flawed work of art.
Monday, February 26, 2007 @ 2:16 pm
I'm really really lucky. you have no idea. visiting paris twice in the past 6 months. both experiences were different and each were mind-blowing in their own way.
so, at 10 pm, all 72 of us took a double decker bus (which wasn't very impressive) to dover docks, where we'll be taking a ferry to calais, and then make our way to disneyland paris. sounds pretty simple on paper. but in reality, the bus driver caused a commotion among students and chaperones alike for getting lost. a lot.

bako's wee hour b'fast on the ferry.

this is fai-jia aka faisal doing his cross-stitch. he's not gay. he's just doing it for his dentistry interviews. something about dexterity or hand stability or whatnot.

before stopping at disneyland, we made a pit-stop at val d'europe - a big shopping center. I was just happy that I got to wash up in the toilet.

as you can see, it was kinda foggy outside.

the view from our newport bay hotel, just 5 mins walk from the disney park and walt disney studios.

you would never be able to tell that we spent the night before on a bus and a ferry, having very very little sleep. that's ryan, hil, bako & sato walking towards walt disney studios.

because we have to cross the lake to get to disney village, the boys liked to taunt the seagulls and ducks en route. the hooded one is xiang, bako's the one raising his hand out and sato's prying on the other feathered fowls in the background.

there's no escaping the mc-culture.

planet hollywood disneyland paris. and some random japanese boy being modellish.

inside the studios. hello mr walt disney. not you, sato.

I was here! and so was bako's map.

yay! just in time for the parade!

outside disney park.

what d'ya know? another parade in disney park!

vampiry-looking balloon man. :D

welcome to discoveryland! home of space mountain - the most exhilarating of rides.

it's a small world after all. bleeeh. so do not like the song nor the ride. and here are bako and sato teasing me in the boat.

see, this is why I don't like this ride. don't the dollies look horrifying. *imagines chucky the doll holding a knife above my bed. eee*

seeing as time is not permitting me to continue, (maths in 15 mins) I'll blog more tomorrow or something. be patient! :D

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 @ 1:01 pm
why do I always fall ill when I travel? *cough*wheeze*sniffle*choke*vomits*

Monday, February 12, 2007 @ 7:43 pm
at ian's, ruben's, chris' & andy's. their place is THE bachelor pad of croydon. half term starts on thursday but am feeling in a holiday mood just sitting here in front of ian's ferrari lappie.
much thanks to bee-yawn for the yummy reminds-me-of-home dinner. even more appreciation to his folks for tapao-ing oodles of noodles.... bee-yawn! I'm still waiting for the kaya toast dessert!
as I'm sitting here in ian's room, hil & faisal are 'dancing' beside me to the tunes of the fratellis.
leaving for paris on valentine's night with 71 others. I'm gonna be sooooo drained on thursday after the dunno-how-many-hour bus plus ferry ride. will be spending 2 days in disneyland, one day in the lovely town of paris and the last day in versailles.
almost forgot that it's chinese new year this weekend. X) I haven't worn red in a long time. and this is the second time I'm not celebrating cny. feels like uh, nothing much, actually. heh.
can't wait to see tigger in disney! whee!
oh. and I got no valentine! :( oof oof!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 @ 12:06 pm
word of the day: wan
- of an unnatural or sickly pallor; pallid; lacking color.

that's how I look these days. thanks to the blooming weather. I know, I know, it's awfully British of me to go on about the weather, but seriously! today, I woke up to a garden of frost ie. ice ie. what you find in your freezer, you know, the white stuff? the COLD white stuff?

and yes, it did snow 2 weeks ago and it is forecasted to snow tomorrow as well. great... just what I wanted. the bus to get delayed and me having to walk to school again. oh did I mention the uhm, cold? it's fine when people pelt snow at you - harhar. but, when they slip some down your back, that's War.

looking forward to this weekend, meeting archie's sister aka gaya! woot. thinking of meeting her in camden, since she stays near angel. (uh, angel's a tube stop, by the way) it's been a year since I last went, so yeah, definitely looking forward to going back. supposed to be a really good snack shop around there. marina ices, or something like that. whatever. I still remember the good nutella crepes. yum.