched mel back home. as in, I drove. without anyone watching over me. parents went swimming, so I had to use the merc. sigh. anyway, I think mel was a bit jittery, but I think she was just glad I made it to her place in one piece. lol. we were going, 'c'mon baby...!' all the way. especially the parts where I had to turn. haha. the merc is like a big ol' tank, man. seriously.

Dr. Wilson:
The healer with his magic powers!
I could rub his gentle brow for hours
His manly chest, his stubbled jaw
Everything about him leaves me raw-
Dr. House: Psych ward's upstairs.
Dr. Wilson:
-with joy
Oh, House your very name
Will never leave this girl the same
It's not bad for an 82-year-old. she asked me to give that to her true love.
Dr. House: What can I say? Chicks with no teeth turn me on.
Dr. Wilson: That's fairly disgusting.
Dr. House: That's ageism.
- house md -

@ 3:51 am
sabai is in the shower now, which gives me a chance to blog. heh.
yesterday was a kick-ass day. :) I took her on a ride in my dad's car. hahaa. I don't think she thinks I'm a good driver. ah, but who cares?! I passed on my first try. lol. they can't be wrong.
anyway, drove to xin's place where we bummed a bit then went back to my place for a very unhealthy indomie lunch. then, mel came and we all watched the break-up. which sucks. vince vaughn, your story-line is baaad. stick to acting. sigh. as I was watching it, I can't help but identify with jennifer aniston's character. how she tried so hard in the relationship but vince's character didn't appreciate her. as vince's friend tells him, 'the poor girl never stood a chance..' so sad.
after that, we went for a tea-break at vivo's. my drink was tasteless wei. it was like apple fibre and water. haha. but I quite enjoyed the tiramisu though.

mel & sabai enjoying their chocolate devil. hahaha. they were like lil' kiddos.

looks pretty angelic to be a chocolate devil ar.

ok. my mistake. sabai says the brownie part was very hard.

my dad forgot to fetch us on the way back home and so, the four of us ended up watching his car go pass our very own eyes with our mouths agape. kodak moment, I tell you.

Monday, August 21, 2006 @ 5:01 pm
because my 2nd brother chose to steal the csi season 3 dvds I borrowed from xin, I bought another set yesterday. felt too guilty. anyways, fought with him over dinner on saturday over the phone and felt like a ton of bricks after. the throbbing headache sure didn't help. even the head waiter said I didn't look too good and told me to take care before I left. I'm not that sick, am I? oh yes. and the dvds can't be played. sheesh. going to ask for a refund tomorrow.
should really clean my room before sabai comes tomorrow. she's staying over for the night. ain't that great? the last time someone stayed over was last year, I think. if I'm not wrong, it was woman. haha. those happy times where I learnt how to play the guitar a little. should I really give bass a shot? have not replied kenta-san's message about me joining the band. oh well, we'll talk about it over our usual friday lunch back in college. oh wait. our timetable will be all screwed! man, I liked my three-period timetable. but my 4th sub is law! how can I complain? I'm doing something my mom actually hates. now, that's something.
in my 18 years of breathing polluted air, I've helped 3 people with their confirmation names. 3 very content people, may I add. first was of course, myself. Danielle. now, that's a nice name. I know many girls out there who wouldn't mind changing their names to that. second was keegan. Chad. as in Chad Michael Murray. heh. he thought the name was cool. anyway, I gave him either that or Luke. and he took Chad. the third and most recent was ven's. Damien. and he's damn proud of it till today. makes me smile with utmost glee. and then a few days ago, I was given another individual. he shall remain anonymous until he has finally certified that he will choose one of the four selections I suggested. Benjamin, Isaac, Gabriel or Dominic/Dominick. I seriously don't mind naming my son Gabriel. may sound a bit faggoty, but I still love it. however, close friends will know that I have already planned the names of my sons. this guy that I'm doing the name for wanted to use my son's names. and you know what I told him? I said NO right to his handsome face. MY sons, ok? don't play. and he told me that he could be my son and I said no, of course. I'm a devoted mother to melvin. hahahaa. can't believe I just typed that.

Dr. Cameron: Men should grow up.
Dr. House: Yeah. And dogs should stop licking themselves. It's not gonna happen.
- House MD -
a delightful series of a sarcastic diagnostic medicine specialist with a cane. now, why wouldn't you wanna watch that?!

finally, feast your eyes on this:

done by my dear elschmo. her link's on my link page. there are a lot more classically beautiful icons. but I like this one. even though you got to tilt your head a little.

@ 2:52 am
panadols consumed since thursday: 8? I lost count.

sore throat remedies: 2.
- honey drink
- cactus drink
both courtesy of the gracious mrs chow. thanks, auntie!

the voice today: no more sounding like a man. or a boy whose voice is breaking. oh. and no more husky sexy lounge singer voice either. today, it's small kid with a flu.

tigger count: uncountable. am wearing tigger pyjamas. :)

gentlemen count: 3. faisal abdul aziz. bjorn wong. valentino! guys, please take notes.

university applications: 2. london school of economics. and bristol.

days to leaving jb: 12. *starts singing twelve days of christmas*

panic attacks so far: 1.

Thursday, August 17, 2006 @ 11:34 am
the bad news
woke up today with a pain in my throat. damn. I knew it. and then came the runny nose in work. the fever made me very grumpy by 2 pm.. it wasn't helping that I was frustrated that I couldn't find the cause of the untallied figures. grrrr. and so now, my body is saying to me, 'see-lah. skip lunch-lah. don't get enough sleep-lah! I'll make you suffer! mwahahaa.'
I seriously think my body has a mind of it's own. (which sounds like weiyi scolding me!)

the good news
told my boss about this being my last day. he was shocked at my sudden departure, but I told him that I appreciated him letting me gain an insight into the wonderful world of accounting. haha. all this while I was freezing in my sweater, sniffing like anything.

the awesome news
AAA for my A-Level Subsidiary. which accounts for half of my A-Level results.
I have not seen straight A's in years... since I was a wee primary 6 kid.
my gosh.
I could hardly believe it when the college secretary told me my results.
wish I could scream but my throat is throbbing like mad.
oh well, I can scream here, can't I?
what about my parents?
my dad smiled and patted my back as I wrote down AAA on the piece of paper I was holding.
my mom was screaming, 'go do medicine! go do medicine!'
goose was real proud of me. tgif treat ar? haha. love you, goosy! thank you very much for believing in me.

thank you. thank you. a million thank yous.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 @ 12:24 pm
how are you, angel, my darling?
I miss not seeing you come up to me playfully, wagging your tail with utmost delight. as an annual ritual, I write to you now on your death anniversary. it's been what, 5 years? but I still find it hard to give you up. for your info, we've gotten a new pup, whom I'm sure you'll love to play with if you were still around.
remember when I'd secretly sneak cake for you to eat in the kitchen? you loved anything with cream in it whereas fairy loved milk. how is fairy, by the way? I hope you girls have made up. but I know it is our fault you died and she lived the rest of her doggie life in loneliness and regret. it still haunts me to this day.
you were the best dog I ever had. I recall you licking up my tears as I cried in the garden as a child. now, as an adult, I wish you were here to comfort me as I cry. but, that is not possible.
tonight, I cry. for you, my angel.

'maybe emotion becomes so intense your body just can't contain it. your mind and your feelings become too powerful and your body weeps.'
seth and maggie's take on why people cry... which I think makes a lot of sense.
- city of angels -

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 @ 12:53 pm
woke up at 5.30 this morning to furbie's pawing on my foot. recently, she has taken a liking to sleeping beside my feet. it's quite warm with her fluff around my feet, but it can be a hindrance especially when I want to stretch my feet.

wore my bright yellow polo tee to church for Mother Mary's acsension mass. and guess who I saw??? heee! my dear sabai! and and and someone else. someone special... baby max!!!!!! he's even more cute in real life. *faints* haha. he grabbed my watch and went, 'tar!' for those of you who don't know, my fossil watch has blinking stars. haha. so yeah. max also grabbed my glasses. knew I should've worn contacts. haha. sabai said that's his way of showing affection. hmmmm. weird way of showing affection. ey sabai, how come he sayang-ed you so nicely and just grabbed my specs pulak? he's so adorable!!!! and his granny kept boasting about all the words he can say. haha. so cute!

after having b'fast, I plonked on my bed and fell asleep until my mom yelled out for me. damn. she remembered. she remembered I had work. aiyah. what a waste.

spent 2 hours plus in work doing nothing. the rest of the staff were having a meeting with the boss, so I just sat there, talking to one of the accountants. small talk, really. but, at least, talk.
getting a hang on auditing work. that's what they've been giving me, anyways. auditing. hello. I only did like 6 months of basic accounting! I'm still at like, double entry book-keeping! why they straight away plonk me in the deep end of the pool? anyways, the first question the accountant I was talking to asked was my age. and when I told her I was 18 and that I'm only in the midst of my a levels.

'oh!! you're not doing accounting yet?'
'errr. no...'

and I think she's the only one who knows I'm just 18 and still a baby.. in this whole big accounting field, I mean.

p/s: froze my butt off in the office. must remember to bring a sweater. think I've caught the flu.

edited: after reading sabai's blog, I forgot to add that I fasted yesterday in aid of world peace too! hehe. and somemore first day of work, man. aiseh.

Monday, August 14, 2006 @ 12:23 pm
I won't call it my first day of work. heck, I'm not even gonna call it work. I'm not even getting paid for it. it's just a learning experience. and it started today and will end on thursday 5.30pm sharp. or earlier, if I can have it. *flashes megawatt grin* dad says I should work for at least 2 weeks. first of all, it ain't work. second of all, I'm not being paid so I don't see why I should be as hardworking as I was today.

10 am: piled with accounting work for some timber company. this includes searching forever to find one sheet of invoice or payment voucher or receipt.

12.40 pm: am asked out to lunch but politely decline as am fasting in aid of world peace today.

1.40 pm: done with timber company.

2 pm: asked to draw out table on some company which I dunno deals with what.

3 pm: auditing work on said company. this includes flipping through invoices, delivery statements, cashbook, ledger books, journals etc.

5.30 pm: bids goodbye and runs down the stairs as fast as my weak legs can carry me.

lessons learnt
- take breaks or you'll feel like a zombie by 7.33 pm
- a little insight into auditing
- real world accounting is 10x more than mrs lau's homework

do I really want to be an accountant?

Sunday, August 13, 2006 @ 12:51 pm

after exactly one day of me holding onto his keys, he finally came to get them back. and the first thing he asked me when he saw me was... 'where's your mother?' hahaaa. he's kinda scared of my mom. but then again, who wouldn't be?

such a relief I'm no longer the keeper of his keys. *breathes out* like a weight off my shoulder. I make it sound so much more than just metal thingies that open doors, huh?

I won't deny that they're pretty interesting keys to look at though. I mean, there's one that's fully coated in green... oh. and there's a ring on the keychain too. with something funky engraved on it. and there's that quiksilver lanyard thingy which I once unrevelled and couldn't roll it back in. this time, I didn't make the same mistake... I don't think they're his though. possibly his eldest brother's. his handsome eldest brother. hmm.. okok. shall not digress here.

xin helped me with my maths homework today. curve sketching with asymptotes! yay! thanks honey!! and also many thanks to msn's sketching function.

Saturday, August 12, 2006 @ 5:25 pm
the thought that time just flew by just like that is hitting me hard.

am going to dad's accountant's office on monday. hope to just do a few days of learning. and not weeks of work. cos' I really want the next week off to spend time with my kl buddies, namely jilly, mel, xin, lyn, dee etc. oh. and since it's the school hols, will get to see my dear woman, chelle, kysha etc.

thought the teachers were lying when they said we'd miss convent. passed by said school on the way to dinner just now and couldn't help feeling a pang of schoolsickness. haha. I don't think that word exists, but I'm the blogger, so you can shut up.

one thing I'd really like is ctc have uniforms. I mean, seriously. why not?! the whole, grey skirt, long socks, black shoes, tie, vest, shirt, blazer... you get the deal. ever watched harry potter? instead, I walk to school in a bubble coat, fat scarf, scruffy shoes and messy uncombed hair. who was it that said I never combed my hair? oh yeah. weiyi. hurr. selekeh prefect, they'd call me. what happened to all the time???!

watched 3/4 of the producers with parents. it is a fantastically funny show. everyone must watch it! haha. what's up with me and being a movie critic these days?

my son. is ungrateful. he prefers his dad to me. he was giving his dad a lingering hug while the pair of them were sniggering at me to make me jealous. *stamps foot* I'm not jealous. grr. I love him more than his daddy does ok? hmph. what has his useless dad ever done for him?!

speaking of useless,
his dad left his house keys in my bag and I only realised it when I got out of my car at home.

me: siang! your house keys are in my bag!

him: oh.
me: where are you now?
him: church. where are you?
me: home.
him: er, nevermind. you keep it with you till next week.
me: sure?
him: yeah.

a few minutes later...
him: on the way to your house now.
me: what?! I'm out. where are you going now?
him: dunno?
me: hah?
him: you call me when you reach home-lah.
me: okay.

tried calling him when I got home but couldn't get him. as in... network problem. wonder what underground rave party he went to... ok. just kidding. have no idea where he goes to everyday. and don't really think I want to know. not something I'd go for in a guy if I were looking for someone. tip for all girls out there. don't go for someone who enjoys clubbing.

I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. one.
yeah, ok, seth. you lovesick moron.

Friday, August 11, 2006 @ 4:17 pm

did I get your attention?

don't you sometimes feel you're different from everyone else?

poor green m&m's all alone. surrounded by evil red buggers.

we all need a little green in us.

those that didn't quite make the cut.

dedicated to miss makyaofang.

- 3 big bags of m&m's original used
- 20 minutes of photo-taking
- only the red and later, green were picked out
- at the end of the shoot, photographer's hands were red, green and sticky
- ALL m&m's were thrown away for hygiene reasons after photo shoot, except some from the first bag which miss mak devoured

lessons learnt
- m&m's are not cheap.
- ants are more than just pests.

p/s: model found. portraits to be posted soon.

Thursday, August 10, 2006 @ 4:28 pm
whoa. another attempted terrorist attack. this time, somewhere closer to me. well, not now, physically... london heathrow airport, that's where I take my flight back to kl, that's where I arrive from kl and then take a bus back to croydon. am in shock. it's good the british authorities foiled the plan before it actually happened, or it'd be very very tough to travel for me from now on. not that it's not tough enough. after this attempt, it's probably gonna get tougher.
melissa was the first to really open my eyes to the severity of this. I just thought it was like, something small, not knowing it was gonna have such a big effect.
what this means to me is that, next time I'm gonna have to go through even more thorough security checks and no more bulky hand-luggage. can't even carry a water bottle with me cos' they don't allow liquids now that the dumb-ass terrorists were planning to use exlosive liquids. in fact, essential liquids like baby milk can only be carried on if the passenger drinks it in front of the security personnel. talk about scary.
secretary of the US homeland security dept, Mr Chertoff said, 'this was a very sophisticated plan. this was not a bunch of people sitting around dreaming of committing terrorist acts. this was well co-ordinated and planned and as sophisticated as we have seen as far as terrorism is concerned.'
yah wei. who the heck will wake up one night and go, 'feel like bombing some innocent people with the leftover explosive liquid from last year's bbq party.'
terrorists are psycho maniacs. oh, by the way, watch United 93 to see what really goes on in a sicko's mind.
mama mak called me up just now to ask if I was still here or gone back already. hmm. wonder if this continues on, I'll be able to go back to cambridge tutors college.

I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. one.
an over-rated movie, in my opinion.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006 @ 10:49 am
welcome to a new space!
don't ask me why I keep choosing templates with the 'colour' theme. all I wanted was a bigger space for my photos. now that I'm posting them quite often.

oh dear
by deviant artist, tragicmistress.

personally, can't stand cats. they want us to think that they're all cute and cuddly, but they're eeeevil little buggers. no offence to my sister, whose name is Cat. honestly, it's nothing to do with you.

speaking of my sibs,
jie is back in melbourne.
kor is currently in hong kong.
daniel is studying his butt off in malacca.

what are the chances that kor's gonna get me something cool? like a pair of nike dunks? yeah. fat hope.

anyway, the mystery is solved! the mystery of why I don't call daniel 'kor kor'...
jie: you know why? cos' when we were younger, we all called daniel, daniel. and so she (meaning me) also followed calling him (kiddy voice) daniel. we tried to teach her to call him daniel korkor, but she couldn't remember. haha.
makes me feel stupid wei. :(

@ 8:40 am
today, I woke up in a much happier mood than the past week. *big smile* here are the reasons why:
1) I've been able to catch some z's.
2) corinne bailey rae works wonders.
3) He works miracles.
4) finally placed an order for my laptop.
5) I clicked. yeah. clicked.
6) s'pore's national day? XD
7) deviant art webbie got a revamp.
8) cleaned up my room.

I think these are at the top of my head at the moment. which hurts. my head, I mean. been having throbbing headaches lately... massage massage!
ok. let's go through the list in detail..
1) sleep. you don't know how fantastic it is to have an undisturbed night's sleep without your dog's pawing on the door / whining waking you up at 5.
2) my favourite songs from her are your love is mine and like a star. but of course, you should definitely listen to the song that launched her into fame, put your records on. I guarantee you'll feel happy after listening to her.
3) in God I trust. I know you'll help me do what's best for me.
4) introducing.... the hp pavillion dv 2013 tu. as seen on tv. heh, kfc, you should be happy I'm getting it in a weeks' time.
5) something changed in the last 24 hours or so. I was so clear about my decision, but suddenly, I'm heading into the other direction.
6) was supposed to meet up with hil & co. yesterday for dinner, but I was afraid of the traffic jam when I go back to jb, so I didn't. and anyway, my mom wasn't gonna let me go back at night.
7) happy b'day deviant art! I love the new layout design.
8) my room. ahhh. only 4 more weeks before I leave you. :(

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 @ 7:03 am
it's cold in the household these days.
after jie & joel left, my mom stopped putting on her mrs brady bunch facade. it's back to the I-can't-believe-we're-stuck-with-one-kid attitude. which is fine by me. as long as she stops blaming me for things I didn't do and just leave me alone. my parents have been blaming me for everything, when all I did was do as I was told. what they told me to do. sometimes, I just wave my hands in the air in surrendering defeat. they can do what they want. I'll just go sit by the window and watch the clouds pass by.
can't they see I'm eighteen? I'm legal? I could leave home right at this moment and they would have absolutely no legal power over me. you know how long I've been yearning for that? to be free? but, let's get back to reality, where they make a hell lot of noise when I want to go out. back in croydon, I could go out in the dead of the night and I needn't tell anyone. which I have done. I mean, heck, they let me walk alone in uk, but they don't even let me out of the house here. yeah, I know, jb's unsafe. but, c'mon, I'm not going to a prostitution parlour or gambling den. do they think I'm that thick to go prowling alone in unsafe territory?
and I don't see why I should be the good daughter and stay at home all day, waving at time as it passes by. cos' all they'll remember is all the bad stuff. they never remember what I did for them and everything. they're trying to repent, to be better parents, because when we were young, they couldn't spend time with us. I'm sorry, but a kid is moulded since young, not now.
they still force me to do what I don't want to. it's not as if they're paying me. I haven't even gotten any allowance upon coming back.
after all that frustration, you know something? I still love them. cos' no matter what, they're still my parents, who brought me into this sad world, to suffer along with all the rest of earth's inhabitants. oh well, life's like that. can't wait to see what lies ahead when I die.

power of love by deviant artist, BatDesignz.
need I say more?