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Friday, March 23, 2007 @ 12:58 pm
it's a late Friday afternoon and here I am, blogging about the lovely time I had at the notorious bachelor pad of Sanderstead. :D (yes, Ian, I know you're proud of that!)

what was supposed to be a bake-a-b'day-muffin session turned into a oh-heck-she-knows-the-surprise-already-so-let's-just-have-dinner-instead party. hilly honey, you really can't keep secrets.

it all started last week,
hil: so you wanna come over to ruben's on thursday?
me: for what?
hil: uh, bake.
me: you're baking me a cake?
hil: aha! it's not a cake!
me: a muffin?
hil: shit.
hil: but you can't go into the kitchen!
me: I already know what!
hil: oh shit.
me: aiyo. *smacks hand on forehead*

as xiang's b'day falls on the 29th, kenta's on april fool's and my dear brother-from-another-family ian's one day after mine, we all got a 'surprise' party! hoorays!




aww shucks! by the way, bjorn's cake is damn damn nice. bjorn! you truly are the masterchef!

I look like ryan when he doesn't understand how something works. but actually am holding back my *tersentuh-ness.
*touched in malay. literally.

faisal's hand is up cos' he was conducting everybody to sing 'Happy Birthday' in unison. no joke. everyone sang it 4 times, for each of us. phew!


it's our wedding!

faisal: I now pronounce you man and wife... and husband and husband.
me: whoopee. lucky me. *rolls eyes*

thanks ruben, kris and ian for letting us crash! hope we didn't get you guys into any trouble...

I'm 19!! and no, you guys aren't allowed to call me auntie, especially you, kenta.

Monday, March 19, 2007 @ 10:10 am

in the park en route to the courts. that's my Law tutor for you.

excerpt from last week’s lesson
Sir: Yes, yes, sentencing acts as a deterrent, but what else does it do?
Me: What exactly are you fishing for, Mr. Codd?
KJ: Fish! Cod! *chuckles*

almost as punny (pronounced pun-nee as a pun to funny... hil's creation) as ryan's Moonpounds joke. that's what he told me to name my café. Get it? Starbucks? Moonpounds?

last Friday was Red Nose Day, which is basically this nationwide fund-raising event for the poor. our college wasn’t excluded from all the redness, oh no, not only do they encourage everyone to dress in red, (Celine doesn't wear red. That's a fact of life, boys and girls.) someone had the ingenious idea to organise a carwash. May said it was more like a bodywash, with my bikini clad classmates getting all wet and soapy, causing a certain tutor to bite his fingers in utmost excitement and mumble under his breath. sick, I tell you.

well, I'm not saying that no one was being productive....

tell me, how does a girl in a tight red dress and high heels wash a car?

Fai-Jia Fai-Jia, always the camera whore. the red dot is supposed to be on the forehead lah.

Anna and her cake-selling business. I must admit though, her cakes are a-ma-zing.

the ever helpful Chris.

did I mention Mrs Brown and Mr Cook swapped clothes?

someone told me a male student lifted Mr Cook's skirt as he was coming down the stairs. for the benefit of everyone who was present at that time, I hope it was just a rumour.

Sunday, March 18, 2007 @ 10:44 am
went to the law courts on thursday during law period for our long awaited field trip. although the case was regarding racially provoked assault, it was kinda *yawn* boring. lawyers are boring. the jury looked apathetic and interested. I don't blame 'em. we were only in the courtroom for half an hour and I had watery eyes from stifling my yawns.
I must note that mr codd walks very slowly, more like waddles. -.- and we persuaded him to have a lesson or two in the park when it gets warmer. the sunbather in him just couldn't resist. :D
not that the weather isn't warm though. as I'm typing this, the sun is warming my black t-shirt clad back and the past week, we enjoyed lovely sunny weather. however, the weather forecast says that we're gonnna have snow tomorrow and tuesday and some say, wednesday. are you kidding me?! it's 15 degrees! pth. but I trust the forecast. they never let me down before....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007 @ 4:44 pm
just had economics test. it was ok. come on, don't break the chain of good!s, mrs hayes..... please. not before you hand in our reports. *crosses fingers*

briefly went into my 'I-wanna-die-and-never-wake-up' moods. oh man.

I miss you.

Monday, March 12, 2007 @ 2:34 pm
another happy birthday post to.....

my one and only....
jie! :D

happy birthday. I'm sure it'll be a very uh romantic one. hint to joel. sure he doesn't need any. haha.

on a private note, I just finished this book.

it's a christmas present I got from daniel. some funny bits, but a lot of classic bryson nonsensical facts my dad loves. *grimace*

Friday, March 09, 2007 @ 11:41 am
having mixed feelings about my Jan exam results. how on earth did I get C for both Accounting and Law. definitely getting my script back for the former.

celine is in study mode. do not disturb.

Saturday, March 03, 2007 @ 1:35 am
happybirthday, mummy chu!!!
[won't disclose your age. you don't look like you've aged a bit ;)] may you have many many more b'days to come.

wish I was home with you and dad... sorry I can't be there with you both. but nevermind, you can langman langman (romance romance?) with dadda. heeheehee.

thanks for being there for me. I know you always will.

oh and sorry I'm such a prick at times. :( I still love you!

aiyah. why am I even saying all that. don't think you're gonna read it. bleh. oh well.

by the way, to anyone who's reading this: I'm typing this at 0140 GMT, freezing my toes off in the dark dining room. couldn't get to sleep. those troubled teenage thoughts again. (riiiight.)