flawed work of art.
Thursday, January 31, 2008 @ 11:44 am
was in a wordy mood yesterday, but then bako called and I gave him all my words, so now am kinda lost for words. you know what I mean, right?
I got my hair done today. and I'm so weak! I succumbed to rebonding again, so now I look like a flat pancake landed on the top of my head and decided to make it its permanent home. ): fyi, my parents hate it. hatehatehate it! oh well, I used my hard-earned uniform-wearing pay! oh and korkor david said that I look thin. yeah, cos' the hair's all stuck on my face like a skeleton!
okok, chill. good thing is there's no yellowing hair on my ends anymore. it's quite happily black now. granted it's not permanent but eventually when it washes out, it'll be nice and dark brown-ish. that's what my stylo stylist said anyway.
so, I walk in wanting a treatment and a trim, and I walk out having flat kueh tiau hair. I have rebonded my hair before okay? it's just flatter than I remembered. sniff.
I had fun looking through Elle mags and gawking at the pretty clothes that I'll never wear cos' I can't afford it anyways and probably will never dare to walk out in them even if I can.
also had fun watching this JB produced sketch-like movie. OMG, I wanted to laugh my head off if that pretty salon girl wasn't pulling my hair straight until I was biting my lips. she may look tiny with 60% of her face being covered by her spa curls, but the girl sure can pull hard! *rubs scalp* oh right, back to the movie, it was kinda stoopid la, but I like these kinda stupid cheesy movies that aren't sex oriented. I mean, I can't even sit through American Pie without switching it off in the first 45 minutes feeling like I need to wash my eyes. I detest that movie. yuck! ok, there I go, side-tracking again... *shakes head* just go watch the movie which roped in Jack Neo to be one of its co-producers. erm, tell your local ah beng that it's a JB production, I'm sure it's not hard to find. (:
after I came home, I went to this wholesale fruit place which had this huge cooling room filled with crates of fruit! I couldn't even stay in there for longer than 10 secs. it was freezing! my mother has decided to give everyone fruits this year for cny. 'it's healthier!', chimes mumsiechu. wokay, mama.
after dropping 2 cartons of mandarins at the church, (they're blessed and given to all the parishioners on cny) I kostan-ed all the cars out and dropped by church again to deliver my mom's candles (to be blessed on saturday). I don't understand how the church breeds people who steal candles. she says if she doesn't label them, people will happily help themselves. -.- then, she proceeded to tell me that a sister had asked to borrow some orchids for one of the church fairs and apparently, some filipinos carted them off. >.< knowing my mother, it could be exaggeration, but hey, who steals plants from a church wei?!
this is the very flat-haired girl signing off. chowchow! (don't think I forgot you, chowxinyu, who looks like Vivian Chow! WAHAHAHAH!)

Monday, January 28, 2008 @ 2:40 pm

I promised fang I'd post this, so here it is!
not as good editing as the previous, but you have to watch this for the Milo t-shirt guy. please. I guarantee you'll laugh your head off.

Sunday, January 27, 2008 @ 7:43 am

I remember singing this while mama mak was driving, giving xin and fang wth faces.

I remember flo's imeem posting on her blog..

then, I saw this on youtube. viewer discretion is advised.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 @ 11:38 am
just the other day, we were talking about marriage (more specifically weddings) cos' I was saying that I should chase that dream of being a photographer and earn big bucks by telling engaged couples to smile wider, look happy, put their hand on his/her hand, gaze into each others' eyes lovingly... blahblahblah. just count how many wedding salons have mushroomed lah! no, just go round Sentosa area. OMG! they have overtaken the clubs!

ah beng meets ah lian at a club in said area.
B: you so pleety leh! let's married!
L: really ah?! I must have big big ring, then can show to ah hua..... eh lao gong! next door got a wedding dress shop leh! I saw a dress very pleety!!
<- insert wedding march remixed with techno ->

sorry, got a bit carried away. here are some JZG photos of the 'pleety' matrimonial couples, with running commentary, or course.

yaohuang, for the love of God (and the sanity of me - your wedding photographer), please do NOT wear black for your wedding, because you run a risk of looking like Mortisha Addams.

'yes, I see it too, dear!'

white on the other hand, is classic and oh so beautiful!

note: this photo was hard to take, had just seconds to snap it as the curious crowd of onlookers jostled to get a better view.

ok, I dunno about you but I like flipping through style: weddings. :P then, I get all embarassed for the brides who ruin their big day by either getting drunk like a fish or tripping on their train.

oh yeah, and I have a thing against people who wear white to other peoples' weddings. please don't outshine the bride, get your own wedding.

was just thinking, these photos are probably flashing on some big screen as 50 tables of guests dig in to their 10 course dinner. you know how they have those flash animation slideshows of the couple when they were babies and then a few years later, they met and fell in love... it always cracks me up to see them in their then trendy clothes and hair. WAHA! I don't see why it's necessary to advertise a photo of you (then a baby) on the potty to everyone. dahlah you are receiving your congrats from them with lipstick on your teeth. heeheehee.

I would NEVER wear these traditional chinese wedding get-ups. yes, your skin is yellow; yes, you're cheena, we get it!

daddy, you have to learn from goose/tasha how to pose properly.

Monday, January 21, 2008 @ 6:40 am
B: my hips..
C: *sings* don't lie!
B: no, they hurt... :(
C: of course! truth hurts.
B: ...
C: geddit geddit?? hips don't lie? truth hurts? HAHAHAA.
B: oookay.
- a conversation between me and bako.

oklah, another photo for you, since you're in agony over the visit to the dentist.

like the last one, taken at JiuZhaiGou, China. a crappy place with absolutely stunning waterscapes.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008 @ 11:23 am
I promise that when I go to Melbourne,

- I will study the best to my ability.
- get my source of entertainment cheaply - which means my laptop must must must be very well behaved. :D
- NOT gain weight. *snort*
- try to make friends. harhar.
- be a damn fine Accountant and get a good job.

jiuzhaigou 2007.
one of the many ponds we visited at the wretched place.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008 @ 9:08 am
when my brother David went over to SA on a business trip, the only animals he saw were...

that's damn sad. when we went to Pilanesburg in some unearthly hour in the morning, we got to see some REAL animals.
the animals in the distance that got my mother jumping up and down, praising herself for having fantastic eyesight turned out to not be lions, but zebras. found that out when we put the photos on the pc, and were like, 'ehhh???'. well, being mothers, she still insists they were lions she saw. okie dokie, whatever floats her boat.

anyhoo, we were soooo lucky (apparently) to see this guy.

he reminds me of Merman (or was it Mormon???) from Madagascar, voiced by Ross from Friends. remember that part when he got some greens on his head and he was going like, 'nature! it's all over me! get it off!!!'

who says we can never see the top of giraffes' heads?

this post is dedicated to my giraffe-loving kuzzin, for whom I bought a snoring giraffe for last year. aww. it was so cute lah - just had to buy it.

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Friday, January 18, 2008 @ 9:25 am

my hotel room in sun city, south africa.
fantabulastic! :D

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Thursday, January 10, 2008 @ 1:44 pm
I've never been so glad to be home! actually, I always wanna come back home after 2 days of my holidays abroad with my family. :/ reality show producers want drama? go stay with a Cantonese family. first, they're frigging loud, so you can ditch the microphones. second, sure ah got scandal involving at least one person. as weiyi says, 'pasti sumpah ayam'! which is why I keep a diary, when I'm nearing the end of my livelihood, will sell my scripts to a drama producer and earn big bucks. I don't like to be too personal on my blog so people don't korek my script ideas. plus, people are too kpc for their own good. I actually sometimes think of shutting down my blog.
think I might do it when I'm not so angry with life.

I recommend everyone to stay away from Egypt and just enjoy it on Discovery: Travel and Living from the comforts of your OSIM airchair and air-conditioned room.
like jiuzhaigou. *shudders*

yes, I do hate being a Chinese, sometimes.
Ni Hao, let me fart on your face.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008 @ 1:27 am
yes, as beb mentioned in my tagboard, I'm flying off again... this time to the exotic land of Egypt. like South Africa, I haven't got a choice and am positively clueless on our itenary. what I do know is that we're leaving our humble abode to brave the causeway at 2.30 pm later.

this is bad. one shouldn't start a new year off by flying off to a foreign country. but then again, one should probably start the year off by being positive. hmmm. maybe that's why my years so far have been horrid. I've never been exactly er, positive regarding new years'. it's just an excuse for alcoholics to drink and partiers to get laid. so you start writing the dates all wrong for the first week by writing 2007 instead of 2008 and you have a brand spanking new calender on your desk... so??? as a future accountant, I will be rounding up my accounts around this time of the year, which means work work work! what about stock check for the shops all over the globe? spare a thought for those in dingy store rooms everywhere counting paper clips!

so much for being positive about the new year.

oh, but I did receive a tear-jerking sms from bako at midnight local time, which will embarass him to the max if I were to type it out here, but it's not as cheesy as the m&s bakery incident. *winks gayishly at faijia*

right, I know I didn't finish blogging about my past holidays in Italy, JZG and SA. dreadfully sorry. :S

here's a few photos from our first destination in SA, which is a Dutch memorial site. most of the whites came from Netherlands and introduced religion, farming techniques etc to the locals.

dad gave me the idea to take these edgy pieces.

the scorching heat beating down.


jump on the band wagon!

the unique circular center inside.

the walls tell stories.

view from the top.

my favourite - sequencing.

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song brought to you by sarahjane aka woman. cheers!