flawed work of art.
Thursday, September 25, 2008 @ 4:07 am
am currently in the brand spanking new Frank Tate learning center in uni. it looks like one of the creations of the long-haired interior designer that did my dad's house. on a tight budget, of course. hang on, I just got interrupted. xianzhong is right opposite me eating his home-cooked broccoli, carrots and scallops stir-fry and it's caught my attention. yummm, tastes like kak yati's. :)
oh yeah anyway, I don't know who Frank Tate is, but his place rocks. the collaborative working space is a nice open discussion area, while opposite is the cosy Reading Room, complete with plush sofas and swivel armchairs. wait, did I mention the z wave music? I can't remember the technicalities, but apparently, what I thought was daddy's classical music playing in the background is actually artificially made z wave music, which is conducive to a studying environment. I remember that's what Supercamp taught us as well, listening to baroque while studying is actually good for you. and it's tried and tested. look at my ex-housemate, hilary! currently 2nd year med in King's College London. waha! :D
xianzhong is still eating his broccoli and carrots.... smack him, somebody!
two days ago, I watched Wall-E with the rest and it was nice! I remember watching the trailer going, 'eyer, what weird robot movie is this?!' but, boy, was I wrong. I like how when Wall-E gets recharged (via solar panels), he goes 'thung!' like when you start up an apple computer. see, apple is the best! oh, but xianzhong said apple used to own pixar, which explains it. and there's this OCD robot called M-O (pronounced Mo!) who goes, 'foreign contaminant!' and uses his brush-like hands to scrub off scum. hehe. so cute, my favourite character in the movie.
okay, back to Accounting assignment. so darn difficult! :(
note: thanks to bako for attempting to explain what z wave music was. hahahaha.

Saturday, September 13, 2008 @ 8:15 am
when you look with your eyes,
everything seems nice.
but if you look twice,
you can see it's all lies.
-ldn: lily allen-

she's smarter than people give her credit for, really.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 @ 4:31 am

ah, spring! first word that comes to my mind when I think of spring is uh, spring cleaning... those IKEA catalogues have really gotten me good.

the above photos were taken in botanical gardens of tassie... in winter, actually. yes, that's right, I'm determined to finish my tassie tour which was almost 2 months ago.

the words above are translated as follows: japanese gardens.
unfortunately, the ponds were empty, with the gardeners still working on them.

check out daddy's smirk.

which is a contrast to the way he looks in this photo. now, this - this is THE highlight of tasmania. (in my view anyway)

dude, dad, we're in Cadbury Land, be happy!

nevermind, I'll just take the photo without your gloomy face.

ah, much better. by the way, Mr. Cadbury bought this plot of land and named it Cadbury estate. he donated a portion of the land for the building of a school nearby. how cool is that?
"so, which school do you attend?"
"oh, you know, the one on Cadbury Lane."

look up! up! the humongous bar of dairy milk. *salivates*

cadbury school bus! no, only kidding.

full speed ahead to the hobart maritime museum!

daddy with his best pirates of the Caribbean pose.

I think NASA got inspiration for spacesuits from these old underwater walkers. :)