flawed work of art.
Monday, May 19, 2008 @ 3:39 am
announcement: for those of you who couldn't see the spastic smiley fruit face 2 posts earlier, it's been fixed and everyone can look at it and break a wide grin now :)

my SLR is with my sister for the time being, she wants to check out if it's worthwhile to get herself one. my dad, as predicted, said, 'she won't know how to use one lah!' good on ya', dadda! but I did give her the manual along with the camera.... I predict that she'll call a lot to ask/complain about the complexities of the Nikon.

I shouldn't have woken up for lecture this morning, didn't know what he was going on about. all I know is that some writer called von Klein ditched his fiancee to commit suicide with a woman who had uterus cancer. writers are damn frigging emo.

Thursday, May 15, 2008 @ 4:57 pm
my sister's most recent blog post (May 15th) is in regards to her falling ill and being sent home from the hospital because she was posing a threat to the teeny weeny babies. she should've known better, I thought, since she IS working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. well, nothing very interesting there, except that in my last post, I talk about me being ill, (date on that should be May 15th as well, but I used an earlier draft..) among other uninteresting rants on giving up on writing.
can I just point out something here? isn't it more than just sheer coincidence that my sister 12 years my senior (wow!) happened to be sniffing and wheezing like a sick dog just when I am? it isn't as amazing as turning water into wine, but hey.. I'm onto something, man. just yesterday at ying thai 2, I was just telling may and jeremy how I thought twins having that psychic bond connection thing is damn frigging cool. like when one half of a twin is ill or under the weather, somehow the other feels the pain and he/she falls ill. hello!? isn't that the coolest thing to have?! a smart twin who knows the answers to all your exam questions? sign me up for a genius superhuman twin!
oh, and guess what? I didn't go to my 2-hour creative writing tutorial today, cos' I wasn't feeling too good and when I woke up after my nap, I read an sms from my classmate (who just happens to be the namesake of one of my brother's ex-girlfriend) telling me that grant (poet/writer extraordinaire) wants me to email my draft for the fiction assignment. GREAT, JUST GREAT. has no one any respect for the ill and sniffly anymore? honestly!

Saturday, May 03, 2008 @ 3:47 pm

a get well soon present from me to.... myself.
I just realised my blog has a lot of posts about me falling ill. I've fallen ill so often that when I told my mum that on monday, she totally ignored I said anything. 'sick again? chey, what's new?'
had a sudden revelation a few days ago that I can't write anymore. and I'll prove it when Grant gives back my non-fiction assignment tomorrow with a pathetic H3 again. I don't get australian writing, or their english. it's like they can't support the british system cos' they are pissed against the people who ditched them on this huge island in the first place yonks ago as convicts. so they try to be american, but end up sounding like crackpots. am craving for mrs das gupta's sudden outbursts in her perfect aristocratic english accent. argh!
sorry, I'm just angry at myself cos' my only asset ie. writing, has corroded into scrap metal due to the stupid atmosphere down under. (how's that for being metaphorical redundant huh, grant?! huh huh huh!)

I guess what I want to say is..
I've lost the will and the flair to write. no more writing for celine. period.