flawed work of art.
Sunday, May 27, 2007 @ 4:30 pm
eh. apa-lah. I'm a busy woman wei. exams and all. think so free ah, can update update.

waha. actually I would, but I haven't used the internet in a while now... just for my newsletter stuff. we had an end-of-term makan sponsored by our tutor-in-charge, which was good. finally, some gratitude! newsletter's coming along just fine. after the publishing company went on strike and put a damper on our autumn edition, we're combining a whole years' worth of articles and this time, it's gonna be good, nay, it's gonna be great.

I've got too much to study - it's driving me positively mad. sometimes, all of us would just stare at each other and laugh for no reason. someone send a psychiatrist!

& my weight's fluctuating. last week, I felt so skinny (with a small butt too!) and now, I feel like a bloated pregnant woman hungry for a banana split. I'm stressed!

Saturday, May 05, 2007 @ 5:29 pm
since I dunno when, my college has had this international evening event around may-ish? you're supposed to come to college in your traditional costumes of your native countries and if possible, whip up something in your kitchen as traditional and bring it in to share with everybody. couldn't remember much of last year. just that I was in my green hush puppies polo and a hairband. this year, I wore a skirt. *flutters eyelids* not desirable when we caught the midnight screening of spiderman 3. the cold froze and paralysed me from hip downwards. seriously. and bako - I was wearing underwear kay?!
uh yeah, back to international evening, this year, it was actually international day, cos' there were so many events, some got spilt over to afternoon lunch-time. I enjoyed international day. there were very 'appetising' dances, especially one that involved micro mini skirts and when they swirled and twirled, EVERYONE got to see their little black skinnies. I felt so embarassed for them. seriously. the guys were practically drooling. I should know. I was among two of the most outspokenly pervertic guys in col - bako and sato. they thoroughly enjoyed it. and I'm sorry bako, you were too busy packing up to watch the arabian butt-shaking dance. waha!
faisal, sato and bako sizzled on stage. they did Naive by The Kooks and when they switched to Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet, the crowd went absolutely wild. now, I wathed these boys practise at the studios the week before, and I anticipated this kind of enthusiastic response but sato really brought the house down with his lovable entertaining personality. at one point in the song, he paused, looked into the crowd and said in the mic, 'I can't find her. where's she?' connect that to the content of the song. yeah, anyway, the pause was super long. rivers who was next to me was shouting for an encore and I was like, 'they're not finished-lah!' one sad part was that they didn't do Hysteria by Muse due to time constraints.
by the way, spiderman 3 is ghey! (pronounced gay. but doesn't actually mean homo. it just means... eh, what does it actually mean ah, bako?? something bad-lah.) anywayy, the whole movie was a joke!! o my tian. seriously. how much more fakeness can you induce into a movie. people were actually laughing during the emo drama parts cos' it was soooo hilariously stupid. and tobey maguire looks like crap when he cries. sorry, man. shan't spoil it further for those of you who want to watch it and are gonna regret doing so after the movie. stan lee has a cameo by the way. for those of you who watch Heroes, he's got a cameo as a bus driver who picks up Hiro when he decides to leave Ando and venture alone on his mission. I love Hiro from Heroes. he is adorable beyond description. people, go watch Heroes! it's imba! (pronounced the way it is spelt - eem bah. which directly translated means imbalanced. but is used by gamers meaning... uh, actually I have no idea. it's just a way to describe the coolness of something, I think.) anyway, verdict is, Heroes rocks and Spiderman 3 is the biggest disappointment of the year. watched the new HarryPotter trailer though. can't really remember what the storyline was. just that Harry has very short hair and I can't understand why they have to go put the scene of him kissing Cho in the trailer as well. what the-?! how's that significant to the Order of the Phoenix. she was just having itchy-mouthosis. disgusting woman.
spent the night, or what was left of it anyway, at bako's. barely got sleep cos' certain people pushed me off the bed and so I got dumped on the floor squished between faisal in the sleeping bag and bako. scary fact: faisal sleeps with his eyes half-open! at first I thought he was awake and I was like, 'eh. you awake ah?' and when he had no response, bako sat up and waved in front of his face and said, 'eh dude! are you gay??' no response. that's when I shifted a bit further from faisal, whose pupils were clearly visible although he was in lala land. that is some talent. scary, but damn cool.
anyway, had mackers for b'fast, which definitely cheered me up even though my eyes were so heavy, I wondered how I kept them open for so long.
p.s: people, spiderman 3 really sucks. don't have any expectations when you go into the cinema. your disappointment will haunt you in your sleep and you will remember what I typed here.