flawed work of art.
Saturday, October 28, 2006 @ 12:55 pm
monash university is next on routes to melb 2009. warwick sent me an email saying they'll process my application only after the closing date cos' they, unlike the other 3, want to look at all their prospective students. I know why I'm so eager to go to Oz. it's cos' I don't know if I really want to do accounting. when I was telling dad at waterstone's that I wanted to apply for Commerce/Arts or Law/Arts, I think he was rather upset. he so doesn't like the idea of me doing arts. I'm the black baa sheep of the family, the only one not in sciences. when dad told me to stay on in uk, I felt kinda shattered, I dunno why.. I just don't exactly feel ecstatic about living here for another 3 years. I'm torn. sorry, dad.
anyone knows how to change the settings on microsoft word so that the layout is not A4 size, but half of it? it's for the newsletter. thanks.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 @ 12:15 am
we cleaned our bathroom today! *flashes megawatt smile* hil exclaimed how clean the floor was when she went in for a shower. but yes, the ocd in me bore its ugly head as it was the first thing I did after waking up. I know I exasperate hil at times due to my obsession with hygiene. (ohmy, I hope I'm not turning into jie. wait, at least I don't reprimand people for not doing a good job cleaning. HAH.) I would post a photo but it slipped my mind and I was too tired to budge after our hardcore washing and polishing. wonder how long it'll last.
hil made lomaikai which I didn't like. the pasta tasted a bit stale too. but not her fault. it was in the fridge since... I dunno when.
we were laughing like mad baboons just now cos' there's this site that scans your photo and then sees which celeb you look like.. and when we scanned the big group raya photo, the stupid thing didn't pick up on any of our faces, but guess what? zoomed in on the bunch of bananas on the table. hil and I just stared at it going, 'what the-?' there were easily 10 faces and the thingy chooses to scan the bananas. and the stupidest thing was... they actually found celebrities that resembled the bananas. one of them was missy elliott. LOL! hil said it's cos' she looks like a monkey. errr? don't know how long we laughed for but I had a pain at the part where I usually get gastric pain. and then we continued laughing when we used another photo and amongst those that resembled me were... zoe tay, (?) ashton kuchter and a bunch of unknown koreans I never heard of, but hil was familiar with. haha.
quote of the day: ooh baby, you don't wanna know.
-shawn, when I asked which part of siang did he touch. adui.-

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 @ 2:30 am
a typical sunday for me goes like this:
9.00 am: wake up to phone vibration.
9.45 am: walk to church.
10.00 am: mass.
11.00 am: walk home.
11.15 am: breakfast.
12 pm: turn on laptop.

seriously, that's how I waste spend my sundays here. but, the past one was different. sortta. just that my laptop session ended at close to 1pm, cos' went to london to go 'shopping' with hilly. I say 'shopping' cos' well, I seldom buy anything. wait a sec, I hardly buy anything inedible. roflmao. now, why did I gain 7 kilos when I came here again?

inedible purchases in uk:
- skateboard
- airline ticket penalty (thank you malaysian airlines for being such a pain)
- movie tickets
- producer musical ticket
- oyster bus passes
- train tickets
- presents
- mobile phone top-ups
- testpad
- a jacket, only to get a full refund later as there was a hole in the pocket
- pair of boxers
- producer tee
- tee with stars
- tank with 'england' plastered on
- tigger pj's
- flannel pj's
*looks around room*
- greeting cards
- postage
- correction fluid
- files
- hole puncher
- staples
- eraser
- pencil lead
- apocalyptica album
- guitar earrings
- spider earrings (all earrings have either mysteriously grown wings and flown away or taken by bestfriends)

that's the whole 10 months I've been here. I should've drawn up this list before going to niketown in oxford circus. I would've bought that green nike tee with purple fonts or even the damn nice white sling. grarr! I hate you nike people who design nice stuff and display them in the nicest ways possible. hil, you should've bought the shoes. they were bee you ti ful. reasonably priced too. cheaper than my dunks, ok?! the pair of nikes my housemate almost bought were a piece of art, lust at first sight for me & I passed the virus to her. haha. sadly, no one understood my love for the striking green tee with purple font. good-lah, maybe next month, they'll sell it for half their original price. (30 pounds now) faisal & I both agree that nike stuff are more expensive back home (m'sia & s'pore) after conversion. see ar, 30 pound nike shirt = 210 ringgit. that isn't too bad for m'sian standards, although the nike in jb sells disgusting looking stuff. probably all the rejects from brunei or something. hil's 50 pounds nike shoes.. that's 350 ringgit. that is also cheap for nike standards wei. am not gonna shop in m'sia & s'pore. but instead, am gonna use that money to buy nicer stuff here. wishful thinking, I know. butbutbut... hold on, I know what you're thinking. celine is a brand chaser. I scoff at you who believe this. fact: nike put in A LOT of money into marketing and advertising. we're talking about millions here, alright, kids? and we, yes, us, you and me, are all victims of the mass media. we fall hook, line and sinker for them. you may be going, 'hell no! I don't support nike! or any of those expensive brands!' ah, but ponder on this: how did you know about those expensive brands? saw it on a commercial? ring the bell, we got a victim! friend told you? that's advertising via word of mouth. so, you try escaping from the vicious claws of advertising. even my dad, the most humblest of humbles understands the prestige of nike and gladly boasts about his nike golf polo that has his initials on the sleeve. why do I like nike? because they make a swoosh tick look cool. because they have nice designs. and folks, it's not cos' of the price tag. I mean, think about it logically ar, you don't wear clothes with the price tags still on them right?
metrosexual A to metrosexual B: check out my new gucci male purse! 400 pounds, ok?! *points out price tag still hanging from the zipper*
metrosexual B: wanna see my dolce & gabbana boxers? the price tag has been giving me a wedgie all day!
saw a damn pretty guy smoking outside united colours of benetton. as hil very aptly described, he looks like one of those guys from final fantasy. so pretty!
hil: now I know how I want my boyfriend to look like.
me: no! then he'll be prettier than you.
no offence hil. you ARE pretty, but if your boyfriend is prettier than you, that is so sad. I should know... dotdotdot.
went to the booth for london film fest in leicester square and got disappointed. =( yep, the tix for nightmare in 3D all sold out. why am I not surprised? there's only ONE show on that ONE day in that ONE place. they're not gonna show it anywhere else. not here, not malaysia, not even in Halloween Town. but the ticket sales lady suggested going to vue to get the tix half an hour before the show as they'll sell some there or something although she did warn me it was gonna be a tough crowd. on the bright side, I get to save 15 bucks. but aiyoh. I wanna watch la! and listen to panic! at the disco & fall out boy do the covers for some of the songs.
selamat hari raya, people. the m'sian in me still burns on unfortunately. all those chapters of islam in history sure leaves an impression on you. I don't reckon that's a good thing. oi education ministry, time to reform before you kena sued for practising race and religion discrimination. aww, damn it, I wanna be the one to take them down. but what can an accountant do? weiyi, I pass the baton to you. lol. just kidding.

had a blast at amanda's. her mom's food was delish, man! even someone like me who doesn't like asian cuisine was satiated on the whole of monday cos' we practically bummed there from 1 to uh 9? haha. snacking & chatting in between, of course. X) amanda's dad called me buruksiku (malay proverb meaning taking back what you've already given) cos' I was happily eating the currypuffs hil & I baked at home. it was gooood, ok? haha. yumyum.

didn't join gb to the blood donation drive thingy, but she didn't get to either cos' they didn't allow m'sians cos' of malaria in our country or something. haha. what?! anyways, I didn't cos' faisal and hil scared me by saying what if it was illegal or something. and I was kinda concerned about the dodginess.... sorry gb for backing out! anyways, she assumed I was over 50 kilos, but I was 2 kilo short and therefore, couldn't have donated blood anyways. the odds were against me! I wasn't afraid of them needles, really!
anyways, watched marie antoinette at night. I thought this was gonna be another lostintranslation blunder cos' it was written and directed by sofia coppola, the one behind that boring-ass show. some may beg to differ but dad and I were like 'what the hell?!' throughout the entire movie. but I was wrong.

why I liked it:
- the pretty costumes!
- the cinematography. great use of angles.
- palace versailles looked amazing. kfc and I didn't have time to go there few weeks back in paris, unfortunately.
- the music. although faisal begs to differ. basically, they placed modern tracks against a movie set in olden times. but I think sofia was interpreting it in a modern way and I did glimpse a pair of blue converse shoes at one point of the movie. uhm, but I was the only one to.
- the pug!! I'm so getting one!

why I didn't:
- the story. WHATHOWWHYWHEN?!
- shushed by the 2 aunties behind us. whoops.
- were people in the 17th century THAT b*tchy?
- proof that royalties are spoilt. all they do is stuff themselves, gamble, take drugs and lie there like bums. ok, not in general, but the ones in the movie sure did.
- uh. the abrupt ending? we all just sat there at the end staring at the blank screen going, 'huh?'

apparently, she wasn't in real life THAT bad as depicted in the movie. but her story is a tragic one not seen in the movie at all. well, not that much anyway.

Sunday, October 22, 2006 @ 11:52 am
replies to tags:
am not sure about my exact date of arrival in jb, but it'll be anything from dec 15-17. someone remind me to ring up MAS on wed. I miss you ex-con girls too! you're not alone!
had a blast in brighton. it is so much more colourful than dull croydon. bleh. newsletter tutor was right to call warlingham, boringham. hahaha. croydon sucks! anyway, shall tell you more about brighton in the near future, cos' I'm doing a piece for the newsletter regarding my jam-packed half-term holiday. so I can hit two birds with one stone! aren't I smart? *puke* don't answer that.
am going to london later. when the rain stops. I threw away my bright yellow umbrella after it proved to weak for the uk weather and broke. lousy rm 9.90 watson brollie. hahaha. and all the umbrellas here are either ugly or ex, or both.
and yes, cass, I am looking for a tigger costume. haha. shall go haunt the disney stores later. saw a jack costume for kids. WOOO. I wanna watch the nightmare before christmas 3D in leicester square next weekend, thanks to the london film fest. haha. they're only showing it on saturday 3pm. ONE SHOW. oh man. must go book already.
tomorrow is lunch at amanda's! yay! selamat hari raya... lalalala. oh. and then after that am going to donate blood with gb, somewhere in croydon. dunno why I volunteered. guess am feeling a bit too bored lately.
take care, peeps. xoxo.
p/s: stupid melb u requires an AS level english sub?! wth?! how to apply like that? and dad told me to stay in uk. sniff. almost cried.

Friday, October 20, 2006 @ 10:33 am
remember I mentioned about my little trip to wingyip, the chinese supermarket? here are 2 purchases I made, not for myself, but for kenta and lionel. sorry, lionel, I know it's the wrong brand of honey. anyway, it looks yummy still. haha. kenta shared the nicenice mochi with us on friday before lunch was over. the dong skipped all his classes cos' of his interview course.

me enjoying my rather hard tau fu far, cannot compare with the one back home that mummy used to buy for b'fast almost every morning.

snapped this while we waited for the 119 bus back to south croydon. matthew's bhuge school bag reminds me of my old school days. not that I still don't bring relatively a lot to school. hurhur.

student committee elections were held on thursday lunch-time. I shan't blog about it, cos' I'm actually gonna do a report on it for the newsletter. but that didn't stop me from taking candid photos... no ser-ree.

my fellow skater boys!

aww, aren't they just handsome?

wait. I take that back..

thursday was the unofficial last day of the half-term, hence, the housemates went on a date. with each other. *raises eyebrow* cos' the other guys didn't wanna watch devil wears prada. haha. they were more keen on enjoying their thosai. bleh. sick of Indian food, man.
the movie was... okay. nothing fantastic except the clothes. chanel, gucci.. did I mention blahnik heels? insane, man. talk about high maintenance. anne hathaway is so hot. hahaha. her eyes are as big as tennis balls! can rival gollum's! hil's thinking of getting a fringe like her's. why not, right? I wanna do something with my hair when I get back in dec too. it's getting on my nerves! not too mention in my eyes.

thursday means... late night shopping! not really late night la. by 8 most are already closed. one good thing about a camera phone is... you get to take photos of how you look like when you try on clothes. cos' let's face it. we may like how we look like in the mirror at that time, but... taking a photo will ensure you think hard about your potential purchase. haha. what crap. the shirt is mine. the 8 pound (approx. rm 56) vest isn't. was looking all over for vest. actually, still am. haha. it does really keep one warm, but am not so sure I look good in it. in fact, I look fat. hahaha. can I really blame myself?

kenta the joker stole my phone while I was busy doing my maths work and sneakily took a photo of me. so that's why he and marwan were laughing like hyenas. grr.

autumn is here! well, it came a while ago, but the leaves are browning and falling right around now.

I like this one. the leaves are RED. and they're all crawling over the facade of the little cottage. how dark it must be inside.

colours again! green, this time. yuck. don't like green apples. that's shirlene's sleeve by the way.. oh and she's got more green stuff than me, man.

when you're trying to study, everything can distract you. like a ladybird. haha.

I like lionel's dress sense. it's rockish smart. (err?)
apparently the shirt is... what is it ar, hil? burberry? I dunno lah. lionel also has a wide collection of funkay tees. hahaha.

one thing that's worth buying from the canteen is this! banoffee cakes! that's banana + coffee, if you didn't know. yummm. I think I had one each day for 3 days. now, why did I grow fat when I came here again?

lastly, I found tigger's home! no, seriously. this tigger bridge leads to a tigger hut. OMG! this photo was snapped by sweet-ass lionel who thought of me when he glimpsed this during his Duke of Edinburgh expedition to some forest somewhere. haha. TIGGER, wo lai le! (I'm coming!)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 @ 8:08 pm
leeds just made my day... I got a conditional offer for accounting & law! woohoo! ABB nonetheless. hil cursed at me and then returned to her movie. (at the moment, it's memoirs of a geisha, which she ordered online)
am so frigging bloated after a tasty chinese meal at tai tung. poor matthew (hostess' son) had to wait close to an hour at the bus stop cos' stupid us took the right bus, but in the wrong direction. I either had a communication breakdown with kenta or he dumbly gave us the wrong directions. anyway, we went all the way to bromley, which is like, another borough already. not even in croydon. it took us half an hour to realise we were on the wrong bus! haha. oh my gosh, we're so dumb.
when we eventually got there, we headed straight for the bakery cos' I felt bad in making matt wait and wanted to get him a snack. but, we went out empty handed cos' the cakes weren't particularly appetising. bleh. anyway, wing yip time! wing yip's this huge chain of supermarkets which sell Asian foodstuff, like Hello Panda biscuits. mmmm. hil bought 4 small packets. 'why don't they have bigger packets?' I agree, hilly. anyway, we bought enough food to last us... *counts figuratively in head* a little less than a week? considering we get peckish fast and hence, put on a lot of weight just like that. *clicks fingers* oh man, but I'm just so full right now, can't even look at food. don't even have energy to prance about the room cos' am too full and heavy to do so - the floor might give way and I might land in the boys' room.

am now the official newsletter formatter and unofficial idea-giver, since funny-as-hell english tutor seems to like my ideas. hahaha. I don't think she remembers my name though. X)

'where are you from, if you don't mind me asking?'
'malaysia. *with head down*'
'oh. then why do you speak so clearly?'
'*fits of laughter* I do????'
'yes, well, don't you think she speaks very clearly? *to the rest of my colleagues*'
'er, thank you??'
'what're you applying for in university anyway?'
'accounting and finance.'
'WHY?! accountants are SO BORING. you can use your eloquence in so many other fields!'
'erm... it's a mother thing...'
'parents are such pain, aren't they???'
'*laughs* aren't you one yourself??'
'well, yeah. I know.. I am a pain.'
interesting talk today in college. this actor/director/writer (robert gillespie) came in to talk to us about.... men & women. at this, kenta let out one of his notorious laughs. as I was seated next to him unfortunately, people were staring at us half the time. anyway, this guy was a really good story-teller. his eloquence and in-depth description really left me in a deep black hole of thought. it was not easy to grasp what my fellow college mates were throwing back at him too. I think he really wanted to hear from kenta though, cos' he kept glancing at our direction - or maybe it was the laughter. anyway, since he's gay and has been married 4 times, I'm sure it's not me he's interested in. I'm actually quite interested in watching his play tomorrow at the warehouse theatre. wonder if I'll be hungry then. hahaha. oh man. I need to go lie down. thank you, leeds university. you is rocks. haha.

Sunday, October 15, 2006 @ 1:22 pm
amber's apartment is so nice! makes my desire to move out pulse stronger. especially when the nehneh fang dong is 'trying' to be nice. bleh. scared we're gonna complain, right?
anyway, was at amber's to do our economics presentation on IKEA, which was tiring but goooood. shirlene was with us, singing her lungs out next to us. I must say I do not look sugar-coated chinese songs.
although it's really cold at night, I really enjoy autumn. just now as I walked to church, I felt the brownish leaves crunch under my converse sneaks. I just wanted to jump all over them. haha.
last night was crazy. after my shower, hil called me to meet her at our local mamak's. and it was all downhill from there. literally. we intro-ed ryan, bako and ruben to our little park. it was so stupidly fun as we hogged the swings and watched bjorn being chased about the playground by a shadowed figure a.k.a. faisal. we were just telling lame-ass jokes and being total bums.
ok, gotta continue working on our presentation. by the way, anyone knows how to put videos onto a powerpoint presentation? we found a really cute IKEA advert. haha.

Friday, October 13, 2006 @ 9:27 pm
what a day!
mum called last night. and it was very emo. :( don't worry mum, I'll take care of you and daddy when you're both too old to walk.
someone, I won't say who, but someone stupidly crashed against the emergency break glass thingymajig and caused the fire alarm to go off. lucky mr lowe wasn't around or he'd be furious. the firemen all came and you know the funniest thing is the people in the new block a.k.a com lab and library area were still happily inside surfing the net or studying. and the rest of the school was like on the carpark yakking away. we all wondered if there was a real fire when we saw the burly men in maroon coats and helmets walk around. I raised my fist in the air and went, 'woo! fire!!' and then paused and went, 'sh*t. I hope my skateboard doesn't get burnt!' marwan said they'll reimburse me. pth. right. anyway, I kinda had a hunch that it was one of the locals who set the fire off cos' they were playing chasing in the cafeteria and narrowly missed me (lucky them, I would've thwarted them nicely) and then ran upstairs and after that... 'BRRRRRING!!!!' I just knew it, man. throw those useless buggers out la. expel them nicely. so they can enjoy in croydon college. wahaha.
ok, am in saddistic mood now cos' kena-ed from my nehneh fang dong (irritating hostess/landlady) just now. wanted to ask her why she was cross with us. seriously. after coming back from sb-ing in the park, I get this kind of sh*t attitude. was outside hil's room when she thundered up the stairs and scolded me.
'Girls! I'm really cross with you. You can't tell matthew these kind of things. He's just an eleven-year-old boy, ok?! You just don't. You have my mobile and the house phone, *points out with her fingers* so you don't tell him things like these, OK?!'
and I should've retaliated. but I was just too appalled by her flaring nostrils and bloody rude attitude. damn. I've lost my touch.
the story was like this: we sent an sms to matthew (her good-for-nothing son who can't even do something so ber-lah-dee simple) to tell him to tell her that we'll be late for dinner. and he happily didn't switch on his mobile so poor hil had no dinner. and I just scoffed it down and threw it in the dishwasherto piss her off even more. anyway, I wanted to send an sms to her but she doesn't switch on her mobile and so, I thought the son, like any normal kid would have his phone by his side. well, I forgot. this family isn't normal. as a result, she was so flucking angry with me and I don't see why. ok, yes, so there was a miscommunication, so?! why is she so 'cross'? I'm not her daughter. what gives her the right to scream at me?! if she was, I would just shut up and take it. but, please. she's crossed the line, man. think what?! I enjoy staying here ar?! if I move out tomorrow, it's your loss, not mine. we're gonna blacklist your house so all the rich kids won't go to your place anymore. and you can end up with 2 empty rooms with no income flowing in. hil and I plan to talk to mrs brown about this. we're gonna ask for self-catering, cos' it's so much better this way. we can have our own meals whenever we want. hence, no need to stare at them while we eat and try to make small talk. also, we save money. anyway, the food is so not nice, all fake meat and unfilling. OMG. I so frigging miss home.
ok, nevermind. I shall forget about the wretchedness and move on to a BIG HAPPY EVENT that happened today.
I received two uni offers!
one from nottingham (surprise, surprise) for finance accounting and management and the other from manchester - accounting and finance. it was funny cos' when we passed by the pigeon hole and saw this big ass letter under 'C', I jokingly asked hil to see whether it was mine and she said, 'yeah! really!' and I was like, serious?!!! and so, simer, xiang, hil and I ended up jumping up and down at the corridor, screaming like mad. until this teacher passed by and went, 'shhh!' X) roflmao. it was so farnee. nottingham must really like me, man. haha. their condition for me was BBB. and manchester's was ABB. which is also, quite low, considering that their entry requirements are generally AAB.
I think hilly is happier than me. she asked why didn't I tell my mum... I dunno. maybe cos' I know she'll be indifferent about it? aiyah. melb u! why your site so lousy?! I wanna know more also cannot and your email add doesn't work. eesh. jie, please buy a 3-bedroom house in melb so I can stay there with you and joel. dunno how I will survive your OCD, but I don't wanna stay in a hostel and do my own laundry and use public toilets and stuff. I'll DIE.
p/s: forgot to add that hil and I have considered manymanymany times to move out, but...
1) I was still 17 when I came here and thus, needed a legal guardian.
2) hil's still 17 so she can't move out and get a place with me.
3) our next fangdong could be worse right?!
4) the area we live in is niiiice. where else can you walk out with nothing but pj's on and buy junk food at an indian shop down the road?
5) we felt sorry for the people we're staying with. we just don't want any trouble. honest.

Thursday, October 12, 2006 @ 5:34 pm

enjoyed satisfying mcd hotcakes this morning. yumm. am gonna try everything on the b'fast menu. you can call it one of my goals in life. even though I burnt my tongue with the hot chocolate. shall order milk next time.
just came home from a car ride thanks to mr and mrs lau. yayness. mrs lau is sooo nice. I love you, mrs lau! it's a good accounting day... got highest in class for the test. whee. also, flipped through all the prospectuses of all the universities I'm applying to. ordered one from melb uni, so am hoping to receive it soon. I think I might just do a double degree - Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication). must ask jie for advice. mum's hoping I'll stay with her if I study there. it'll be cool, I suppose. won't have to cook or clean or do my laundry. hahaa. oh, but warwick looks the best so far. it has the best campus in UK. now that's saying something. :D leeds had a bad prospectus, man. was looking for accounting and law and couldn't find it. bleh.
shirlene treated me to a bar of kitkat chunky. yums! thanks, girl!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 @ 4:28 pm
today, am gonna talk about my law tutor.
he's probably been teaching for yonks, but I never knew him last term. luckily, I have the pleasure of being one of his students this year.
our class consists of only 3 other students, 2 locals and one russian chick, who's quite popular with the blingbling local guys who think they're black. ok, back to the point. my law tutor has to be the funniest tutor I ever had. and he always picks on me as I will be the only one in the class to take a module in Jan. and he will go, 'but for Celine's sake, we shall have to do this extremely boring topic..' makes me feel so bad for dragging everyone to do it too. so far, his lessons have been very.... matured. most of his cases have something to do with... matured topics. the latest example is mr Peveret, who was this former headmaster who abused the boys in school. and said law tutor says, 'hence, he was nicknamed Mr Pervert.' other topics include SoHo being the red-light district in London and pornography from Holland being banned here. it's all quite... questionable. haha. and he has this very posh British accent. like those typical upper-class type. 'Would you like butter with those scones?' that kinda thing.
anyways, he's not married, but he did tell us once that he went to a chelsea football match with his girlfriend. and I just looked at my fellow classmates in utmost horror.
oh yes, my housemate says and I quote, he's such an unattractive man. just picture him as Bilbo Baggins, but a rounder version. X)

excerpt from one class:
"just yesterday I was on the bus and there was this boy who kept screaming and making a lot of noise. and his mother wasn't doing anything to stop him. it was very unpleasant, so I just looked at him and said, 'shut up'."
*whole class looks at law tutor with mouths agape*
"and the lady next to the mother looked at me and said, 'you're so rude.' well, the boy was making so much of noise and clearly, his mother wasn't doing anything to stop it. so I looked at the lady and said, 'so what?' and the boy's mother was very displeased with me. oh well. anyways, that got him to be quiet for a few moments."

out of all the subjects I'm doing now, I love law the most. I mean, I like all of them, (perhaps except maths) but law is my favourite. to this, hil raised her eyebrows at me, saying that I should apply for law in uni, not accounting. I dunno why I'm doing accounting anyways.

what I want to do in future: (in a particular order)
1) marry a rich man and be a tai-tai, with a degree. take that, man.
2) work in the field of mass communications.
3) cafe-owner.
4) writer.
5) photographer.
6) lawyer.

do you see accounting anywhere? I don't.

p.s: cafeteria lady called me 'love' today.

Monday, October 09, 2006 @ 6:20 pm
paris part 2 will be up as soon as my kuzz gives me the link to the photos. in the mean time...

I wanna go home during october half-term, which is just 10 days away. MAMAAAA! dad suggested using my 10-day-holiday by going to oxford and just soaking in the beautiful atmosphere. which is an excellent idea. I don't mind doing just that. instead of our initial plans of back-packing to czech republic. ahh, after paris, I don't think I've replenished enough energy to travel abroad. hint to friends and family: don't nominate me to join amazing race.

in the quiet college com lab now. rarely get to spend time here anymore, but today, I happily forgot to bring my law notes and so, shall sit my toosh in one corner and blog.

chosen this week to do econs presentation with amber. yay! I've narrowed down my options to 2 - ikea or illy coffee. mmm. I love illy coffee, beats starbucks flatflatflat. starbucks recently started promoting their hot chocolate range. just in time for autumn, you say? yeah, that's what I thought too, when I saw the poster. however, I ended up hating it. yuck. tasted burnt and yucky. bleh. pui pui pui. anyway, I really liked the barista though. cos' when I went in to ask for water, she called me baby!! X) was smiling the whole day after that. like a nut. haha. okok, the conversation went something like this..

'excuse me, could I get a glass of water, please?'
'yea sure, baby. *runs off with glass and pauses* with ice?'
'uh, yeah.'
'*passes plastic cup full with water* here you go.'
'thank you!'
'your welcome. *smiles*'

someone hand her an award for good service!

oh yeah. watched the producers the musical last weekend. we were way up in the balcony and before intermission, I was inclining so forward that my face was just about to touch the dude in front's head. he was so berfrigging tall, man. after intermission, it was better cos' we got reshuffled and I ended up sitting next to kenta, who kept laughing like a donkey. hahahaa. anyway, no tall man's head blocking, so it was good. :D have watched the remake of the producers on dvd. the one with will ferrell and uma thurman. and it rocked! I remember watching it with dad before going to church. was lol-ing all the way. haha. and the musical was.... exactly like the movie. even down to the nitty gritty details of the costumes. wished had watched with daddy. he would definitely agree with me.

oh man, now even more want to go home. especially after 'sorta' celebrating mooncake festival in the school refectory last friday. I brought mooncake, which was gobbled down by virgin mooncake eaters like anna, lena, bako etc etc. when we get it everywhere at home, we really do take them for granted...

have gained weight again. don't ask. let's just say my jeans aren't as loose as they used to be. haha. and worst of all, I only came here a month ago!

mummy, if you're reading this, I wanna come home on the 19th of October. please?

oh yes, after reading cousin sukye's blog entry about her baby boy getting an erection as she changed his nappies, I'm not so sure I want a son anymore. and also, discovering that they masturbate in secret from as young as 6. ewww. I asked shawn about it and he said, 'which guy doesn't?' double eww. I am so disgusted. ok, I don't mind a daughter. in fact, I WANT one more than a son.

Friday, October 06, 2006 @ 5:47 pm

paris!! one of the places I can slash off from my list of places to visit before I die. yay! took a two and a half hour eurostar train there after maths lesson on friday.

my seat. sat beside a one-armed lady, who really didn't need my help in anything at all. she was perfectly capable in grabbing her bag and stuff like that. as for the man opposite, he was jotting down notes on post-its to stick in this big coffee book full of b & w photographs. it was really nice! I think he was french cos' he had really nice fashion sense, but was kinda rude-ish. oh yeah. can you see my paris travel guide that I borrowed from the public library? so despicably cheap right? I know! my husband is so gonna love my thriftiness, man!

at gare du nord (which translates to north station - I think), I met up with my favourite-est unc, kfc! here he is with a tiny cup of cappucino.

would love to give you a running commentary, but shall opt out to let my photos do the talking instead. most of them are in my unc's cam cos' my cam's batteries died on me and me who thought she was being oh-so-smart, didn't bother to bring the charger.

one of the landmarks I've been wanting to see for so so so long. the arc de triomphe, which is translated as the triumphant arch? haha. something like that lah. napoleon promised that the soldiers would be welcomed under this arch when they come back to paris, but funnily, the arch wasn't finished till after the fall of the great napoleon bonaparte.

each side has different statues, but I only recognised one as the coronation of napoleon.

gargantuan isn't it? I was in awe of it's size.

the ceiling. not many people noticed how beautiful this is.

names of all the generals and soldiers of those that died fighting for france. viva la resistance!

one of those artistic shots that even I fail to understand sometimes.

the tomb of the unknown soldier. so sad. I would want people to know if I died.

if you look really closely, you can see la defense - which is an architectural marvel. it's in the business district and basically is this hollow building which looks like a frame.

& then we decide to climb up the how many? 300+? steps to the top of the arc. kfc exclaimed that in the weekend, we probably climbed more than a thousand steps. hahaa. true.

few more steps to go!

arc de triomphe is situated as the roundabout of twelve different boulevards. 12! and the cars just zoom everywhere, totally lane-less. scary.

a closer look at la defense.

the eiffel tower from afar.

tour de eiffel from not so far. this is currently my desktop wallpaper.

kfc on the phone as we walk towards our next destination - the eiffel tower.

or rather, we joined the hordes of people under the tower.

it all looks rather complicated to me. with all the steel rods poking everywhere.

this means north pillar. they closed the south one, by the way. which caused the queue to snake along forever.

as we waited in line for.. approximately 3 hours, we kept ourselves entertained... like admiring the golden bust of mr eiffel, who was the brains behind this tourist hotspot.

also, this uber cute red-head. we shall see more of him in the later photos as we ascend the tower.

the wheels of the lift that brought us up and down the tower.

we were not yet at the top. more like the mid-point. that's why everything still looks quite big. haha.

river seine that runs through paris.

I like the way paris is mapped out. very neat. haha.

the transparent coney things are actually lights that flash every hour. it's really really beautiful.

whee! now we're at the top! I love the green-ness in this one.

river seine again.

military ground I think.

just now, we saw the eiffel from the arc, now the arc from the tower.

singapore-lah. aiyo. trust the french.

what did I tell you about the cute red-head?

moving on to the invalides. kfc said it was for invalids. hahaa. he has a point. this was actually a home and hospital to all wounded and retired soldiers.

wah! check out all the elderly soldiers looking important and holding flags. they must have tears in their eyes.

bigbig statue of napoleon. though he's supposed to be quite erm... small?

hold on, then why's his coffin in sainte chapelle so bhuge? that's cos' his body is entombed in like 6 coffins. imagine russian dolls. and this one here is actually made from hard marble. whoa.

the crucifix in sainte chapelle.

the ceiling of sainte chapelle.

makes me wanna go home and paint my ceiling as well. hahaha.

the golden-domed sainte chapelle.

outside were a few nice patches of big fields where topless french men with washboard abs played footie. nope, didn't see thierry henry nor zinedine zidane anywhere.

kfc and I had a drink at a sidewalk cafe. al freso style. he was right. it was nice. :) oh by the way, how do you think this is pronounced?

can you spot the tiny car amongst the many police vans?

in paris, people pump gas at the side of the road. haha.