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Saturday, October 27, 2007 @ 10:19 am
sometimes I look at furbie and liken it to a baby, a very hairy baby. I mean, seriously, she's just the right size and she has to be fed and her poop cleared and everything.

Exhibit A

my big brother david is no animal lover, but furbie, well, she gives him little surprises sometimes to remind him of her existence.

Exhibit B

the bib is a necessity above the lovely baju kurung or else it'd just be a soaking wet one. (think of slobbering bull dogs)

Exhibit C

be it dogs or babies, they sure are cute.

Friday, October 12, 2007 @ 2:08 pm
today, I changed my middle name to 'calamity', because:
1) I was awoken by kak yati who was banging on the door, asking my 23-year-old brother to wake up for his elective posting, which he has been attending for the past fortnight or so.
2) after a long day at work, I came back discovering that he drank my glass of oj too. he says that it was all oxidised and just sitting there anyway.
3) kak yati proceeds to wake me up to inform me that the bread we baked the night before tak jadi.

I dunno why - I followed the recipe!

4) my dad comes home and scolds me for my mistake over the bread. although, I blame the recipe book person.
5) during lunch hour, he rubs salt into my wound by saying how stupid I am over said mistake.
6) I witnessed a patient's vomit consisting of noodles. gross.
7) newborn babies' poop........
8) I wanna work wards tomorrow so I see less of my family and hence, don't have to coop myself in my room quietly doing absolutely nothing and getting blamed for everything.

you know you read in the papers about young 14-year-olds running away from home because of something totally stupid like, the parents not being able to afford an n95 for them or something?
c'mon-lah. that's the parents' version of the story.
the older I grow, the more I believe that there's no such thing as bad kids, just parents who didn't know better. you think newborn babies come out with their first instinct being robbing some ex-Convent teacher on a motorbike?
'nuff said.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 @ 1:53 pm
First AID by deviantartist *sharadhaksar

that's a condom, if you didn't notice.

I know I'm Catholic and am supposed to discourage the use of condoms, but as a daughter of an OBGYN, I must say I support the use of this little rubber that can be bought at all major pharmacies. I emphasize that fact because I think some folks do not get that this piece of rubber could save your life.
read in the papers that cases of AIDS among M'sian women have jumped 250% since '96. most of them get it from one night stands, what's worse is that they're professionals ie. doctors, lawyers etc. you would think they'd know better. but obviously being learned doesn't necessarily mean that they use their brains for the right stuff.
when people come out of the consultation room, smiling at the knowledge that they are carrying not one, but two little fetal heartbeats melts my heart. :D who doesn't like twins?
:( I know of some who don't. she didn't even think twice before taking the lives of her unborn children, which is damn sad.
so, if you ask me if I approve of the use of condoms, I say yes - if that helps to save lives, prevents STDs like AIDS and stop people from going, 'we didn't want it' because 2 out of 10 women have unsuccessful pregnancies in the first 3 months. that's 20%!
what would you think if I suka suka delete you off the face of this earth even before you could defend for yourself?

Monday, October 01, 2007 @ 11:47 am
one saturday, cinda went on her first car ride with dad and brought her home for a little visit to see all the grannies, kakaks and funky smelling boys - though kor was too engrossed in his HotFuzz to really bother. (btw, watched that movie with goose and mel while eating greasy mcd - good times!)

anyway, back to the guest of honour I'm mentioning - the yet-to-be-legally-named big sister residing in the nursery, whom we fondly call cinda or kakak. like one sales representative said a few weeks back, the baby's got 24 mothers, all of us playing with her, talking to her as if she understands, feeding her, that kinda thing. one could say I'm pretty acquainted to the quiet tot as I carry her round and hang out with her a lot since I started labour at my dad's. speaking of which, she absolutely adores her 'atuk aka gynae who brought her into this world and the feeling is definitely mutual. no wonder mumsiechu doesn't like me much, judging by the way my dad plays with her.

facts about cinda:
- she just celebrated her happy half-a-year last wednesday!
- her name started out as a joke - cinda is the name of a female ghost on some malay show.
- she just loves to look at things, especially things she's never seen before.
- her eyelashes are super duper long and are just about the first thing people notice when they lay eyes upon her.
- she isn't for sale. we're still waiting for her dad to come claim her. he has a little less than a month left before we surrender her over to the Indonesian authorities (as her mom is Indonesian)

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