flawed work of art.
Monday, September 25, 2006 @ 6:59 pm
happy birthday, victorisaaclumyawsiang!

poor guy was studying feverishly on the eve of his 18th. his trials start on his b'day itself. sadd!! oh well, according to hilly, you have b'day luck, so he'll do great. : )
he called me just after my last lesson of the day, faisal & hil were busy doing the sarangei action - which is using your arms to make a heart-shape over your head. don't ask. it's hilly's big idea. haha. anyway, we talked for like close to half an hour, till I was on the bus. I think we more of less, shouted at each other. haha. what's new?
anyways, may you have a tiggerific day and don't be sad anymore. haha. blame your mum for giving birth to you on the 26th of sept. (at this moment, hil leans over and goes, 'yay! something to read')
just thought of something - I don't think siang will read this anyways. I told him to stop reading my blog a long time ago. and hopefully, he listened.
mum called late last night, like at 12 midnight. she said dad's planning on renovating the place. what?! again?? haha. apparently, there's gonna be a moat around the b'fast area, accompanied with bridge and all. yay! what are the chances of them getting it done before x'mas?
oh yeah, happy puasa-ing to all the muslims out there. poor faisal looked kinda lost today due to lack of food. kesian.

Sunday, September 24, 2006 @ 9:32 am
still have the feeling of bloatedness, for some unknown reason.

what I consumed on saturday:
- 1 slice of leftover pizza
- 2 soggy fries. yuck.
- 1 pineapple tart
- 1 packet of kinder bueno (thanks ber-john)
- 1 'lou feng' chocolate biscuit
- nachos (thanks simer)
- peanut m&ms
- maltesers
- a few bites of tiramisu & ice-cream
- coke
- water
- lemonade

it may seem like a helluva long list, but it really wasn't THAT much. I think. ended up being too full to order anything at Bella Italia - where princess simer spent her b'day. which was too bad, cos' the food really sounded delish. :(

shall go there next time, when hungry. so yes, no dinner for me. but why is my stomach still feeling full up? must ask dad when he calls. the 4 weeks I've been here, they've only contacted me once! so sad... I know they went to Jap with daniu, but still, they did come back on wednesday. wonder what's making them so busy...
am going to church in a coupla minutes, so shall end my post here.
oh yes, received prank call from valentino. hahaha. so not surprising. bleh.

Friday, September 15, 2006 @ 6:21 pm

and then we move on to where we left off. was still around london eye area, along river thames... where there were more street performers. you know the kind that paint their face all the same colour and don't budge even a little bit?

this guy did though. haha.

for all you artists out there.. there was a dali exhibition by thames. you know, the famous artist who painted melting clocks?

there was some trampoline thingy on the rooftop of county hall. looks like fun, doesn't it?

anna the latvian vs faisal the indian on ddr!

tip: heels don't work well on those machines, anna.

as we cross the thames river, we bid goodbye to the big london eye. one day, I'll ride on you. when I have the moolah.

on to something even bigger - big ben! spot the Scot in a kilt blowing on his bagpipe.

we heard the chiming of big ben! heh.

pit-stop: pancakes with cadbury chocolate smothered on.

everyone go, 'YUMMMMMMMM...'

big ben in its close-up glory.

houses of parliament. visitting hours were already over when we got there. perhaps, we'll get to walk inside next time...

faisal posing in front of the houses of parliament.

westminster abbey. famously known for the church where Princess Diana got married to that no-good Prince Charles and also where her funeral was held.

the detailed beauty of westminster abbey.

ain't he simply adorable??

victoria palace. ironically, just finished reading Billy Elliott in the summer. can you see the ballerina on the top?

also went to Downing Street - where Prime Minister Tony Blair resides. my mom used to tell me that she took a phot outside his doorstep like, 30 years ago. now, we're not even allowed to go into the street. all you see is black fences and tall police guards with rifles.

underground tube station. these aren't graffiti by the way, they're really meant to be on the walls. haha.

thus, ends my first weekend in london since my summer hols. am looking forward to visitting my cousin in weeks to come. also, my dear uncle, kfc in paris! hello kfc!!! send me an email or something if you're still free during that weekend. I don't mind taking eurostar! :)
oh by the way, college has been tiring. ergh. workworkwork, studyingstudyingstudying. :( can't wait for kismas. oh and my x'mas list is up already! check under 'blogstar' section. I think the letter's I.

Sunday, September 10, 2006 @ 1:30 pm
london calling!
yaya, I know I've been here for a week, but yesterday was the first time I actually got to SEE london in it's full glory. but, before I get to that, here's how we spent our friday night.

in true, m'sian/s'porean style - makan! 6-foot-long dosa/thosai...

... can hilary, faisal, ryan, bako and celine conquer it?

conclusion: they all went to the movies and left 1/4 of the thosai on the table. HAHA. wonder how sid, faisal, max and I managed to finish it the last time....

back to my lovely saturday out in london. hil and I took a train from sanderstead station to meet ryan and faisal at east croydon station.

how about a little music, miss kok?

faisal the shutterbug took this. next time, bring your own camera, ok? I love taking photos too, y'know?

after taking this photo, faisal said, 'try explaining THAT to your mum.' *chuckles* sick perv.

never saw so many limos about the place till I went to london. white ones. black ones. even pink ones! and yeah, this one broke down. ROFL.

some of the english pubs have weird names. this is one of them.

the best fish & chips I ever had in london. seriously.

welcome to waterloo station in black and white,

in sepia,

and then in colour. taken by faisal. this dude took a lot of photos on my camera. caused a bit of feather ruffling between me and him.

ey. look up. not down.

that's better. couples here are more open about er, showing their emotions.

wenwei, ryan, faisal and anna. and oooh wait, what's that behind?

hey! the london eye!!

no, we didn't pay 30 odd pounds to stand in one of those small carriages for one rotation. although I really really wanted to!

from the bottom of the bhuge ferris wheel.

big ben on the other side of river thames.

watched a professional street performer from nz! immediately thought of fang. hmm..

he contortioned his whole body in a clothes hanger. next, he escaped from a straight jacket. ain't that neat?

dude was really really funny too! made me laugh along with total strangers.

saw this movie production crew as well. dunno who they are. but according to faisal, they're bollywood actors.

I assume this is the main actress.

what did I tell you about showing emotions?

so long, man.

(to be continued)