flawed work of art.
Sunday, December 31, 2006 @ 3:56 pm
and the first wise quote I hear in 2007 is...
'Kissing is like driving. You never get it right the first time.'
- beb -

happymooyear, dudes and dudettes. rawk on.

@ 11:58 am
the first flower I ever received from a boy was a plastic pink rose in kindergarten.
on valentine's day this year, I received a whole bouquet of red roses.
this time, I received them as an 'I'm-sorry-I'm-a-jack*ss' gift.

thank you, jackass siang.

one last chance. don't screw up.


Friday, December 29, 2006 @ 4:16 pm
things I've learnt today:
- don't give beb any alcohol. no matter how much she wants it.
- long-sleeved striped tops are purdy!
- sabai has a cute co-worker.
- apu is very skinny.
- shawn is not.
- yawsiang has put on weight. not muscle, ok, shawn? you wish.
- people don't really give a damn when 3 idiots cry in public.
- cab drivers pity young girls who cry in the back seat and therefore charge them less.
- tears never do run dry.

Thursday, December 28, 2006 @ 10:17 am

just a video on how dumb we are at college. this was during the college party.

@ 3:06 am
I think I'm going to try to sleep early and wake up early. why? cos' it's unhealthy sleeping at uhm 3 and waking up at 1. seriously! I feel so much better after having a good night's rest. want further proof?

[phonecall 1]
me: hullo? fangi?
fang: mmm..
me: uh. you still in bed?
fang: mmmm..

[phonecall 2]
goose: *sleepily* hhhelo?
me: hullo? goose?
goose: *sleepier* yeahhhh?

[phonecall 3]
weiyi: HELLO!
me: whoa! good morning!
weiyi: *sunshiny voice* GOOD MORNING!

aww. bless her. what a voice to wake up to.
beb and goose, I don't blame you. :P

Tuesday, December 26, 2006 @ 10:01 am

yay! carollers! brought back pleasant memories to shawn and me. sigh.

we meet again. talking about woman's guitar. miss her so! thanks for the lovely card.

no, she can't play. berlagak only.

the sleepover-ers with eva, who has grown up so much!

cheerful kor.

bryan with his BIG smile.

fang with the whole blow-away hair look.

supper after the carolling troupe have left.

trying out dad's gift to kfc. neat, isn't it?

dinner at mutiara hotel. yeah, that's dad and that's kfc.

let's partehhh!

presenting... miss universe!

kfc & jjj.

kor & chenli jj before.

kor & chenli jj after.

for more Christmas dinner photos, go here. you won't regret it. really.

Monday, December 25, 2006 @ 3:13 pm
just came back from the annual Christmas dinner with kfc. yummers. good food. excellent music. oh. and we messed around with the party hats, masks, poppers and noisy toy thingies. yay! would post a photo but uh, mum hasn't loaded them yet. but, decided to post this photo which was taken a week ago at dad's b'day dinner, on the day I came back. so I am excused for looking like a complete dump. *smiles*

@ 6:12 am
it's been years since the Chu family went for Christmas vigil mass. I appreciate this nativity of Christ more and more every year. this year too, since if I didn't bother coming home, I'd be sniffing in my room, pigging out on mince pies. so, yes, it was good to go to mass with the entire family except jie, but chenli jiejie was there anyways. after the massive sleepover the night before, I was certain I was going to end up lying down on the bench, resting my head on dad's head - like good old times. oh, but that didn't happen. :) guess who fell asleep? of all people, mummy. ahahaaa.
after mass, it was great to meet up with old friends, and see how much they've changed. my son still looks as handsome as ever. looks a little toned down already. good good. shawn still sama lah. the girls were all dressed up, outshining me in my brown empire line dress that made me look like a doll. well, at least my son liked it. :) colin and daniel dyed their hair! lighter than mine some more. tsk tsk.
my throat is killing me and I still sound sooper sexy with my husky, phlegm-infected voice. ooh yeah.

Saturday, December 23, 2006 @ 6:47 pm
'hello weiyi! (who's next to me on my bed - by the way, 7 people are on my bed. lucky good quality.)'
'*hehehe" you're so cynical', says weiyi.
'*whacks me* woi!'
xin has popped by! and just snickers and walks off.
having a sleepover with beb, lyn, xin, weiyi, mel, tash and bryan. shawn popped by too. hey shawn! yeah ok, everyone's going up now. better go.

Thursday, December 21, 2006 @ 2:07 pm
here I am, in my tigger jammies from George (remember, hils?) typing in bed at uh, 10 pm on a wet Thursday night. what a nice way to spend my hols. *big smile* funny how just now I went into my dad's room where he was planted in front of his flatscreen watching m'sian news, took one look at his sarung and went, 'my gosh, we're so nerdy. in pjs by 8.' my dad laughed and went, 'of course lah! it's cold!' wow dad, you'll love it in uk. warm and toasty.
jb has been raining since I came back, causing floods everywhere and blackouts too. did I mention the congestion? the road outside my alma mater is wrecked, with pieces of tar all broken and scattered.
oh yeah. also my hair is now coloured. to the dismay of my mother. she was sooo mad. oh well..

Monday, December 18, 2006 @ 1:17 pm
I'm home! woot!!

to summarise my trip home..
- party at nick's
- reached home at 4
- shower
- last minute packing
- walk to purley oaks station. damn you sanderstead!
- meet up with kenta the frog and faisal the squirrel *snort*
- train to victoria
- tube to green park then change to heathrow
- as none of us caught any sleep, we just dozed off till our stop, freezing our butts off
- check-in
- b'fast at an expensive but tasteless place
- hugs and byes :(
- fell asleep on departure hall floor (why the heck don't they put in more chairs?) - crew were late because of m4 accident
- 3 hour transit at klia
- flew to jb only to turn around and land at kl due to bad weather
"kita berlengang-lenguk kat udara sikit, tunggu cuaca bertambah baik"
translation: let's just lepak in the air till the weather gets better
- on the ground for 45 minutes only to be delayed 20 more, cos' 3 passengers didn't want to continue with the flight & according to the law, their baggage must be picked out
- touch down at jb only to be stopped by security man who taxed me for buying my mom's dom

yep, it's pretty safe to say this was the MOST travelling I've done ever in my 18 years of living experience.

and. everyone says I've grown fat. need to stop caring what people say.

Thursday, December 14, 2006 @ 2:09 pm
last time I drank this much, I had a headache and fell asleep on someone. I must say my alco resistance is flexing its muscles pretty well...

spank you ryan cheong chin taw for the superfantastic christmas dinner. we all love you to bits for bringing us to mello, a swanky Italian restaurant in town, where we wined and dined till we were the last customers. great to be pampered like a paying customer ought to, instead of being treated like a broke student out for a bargain. however, one young waiter did let my butter knife slip off my plate and down my back. he did apologise embarrassedly after I felt a sudden jolt of cold steel on my naked skin. *shivers* nevertheless, the food was tantalisingly delicious. the posh-est dinner I've had in Croydon, I must say.

1) vodka lime at the bar (apu?)
2) white pinot wine selected by xiang. and guess who the waiter approached to try the wine first. yep, your's truly. (partly cos' I gestured to xiang that his wine was here) but they kept serving me first, that must mean something?
3) still water
4) scallops with wild mushrooms and spinach (when I let kenta try this, his eyes almost popped out of his sockets, lol)
4) sea bass with potatoes
5) lemon cheesecake with strawberry sorbet
6) ice wine (good choice, housemate! the manager came by our table and commended our good taste in wine and explained this was one of 3 places in london outside france to serve this ice wine. let's not talk about the price, shall we?)

dunno whose idea it was to play this mind trick on everyone at the table besides faisal, hil and partly lionel who already knew the trick. anyway, it's called Black Magic and it's so.. ergh-ing. kenta almost got it too. he was killing himself after.. and bako walked out on the road when he found out the trick, hoping to be hit by a bus. xiang was just... drowning his sorrows in wine and stella, as usual.

forgot to mention that ryan also sponsored our tickets for 'The Holiday' earlier. you know, the one starring Cameron-skinny-Diaz, Jude-insanely good-looking-Law, Kate-beautiful-Winslet and Jack-hilarious-Black. a rather long movie, but I definitely liked it for the laughter and the tears, also the lessons learnt. a certain guy next to me *cough*cough* was seen shedding a tear. ahem ahem. although this gentleman denies it. and this stupid guy made me freak out when he told me the two long-haired souls snogging passionately in front of us were lesbos, but after the movie, when the lights went on, it was a long-haired young man and his long-haired young woman. he was laughing so hard and I was ready to slap him.

feels great to be able to finally relax after our breaking neck speed pace of college education. well, not actually relax technically, since I still have 4 and a 1/4 college days to go... and then it'll be my January unit exams after I come back from my Christmas break. yikes. ok, better stop talking about that or I'll be too stressed to sleep again. past few nights, I've been sleeping at unearthly hours cos' I'll be tossing and turning, not being able to enter dreamland. don't know, don't ask. I have a sneaking suspicion it's about the newsletter, which on the plus side, is looking up. everyone say 'yay!' thanks to Mrs. Gollop, the IT lady and Miss Nicky, who is still going to help me out on Monday so I can give Mrs. Das Gupta the final draft and allow her to send it straight to the printer's at Croydon College. Hil says I'm doing too much of the work. it's ok with me, really, I don't mind doing the editing and compiling and whatnot. it's actually something I don't mind getting paid to do. but, yeah, not in the near future, seeing as I'm heading towards the Accounting department.

which reminds me.. London School of Economics (one of the top 10 unis in the world) has rejected my application to read Accounting and Finance. oh wells. the only person I know so far who has an offer is my Taiwanese classmate, Sandy, who said it could be due to her Further Maths. the rest reckon it's some citizenship quota thingy. they've got enough M'sians, thank you! right. all the tutors in college say they haven't got a clue how LSE chooses their applicants and also discourage us from going there. in a way, people go there for the prestige and the name, I suppose. next on the list? Melbourne?

alright, it's uhm, almost 3 am on Saturday morning. still have to go x'mas shopping with lio & kenta tomorrow in London. *yawn* goodie. I can sleep well tonight.

- * -

almost 1 on a sunday morning. just got a cab back from lionel and kenta's. how did our christmas shopping go? lionel was the only one who really did some shopping. the rest of us were just window shopping and admiring the stuff we WANT to buy but CAN'T. saw some pretty smashing Vans shoes by the way. oh man. I need to go shopping with mum. you have no idea how I long for her (and her credit card, of course) in London. when I go back to jb, it's like.. pth. ahlians, ahbengs, mychemicalromance wannabes... I hate the fact that ahlians are trying to do cutesy goth. I don't get why they've got to sap all that I love. last time, no one knew who Emily the Strange was, but fang and me. and then poof! everyone started wearing Emily tees. and hence, it has become so overrated. my next prediction of ahlian culture is punkrockism. why? cos' I'm very much into skateboarding, Vans, and the laid-back oasis/jet rock feel right now. but I could be wrong, since I haven't been back in months.

had good dim sum at Royal Dragon in Chinatown (according to Mr. Sato – cheenotown) though. siu mai, har gao, char siew pau, cheung fun, yong chow chao fan and some gyoza thing I didn't really like. the sago dew thing for dessert was soooo nice though..

‘Slither’ is the lousiest movie I've seen all year, I reckon. bad choice of dvd rental, boys. (lio and bako) it's like when a bad version of ‘Silent Hill’ meets uhm, porn. kids, don't watch this with mummy and daddy.

never knew how househusband-worthy kenta can be. being a typical japanese, he:
1) keeps his stuff organised. for a guy.
2) has motivational notes around the room. he has this note by his light switch that says, 'from stem to stem.' apparently, when he looks at it everyday, he'll think about how he has to live everyday to the max. or somewhere along those lines.
3) is healthy. that explains their longevity. kenta doesn't eat dairy products and he has a lot of theories regarding what you put in your body. I mean that in a non-R(A) way, ok?
4) cleans up after dinner, which was instant noodles, indomie type, jap style, complete with mayonnaise and green spring onion thingies.

p/s: you don’t wanna know how many times I’ve shed tears while watching the Mastercard ad on tv where they show people embracing their loved ones in Heathrow’s arrival hall.
Ticket from South Africa: 170 pounds.
Ticket from Sydney: 300 pounds.
Spending Christmas with your loved ones: Priceless.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006 @ 4:37 pm
whoa. it's been a long long while. what's there to say? the christmas atmosphere where I am is as thick as ever. in fact, I just blew £3 on the refectory's christmas lunch. although faisal & co. gave me icy stares (they're boycotting the canteen cos' of the high prices and bad food) but kenta and I agreed that hey! it's christmas! and we should just enjoy the christmas cheer. anyways, everyone's out to make a living, right?
sad to say, I have not done any christmas shopping. erm, except for like, mum and er, beb. that's er, by the way, kinda thing... I just so happened to see something they would like, and ta-dah! it's already in my suitcase.
ooh yeah, I'm going home next weekend. I really miss home!
till next time.