flawed work of art.
Friday, July 27, 2007 @ 4:42 pm
Italy was great! it was a real eye-opener, places I've only seen on tv and books were brought to life right before my eyes. my mum was so excited to load the photos up and blog, she's been telling folks on the tour all about it, I think I've written her blog url more than 4 times.

if you've been catching the news, you'd know that Italy's been scorching. and I'm really sunburnt too! yikes. shall take a photo of my sunburnt feet (yes feet! with my slipper imprints) and post it here asap.

tomorrow meeting bako at his hotel and then going to buy his bus ticket back to penang on sunday. think shall drop by to say hi to lyn, goose and linhui during lunch time, we'll see.

sorry, no photos as of yet. but will be up soon, I hope!

Sunday, July 15, 2007 @ 6:56 am
day 1 (tues)
dinner in Rome.

day 2 (wed)
Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel.
St. Peter's Square & Basilica.
Colosseum & Roman Forum.

day 3 (thurs)
leaning tower of Pisa.

day 4 (fri)
San Gimignano.
Siena - Piazza Del Campo.
Verrazzano Castle.

day 5 (sat)
Academy of Fine Arts, Florence. (hey weiyi!) - think Michelangelo's David.
Cathedral & Signoria Square.

day 6 (sun)
Verona - Romeo&Juliet. (IU 2005. lol)

day 7 (mon)
St. Mark's Square, Byzantine Basilica, Doges' Palace & Bridge of Sighs.

day 8 (tues)
Assisi - St. Francis' Basilica.

day 9 (wed)

so, now you know where to find cel. heh.

Saturday, July 14, 2007 @ 7:16 pm

at first glance, I thought it was a super big football, but maybe it's cos' my eyes are playing tricks on my 2.17 am brain.
mr. bako is leaving for medan in a couple of hours time. meant to call him, but my sis & joel came home and we were hurried off to supper. not been feeling very up to food recently. yeah, you can say that I had a problem or two that kept me awake at night, that made me go 'grrr!'. still have, in fact. you call this a holiday??
ah wells, I did enjoy my short stint in s'pore. (: minus all the downs and waiting. waiting for the bus, in the mrt, for people to wake up!
my sis just came into my room just now and reprimanded me about leaving cold water cups on tabletops. bah. at least I'm a nice OCD patient. she just gets angry and scary. oh and I found it funny when kakak was cleaning everything from top to bottom cos' jie's coming back and will complain if she sees any speck of dirt.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 @ 5:28 pm
spent my monday and tuesday in s'pore with my college mates. I know we've just left college like a week plus ago, but truth is, I really miss some of 'em. (& not just bias cos' my boyfriend's included in this list)
the whole troop of us stayed in some holiday flats in pasir ris, by the beach! which I've only seen at night and it doesn't look swimmable. waha.
anyway, I met nick, chris, anna and faisal at bugis before meeting ryan & hil later after they were done with lunch. poor jet-lagged nick went home for some beauty sleep. the dude tried too hard, I think. late night barbecuing and chit-chatting, 4 a.m. prata outings and jogging in the wee hours of the morning.... we exerted the curly-haired ang moh.
faisal and I went to changi to pick up sato (heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!) at changi. blah. we were late, but we were sorry what. gomen, sato! after a quick munch at BK, ('eh. help me! do I have to speak singlish-lah?') we woke up a groggy nick back at the flats and moved into a new room for faisal, sato, bako & me. the guys were making fun of me cos' I was yelling at anyone who didn't take off their shoes before coming into the living area and picking up twistie wrappers and stuff. yeah, let's all laugh at the OCD-stricken girl.
faisal's korkor - abud tapao-ed food for us and fetched sato, faisal and myself to the airport again to pick bako up. ('celine, why are you so excited ah?') from afar, we all saw a dark haired figure reading at the waiting area and faisal was like, 'is that him?' and I confirmed that by identifying his adidas shoes he bought in uk and ran right in front of him. he wore this huge silly smile and jumped up from his seat. ('why you so nerd? reading book!')

this is how our flat looks like. say hi to ryan, hil and faijia, who's holding his pants in a weird way.

anna's so very content with her manga book. she brings it everywhere! this could've been a beautiful photo, but that's bako being such a photo spoiler again. he actually ran all the way to put his mug there.

it was burning when we got out that kenta got to show off his abs.

& this was anna's reaction.

you don't know how happy she was when she converted the 2 boys. the rest of us were just dying of laughter, as you can see from faijia and sato's expressions at the back.


brunch at newton circus. ironically, faijia doesn't eat pork.

Sunday, July 08, 2007 @ 6:24 am
the average s'porean spends half his lifetime queuing, I reckon. yesterday, I was out there, amongst the throngs of people, getting all sweaty and bothered. it was an *o kuno hito fest. I was in green (surprise surprise) in support of Live Earth, though now that I think of it, most people are just gonna mosh around in the gigs and drive home and jet-set all across the world anyway. bahh.
anyway, orchard was scary. I thought I was gonna die in a stampede or a heat wave. everywhere I saw people queuing... to get into LV boutiques, to use the toilet, to get a cab, to get on the escalator, to get into a restaurant etc. if my mom was s'porean, she'd die of complaining or we'd die of hearing her complaints. she can't even wait a minute for something.
dad, mum, bros and I had lunch at esmirada, this moroccan restaurant, which kfc brought us before last year. my mom didn't like it and she made it very clear to all who would listen. she wasn't happy about dinner either at marche's at vivo city. oh well, at least she released all that dissatisfaction with retail therapy. I didn't buy anything, wasn't in the mood and I felt ugly. yeah, one of those days where you just feel like climbing into bed and not letting anyone see you.
did I mention we were lost in the car and my bro was giving instructions via phone whilst my parents were arguing? (or maybe just mom shouting and getting anxiety attacks) it was so frustrating. I didn't wanna come home for this. I anticipate further arguments next week when we jet-set to rome. you can bet my bottom pound on it.
* a lot of people in jap.

Friday, July 06, 2007 @ 3:00 am
yesterday, I found myself melting under the sun's scorching heat whilst listening to bako complain about his hometown of medan. sigh. I wish I could help you, honey, but I myself have a ton of worries to shoulder.
like, why doesn't my motorola e398 work properly anymore. in uk, it always used to go blank, but it'd start up again. but now when I'm home, it just keeps asking me to Insert Sim. I think I need a new mobile. unfortunately, dad's brand spanking new nokia 6110 has been sent to kl for repair. he's been going on about how poor the quality is and all. my dad was never a fan of nokia's and it looks like that isn't about to change anytime soon. he said he bought it cos' it had GPS. I hope he isn't about to try getting lost in some remote area of malaysia and play hide & seek with us.
with that aside, I still need a better phone than one that keeps k.o-ing, demanding me to Insert Sim. it's already inserted la, dong!
anyway, I've always had a fetish for clamshells, but that doesn't seem to be 'in' anymore. everyone's targeting shiny slide ones.

the nokia candidate.
I like this one, always have. it's chocolate, (need I say more?) clamshelled & has a 3 MGP cam, which is good for me.

the sony ericsson contender.
I like it better in ivory. but hello? a cybershot camera integrated? I'm hooked!

& then there are cooler sony e's but they're all under 'coming soon', which I can't wait for cos' my moto is letting me down now.

tell me which ones you folks like. or any other suggestions you may have. cheers!