flawed work of art.
Thursday, September 27, 2007 @ 11:17 am
surprise surprise, I'm nursing a flu I just caught last night. and I still had to go to work. especially since I forgot about night clinic and came back from tebrau city at half past seven, uh oh.
oh well, since the policy at home is now 'don't ask, don't tell', I didn't get yelled at or anything - which I'm very appreciative of.
work was torturing. I didn't spend time with the babies cos' I didn't wanna infect any of them with my 37.25 degree germs. which was sad, cos' cinda kept smiling at me from inside the nursery. sorry kiddo, maybe in a few days.
by the way, Happy Birthday, DeeTee! thanks to you, we all got to gather and make big fools of ourselves from Italianies to RedBox. my first time to one of those karaoke things and it was dreadful how much the bill was at the end of our little concert. you know how those pirated karaoke songs don't feature the original video but of some scantily-dressed, braless woman with big fat red lips running her hands through her hair and prancing about in the middle of the street? horrifying.

kim also went googoogaga singing her favourite k-pop songs. bleh. I hate beautiful people, even those who go under the knife, that means they're both rich AND beautiful.
girls being girls, we abandoned the karaoke machine for a while (except maybe kim) to camwhore. ahahahaa. malu lah.

I miss staying away from my parents, feel like I'm an eye-sore to them when I'm here. dee, you're right. oh and thanks to everyone's tags. good thing there was no 'how could you say such things, you unfilial piece of #*$^&!%' or I'd be even more suicidal than now.

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Monday, September 24, 2007 @ 4:17 pm
I know I'm a very impatient person - God knows how people can put up with me, which explains why my ohana get mad at me pretty easily. it's either they're all really bad tempered or my 'ba zi' clash with them. fengshui no good or whatever.

'they all ah, if they get stuck in a jam to watch linkin park, they'll say it's worth it! they don't know how good life is ah! one call and the chauffeur is there to pick them up! huh!! <-insert lots of coughing in between-> they all never even take school bus before!!'

ok, that is downright shooting at me, man. cos' my brother who was the one who was whining about going to s'pore in the wee hours of the morning by public transportation and back. eh hello brother, you comprain so much, I yang kena nicely from her tau? of course you know lah, it's just that you don't care as long as you get all the benefits and other people suffer, right? tupid big cow.
and fyi, I have taken public and school buses. huh. bagi sama dia orang.
I think I got a death sentence after I rejected the "calling" of being a medical doctor. *rolls eyes* doctor hen liao bu qi meh? I'll get my lawyer friends to sue your bookwormed face.
this whole keluarga has a big fat issue. random rich man, please marry me and let's migrate to a faraway place where no one knows me and I won't be judged by the people that I've lived with all this while.

man, I'm so angry, I could snap someone's head. RAWR. life frigging sucks.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007 @ 5:38 am
I forgot to tag 5 people after my previous survey. shucks.
so now, I tag goose, xin, fang (who has already done the survey), kuzzie and mel.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 @ 1:07 pm
Fashion Survey
all things fashion!!be honest and tag 5 friends or as MANY as you want at the end of it.have fun!!

Name: Cel
Age : 19+
Location : M'sia

Store : funky skate shops in Covent Garden & Neal Street

Designers : no preference

Place to go shopping : little-known shops with not a lot of people

Brand Names : Vans. Carhartt. Uniqlo. Fred Perry. Levi's.

Colour to wear : green!

Item of clothing you own : tees, jeans, 3/4s, skirts, one prom dress, one empire line dress

Type of jeans : straight-cut. nothing else.

Type of tops : definitely not something that screams lian-ism or has bad English.

Type of shoes : havaianas flipflops. converse sneaks are oh-so-comfy. and my vans gisele flats.

Clothing on opposite sex: a shirt that fits well, with a good pair of worn-out jeans and a nice pair of sneaks.

Types of accessories: black sex bands, my prom bracelet, studs, my swarovski necklace.

What would you never be caught dead in? : a pink tutu or basically stuff jb ahlians wear. which sometimes includes a pink tutu. oh oh oh and black tights the british girls love to wear.

How many clothes in your wardrobe? : not so many as you think

What was the last item of clothing you bought? : carhartt striped black v neck.

If you owned your own fashion label, what would it be called? : celine! not to be confused with Celine - the high end fashion label.

Which celeb's style would you love to steal? : Ellen Pompeo.

Do you follow trends? : definitely not. I can't be bothered.

What's 'in' in your area at the moment? : I think it's the black tights with ballet pumps and big hoops and short hair and over-sized tee dresses.

What colour is a NO for you?: hell-raising fluorescent colours that blind the eyes.

Short skirts or Long skirts? :short cos' I look like I'm wearing sarung with long. oh but not to short. I don't do minis.

Jeans or Corduroys? : curduroys in the cold. and not-too-tight jeans.

Hats or Sunglasses? : I haven't found a nice pair of sunnies that suit my weird face shape, but am definitely looking for a pair.

Tight jeans or Baggy jeans? : baggy = comfy.

Bright colours or dark colours? : depends on the mood.

Skinny belts or Wide belts? : i have both!

.:Right Now:.
Wearing: Gap tank and 3/4 pants.

In your bag: Palmer's Cocoa Butter lipbalm, tissue paper, iPod.

Saving up for: a Canon SLR!

Wishing for: Feb when I can leave for Aussie!

.:That You Own:.
Favourite shirt: too many lah.

Favourite jeans: levi's straight cut - Eve.

Favourite shoes: refer back.

Favourite dress: my prom dress. haha.

Favourite belt: rusty spikey

Favourite Hat : N/A

Favourite Piece of underwear: I wear Boy Pants ladies boxers with dark blue and light blue stripes. oh so sexaay!

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Monday, September 17, 2007 @ 11:45 am
I dunno why people in the medical line always look down on paediatrics & gynaecologists. (note: grey's anatomy) my 'love' for kids bore its ugly head today as I told this hyperactive kid to stop running around and blocking peoples' way. even my dad was annoyed at him - stupid boy was playing with the curtain in the consultation room. bodoh punya budak. the invasion of the irritating little brats didn't end there! while I was in the nursery, checking on a newborn, yet another loud-mouth boy was banging on the glass window of the nursery and shouting. I tell you, I dunno why people want kids. when he saw his new baby sister, he then exclaimed that he didn't want her and ran off announcing to anyone who would listen. I wouldn't want HIM. hmph.
oh, been spending a lot of time with Chinda or Cinda, or however you're supposed to spell it. I carry her and play with her whenever I have free time. (which is very little) she's deadly afraid of my mother (who isn't?) and starts crying whenever she hears my mother's voice. I guess we're similar in a way, just that I get goosebumps, not in a good way either. sometimes when I see women in their late 30s and early 40s with a big tummy, I swallow my saliva and think to myself, 'poor kiddo's gonna go through what I went through, dealing with a menopausing mother. kesian.'
decided not to enter the contest, shall intend to save up moolah to get my Canon SLR. all contributions are greatly appreciated! heh, that reminds me of how I used to have a 'Help Celine in Debt' campaign in UK when I had a bank overdraft. haha. of course the only contributor was Bako. Bless him, I still have his ten quid with me. X)

Friday, September 14, 2007 @ 12:13 pm
'mummy, can we have a dog?'
'haha. *hugs son* ask your daddy, he doesn't like dogs. you know, son, keeping a dog is a huge responsibility. you know what that word means?'
'responsibility means that you have to take care of the doggie properly. like, clean up after it poops, feed it enough and so on. it's not just a toy, okay?'
'ohhh. can't daddy do it?'
'*laughs* no, son, daddy and mummy cannot take care of the dog for you, cos' you're the one who wants to have it.'
'hmm, okay.'

just a random dialogue in my head today after my bike ride and fish feeding. I must say I was sort of inspired by all the expecting mothers at work and the youngsters coming in for abortions. when I was 15, I didn't even care if I brushed my hair in the morning, let alone get pregnant. heck, I don't even brush my hair enough now.

also, introducing the very handy FoxyTunes! I tell you, iTunes + Mozilla Firefox + Google = the perfect combo. I'm sure they're somehow inter-linked. they're all useful bits of technology that I wouldn't substitute with any other.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007 @ 6:39 am
am thinking of not continuing my Italy photo blog series. shucks. does that make me a quitter? :( it's just that when the blog photos don't come out. and it's such a wasted effort! plus, am not feeling too spritzy today. woke up early for a non-working day with a sore eye. jane told me to put some urine in it. (!) eek!
all those in favour of me discontinuing the Italy photo blog, raise your fingers and type 'aye'.
also, am thinking of joining a photography competition but the problem is it's a 'get as many people to vote for you' kinda thing which I'm sure to lose since most of the people who will vote for me are all abroad. so, I don't think so..

Sunday, September 09, 2007 @ 1:40 pm
this is an advertisement to all girls aged 9-26.

have you had your Gardasil jab yet? this medical breakthrough given in 3 doses in 6 months, is proven to be an effective prevention against cervical cancer. it's rm 390 per dose, with the 2nd and 3rd dose given 2 & 6 months after the first dose. so, unless you're Aussie, you won't find any other place giving you this price. ask for details.

Saturday, September 08, 2007 @ 7:16 am
dragged to a talk on 'making the most of your investments' by my dad. it was immediately after work and I was knackered, but he didn't have time to dump me at home so that's how I ended in one of the mini ballrooms in Taat House.
the first guy was a Cambridge graduate accountant who talked about subprime, subprime, subprime. if you're stock market savvy, you'd know that the Asian market didn't do so well last month, cos' financial institutions with subprime had to sell off Asian stocks that were doing well in order to recover. I won't go into detail, but I jotted down notes here and there while he was talking so that
A) I wouldn't fall asleep.
B) I wouldn't freeze to death from the full-blast air-conditioning.

so there he was aided by his powerpoint slides, reminding me so much of my Hayes' (hey) day Econs lessons. (ok, that was a bad pun. told you I lost my flair in writing..) the China effect cropped up too, of course, how can you talk about the Asian markets without putting in at least a word or two on China.. also, recently the Chinese market has opened up to allow Chinese individuals to invest in HK, which is good news to buyers as HK shares are cheaper than the A shares in Shenzhen. ok, now I'm blabbering and have probably lost you already. let's move on...

... to the next speaker, a dynamic Chinese-accented female with a short stature but a loud voice. she highlighted on M'sian markets and how badly (or not) affected was it by subprime. the good news was no, it wasn't. and it was because of this piece of bad news - the more sophisticated a country's banking system is, the more vulnerable they were to subprime. so in a nutshell, M'sia does NOT have a sophisticated banking system. surprise surprise, huh? that doesn't mean we weren't affected at all, it just means that we weren't directly hit by it. so, yeah, while she was going on and on, I was listening to the steady rhythmic snoring of the dude behind me and handphone tones going off. were they just ignorant or do the middle-aged older generation not know what buttons to press to put their phones on silent mode? you tell me.

anyway, she created quite a controversy afterwards when this Indian white-haired lawyer (it's always the lawyers who have to have the last word, don't they?) who pointed out that M'sia wasn't doing as well as the rosy picture she painted. you see, she said that the Ringgit was gaining in strength, which didn't necessarily mean that exporters were making losses. for example, M'sian exporter buys the raw material at a cheaper price and sells it for the same price, so he could in fact be making a bigger profit. all in all, she said that the M'sian market was volatile in the short-term, but looked positive in the long-term, using the metaphor of mum's home-cooked soup, which takes a long time to cook, but it tastes better than the 3-minute express Campbell ones. the lawyer was quick to point out that his thosai seller has to close shop by 8 as he has no business and his mee goreng aunty or something used to sell 80 plates, but now only 20, so perhaps, it wasn't true that the M'sians had nothing to worry about. the poor lady just smiled and said, 'I just explained all this through figures. maybe one region is doing very much better than the other, I dunno, I'm just saying in general.' well, at this point in time, a lot of people had already vacated their seats and zoomed in for the food. (typical Asian habit) oh well. food before anything else, I suppose.

I didn't know much about bonds, so when she explained about the M'sian bond market, I was trying very hard to focus on what she was going on about. all I managed to gather was that the stock markets and bonds had a somewhat inverse relationship. when one's doing well, the other isn't. or something like that.

ok, and that's all for my extremely boring blog entry, where I got to recall on my Economics notes, not very successfully, by the way.

AD = C + I + G + (X-M)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007 @ 2:13 pm

watched this eccentric game show last night, and I must say, it's quite entertaining. despite the long commercial breaks in between and the whole tension thing with dramatic music.

I reognised the host as one half of the funny magicians - Penn & Teller. well, I think that's what they were called.

I'm really happy the Filipino dude won the grand prize of half a mil, although he was prancing about like a gay leprechaun, with penn towering over him.

okay, the game's like this. 12 people with 12 different identities, ranging from NFL football player to Russian immigrant. and the contestant has to match all of 'em to their identities. at least they don't try tricking them by like, disguising their identities through dressing them in confusing clothes.

Saturday, September 01, 2007 @ 4:10 pm
moral of the day: brothers exist (annoyingly) to remind you that sometimes, you just suck.

I dunno if it's in their anatomy or something, but they somehow find themselves more superior than their siblings, or maybe it's just the way my smelly, pompous brother thinks of himself. meh. I hope you read this, you narcissist! make sure all my girlfriends read this too and know what a pig of a man you are. (so you can stop intercepting my phone calls and instant messages asking them if they're interested)

makes me wonder how any girl would fall for him. ergh. testing my patience, he is.

'Just goes to show how bad your English is.'
'Gee, thanks.'
'It's true. your English IS bad.'
'Sorry I'm not a walking dictionary.'

somehow I felt defensive. a bit too defensive. English was the only subject I looked forward to in school, man. someone remind me not to take that unhygienic cow seriously, please?

was just thinking, maybe God created brothers to be so mean to their little sisters so they can never be interested in each other that way, get what I mean? *is reminded of soppy korean dramas where the guy falls in love with his long lost sister* yeah, well, he didn't KNOW she was his sister. I mean, it's like a 360 degree change.

'You're stupid!'
*phone rings*
'Hello? oh, you're looking for Celine? how old are you? are you pretty?'

omg. like, no chance in hell?

I always feel so bad when my friends get cornered by him. girls, I'd just hang up. B.O. doesn't go well with ladies.

my gosh, next thing I know, people are gonna tell me to take this post off cos' it's too personal. I may start getting hate mail even. but it's not like I'm exaggerating or anything. he does stink and he is mean to me. just because he has a 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card doesn't give him the right to act all smug and hoity toity.

brothers suck. (well, at least one of 'em) <- see that, that means I'm not generalising unless you think it's you.
huh. I didn't think so.

he ain't heavy.
he's just fat.