flawed work of art.
Wednesday, July 30, 2008 @ 3:05 am
in the middle of my first week back at uni now, and the only reason I'm at home in my jammies at noon is cos' I get wednesdays off this semester, a very balanced break in between, come to think of it.
on monday, I had a 2-hour law lecture, ohmytian. TWO HOURS. and it was my first lecture of the semester! towards the end of the 2nd hour, when he was talking about Stella the coffeeshop owner, my eyes were turning glossy and I couldn't wait for him to say his thankyou and goodbye. he's probably the oldest of all the lecturers I've had, maybe younger than last sem's QM bill though. jeremy, may and I have come to the conclusion that he looks like a gringott's goblin. they also think that our macroeconomics lecturer looks like rowan atkinson, but I don't see it. all I see is this slightly gay-mannered dude who dresses less like a lecturer and more like a zara salesman. I think it was the floral printed maroon shirt. hmm, what else? oh, we got the same lecturer for accounting, in the same lecture theatre, on the same days at the same convenient time of 9 in the morning. apparently, he's not gonna lock the front doors anymore, maybe a lot of people didn't like his no-nonsense attitude towards late-comers. funny man, trevor, is our business process analysis lecturer. I remembered him tutoring in the tutorial before mine last sem. he seems... easy-going, but got a bit iffy when touching on shutting up in lectures while he's teaching. did I mention he leaves us with a quote of the week every week? this week's was:
nothing is interesting if you are not interested. gee, okay, but how about this one I made:
no one is interested if you are not interesting. there, a little master oogway action for you.
so, that's about it really. first week has already meant analysing financial statements in my pj's on a wednesday afternoon. 11 more weeks to go.

Saturday, July 26, 2008 @ 9:21 am
the parents at melbourne airport:)

Friday, July 11, 2008 @ 2:23 pm
semester one results came out today! (don't you just love technology?)
I've characterised them in 3 ways: bad, good and great.
the bad
no first class or upper second honours, unfortunately.

the good
I passed quantitative methods I! that was the first thing I saw, since it was my lowest grade... 3 more measly marks to a pass with credit too!
others: microeconomics 65% H3
accounting reports and analysis 71% H2B (bugger)
creative writing (drumroll please) 71% H2B

the great
I got my creative writing assignments in the mail. my last fiction piece got a H1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. his parting comments were: you should send this in for publication somewhere.
mehh, then why just stop at H2B? give me at least H2A mahh :(

ps: have not told parents, cos' my mother called me today and was all *@#!^!.
does anyone know what is the right age when you can actually live your life without seeking your parents' approval? I had a vision of my dad going, 'when you earn more money than me.' sheesh, I'll have to wait another 40 years then!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008 @ 2:19 pm
faisal, I hope you still read my blog. cos' you'll never believe who I saw today. nooo, it wasn't bjorn from ABBA, but so close!
you know, I had this strange urge to bring out my slr today but I left it cos' I was thinking, hmm, just going to get some chow and then home, so nothing very exciting. but boy, was I wrong!
colin firth. meryl streep. movie premiere of mamma mia in melbourne.
OMG, right?? I was almost squished to death when meryl and colin strode into melbourne central's red carpet.
so anyway, I called chowchow cos' hey, she's like colin firth's greatest follower. and the lucky girl got his autograph and shook meryl streep's hand. meryl streep! the devil herself! bako being so nice (hello, not the time to be nice!) let the crowd step in front of him. ok, so you've seen will farrell outside odeon in london, that does not beat colin firth! we were in london for 2 years and we didn't even see colin firth's shadow!! I had to go halfway across the world, to another continent just to see that one-expressioned brit! can't believe I yelled like a silly fan girl to catch his attention. the fellow fan girl next to me went, 'mr. darcy!!' and everyone screamed even louder. I don't even like him, but I do now. being the total english gentleman, he stepped up to the crowd to sign autographs and pose for photos. may I add that his silly small asian chick of a PR didn't actually tell him to? it was out of his own good natured heart and gratified soul. awww.
was so excited, I sent a text to my dad to tell him.
"are they acting there"
"mamma mia movie premiere!"
"tot its a play?"
"er, yeah, musical, but they made it into a movie"
"so is it good?"
"the musical was. haven't watched this one, will wait for you next week ok?"
"bought ps3 recently. playing game now"
"OI! for you or daniel"
"use it to watch dvd, much clearer"

isssh. my dad is so 'potong stim' lah! and I know more ABBA songs than him, ahhaha.
wait, my dad bought a ps3. !!!! my darth vader suit-wearing dad with an official light sabre, has a ps3. a PS3! why doesn't he give me more money?? DAD!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008 @ 5:16 am

celine's john dory with lemon butter sauce.
who says I can't cook?

Friday, July 04, 2008 @ 3:02 pm
bako just trimmed my hair for me.
maybe that's why I feel so light-headed.