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Friday, November 17, 2006 @ 5:21 pm

one great thing about autumn?

fireworks. (: bonfire night aka guy fawkes fest was a couple of sundays back, but the blasts of fireworks and smoke wafting in the cold wet air was a common occurence for 2 weeks or so. never heard of guy fawkes? I'm sure you have... if you've watched v for vendetta, that is.

my hostess said they used to construct effigies of mr fawkes with leaves, twigs, sticks etc. and then watch him burn while they toasted marshmallows. I'm just adding the marshmallows part, by the way. haha. yum. I love toasted marshies.
ok, continuing on the topic of sugary treats, has anyone tried this?

I got it at the mama's near my place. reminds me of tim-tam, but it tastes even more heavenly. yummmm. last weekend, I attended the november boys' smashing b'day dinner. thank you sweetsweet bjorn, always-making-me-laugh ruben and the ever-so-interesting lio.

this is what we (kenta, bjorn, hil & I) got him for his b'day. no. not the new iPod shuffle, but I'll talk about that later. it's the framed baby-tee complete with all the lil' scribblings. hil & I dropped by his place at around noon to surprise him. and boy, was he surprised! haha. his room's so cosy, (read: tiny) by the way. haha. oh yeah, his shuffle is so purdy. james has the same one too.

introducing mr e-wok! or however you spell it. my dad used to sit us in front of the big screen and watch the original star wars trilogy as kids. that and back to the future reruns. so yeah, those were our Teletubbies and Barneys.

I am in love with CoventGarden. the stony pathways, the buskers, the shops, the eateries, the theatres and not forgetting the carousel that I think is put there only during festive periods. hil says it's the same place where they shot the leehwa jewellery ad. the one with 'there she goes' playing in the background. CoventGarden's atmosphere makes me feel like I'm surrounded by all my loved ones, though I could just be standing alone with strangers by my side. this cowboy can do a mean version of Iris. he can definitely give Robert Post a run for his money too.

I ended my last post proclaiming that Jet rocked Brixton. here are some photos from that memorable Wednesday night that prompted me to make such a daring statement.

I've only seen this place in pictures, but it looks even better up close.

loads of people leave their marks on the walls of Brixton Academy. here is a fine examply of a Panic! fan who was waiting outside for the Oct 22nd gig, just like how lio, kenta and I were waiting in the cold breeze for Jet. we were about 10th in line, I think.
cos' I didn't bother to lug along my Canon, I got shi*ty photos of the band. I wasn't this close to the stage as the LP gig, (aah, memories..) and I was also probably the shortest person there so half the time I was jumping up and down to watch the stage and also craning my neck like crazy. but I tell you, it was worth every second. Jet are very very good performers and I salute them for their showmanship.
I cannot wait to go home to my sunny Malaysia. 4 weeks to go, baby.

Thursday, November 16, 2006 @ 2:55 pm
it's been a while since my last post and trust me when I say I have a very good explanation for this :)
the fantastic wireless broadband internet my housemate & I had been piggy-backing on officially went kaput 2 saturdays ago. they decided to put a passkey. sad but true. so you'll definitely see less of me surfing on the sea of the internet. unfortunately, I didn't even know that xin put a password on her page. whoops?
however, the good thing is that I could lavish more time on my work. (not that maths and econs are looking up.) oh well, and my mom has been calling more than usual cos' I think I scared her a little.
'if there's anything, please tell mummy. mummy won't scold you.'
'*laughs* why????!'
'what for mummy scold?'
sure took a while for her to realise that. kidding. I'm glad she's concerned and calls me more. sometimes, I just feel like I dunno what to do with myself. it's like I'm confined to my room, compelled to study with my tigger feet-warmers and oversized hoodie. it can get quite ish-ing sometimes. I really miss home. where I can lie down on the many benches beside the ponds and awake from my sleep by the whirring of my parents' car, or the licking of furbs. 4 more weeks to home sweet home.... ooh yeah. definitely looking forward to that.
before I forget, all the best to spm-ers! I went through it! so it can't be that bad! X)
& a plea to everyone to pray for my parents. dad had bad tummy flu and was forced to call in a locum. mum got it soon after after silently wishing she had it so dad didn't have to suffer. be careful what you wish for, man.
stupid autumn weather has also caused this unfortunate blogger to type this in the library with a throbbing headache, stuffed nose and sore throat. I know I know, I'll take care of myself.

Saturday, November 04, 2006 @ 12:45 pm
shupei: heyyy! how's it goin'?
val: ok, was exaggerating. but I swear I looked pregnant last night after dinner. X)
apu: err. right. yes. and I am a sworn true fan of opeth because..?
cass: 42 days. whee!

happy confirmation to the 4th form cathecism-ers. haha. I had pleasant memories of mine. heh. except that my feet hurt from the stupid shoes, which I promptly changed out of before getting treated to lunch by the fantabulous Godmama.
it just dawned on me (much thanks to christmas catalogues and jie's blog entry) that x'mas is next month. I feel like I have a dying need to go shopping. this time last year, I was busy *cough*cough* studying for my Stupid Painful Moments (SPM). and now, people like apu and siang are doing the same. I don't think I really gave a hundred percent for it to be honest. I did a last minute mad dash. if there's one thing I'd like to change about myself, it's my ability to procrastinate till the 11th hour. but if I enjoy doing it (like say, writing personal statements for uni applications at 3 am) then I don't mind doing it way in advance, cos' it's 'fun'. I don't mind people paying me to write their statements. seriously. oh yes, got an ABB offer from Bristol with a compulsory A for Accounting. now just waiting for Warwick & LSE. which will only give replies next year as they are the picky ones that wait for every single last application before making a decision. some think this is fair. I think... first come first served. you snooze, you lose. WAHAHAHA. ok. not so good if I did procrastinate for it. :P oh yes, manchester's student accomodation ROCKS. quote from xiang, 'o my days!' they have such a wide range, self-catered, rooms cleaned, jukebox in the communal rooms, en-suite bathrooms.. I didn't know it was a fairly new uni though. cos it did say established 1824. but apparently, they were only known as University of Manchester in 2004. but, why would I go to Manchester, when I have Leeds? decisions decisions. shall wait for all the prospectuses from the various unis... oh yes, congrats bjorn! what a nice early b'day present from ucl! (remember where the members of coldplay met?) ooo. we hope you like our b'day pressie too! which you will find out what it is on tues.
hilly has been rather ill these days. let's all pray that she'll get better soon. as for me, I was just tired. T-I-R-E-D. insufficient sleep makes me feel like schnit. I zone out and can't concentrate. the weekend was therefore welcomed with widely opened arms.
unlike the weather, which is currently at 9 degrees. but yesterday and the day before that was like 3? there was frost on cars when we walked to our bus stop to col. a layer of ice. ICE! what the. it's not even winter! yet.
I know I don't post enough photos of my col. so here are uh, 2. one is my accounting classroom aka the warmest, literally and also emotionally, cos' mrs lau is just awesome. :) the other is a scene outside the main building. it was 5 pm and the sun was still up. which is rare these days.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 @ 7:14 pm

my favourite occasion of the year - hallowe'en! okay, not really, but it's my favourite one in uk, cos' people actually dress themselves up and go trick or treating. not many though, as my fangdong says this is american rubbish. pfft. o..kay. I like to think it's an occasion where you get free candy. now, what's so bad about that? me, being pathetic, bought myself a ginger biscuit (the one above) with hil's borrowed one pound. but she says it's her treat, so.... yay! hilly ended up liking it more than me. note to self: I don't like ginger. haha.

all dolled-up for the occasion. :) the two masked men refused to let me pass and just stared at me with their ghastly masks. thanks, guys.

it's freezing outdoors and christmas decorations have magically popped up everywhere, taking the place of everything hallowe'en. and when you're freezing your butt off waiting for the bus, you take photos to pass the time. makes sense, right? oh by the way, it gets dark by 4 plus.

yum. chicken mayo flavoured soda! another brilliant invention by the college refectory ladies.
classes have been somewhat.... ok. flunked my econs timed paper. ouchy. would've passed if mrs hayes added one more measley mark for me. aiyoh. nevermind, this'll spur me further to study econs. vroom.

when I am bored and depressed, I eat. this only happens here, for some reason. back home, when I am bored and depressed, I pick up the phone and badger fang. or I'd 'kuchi' the furbster, or I'd lie down on the benches outside my house and enjoy my 40 winks. whatever it is, nothing beats living at home. I wanna get my own place!! but the thought of having to do my laundry and pay bills are bursting that lil' bubble of thought.
have been frequenting marks&sparks everyday after lessons. so, yes, I am bored and depressed.