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Tuesday, October 07, 2008 @ 6:36 am
in the last couple of weeks, the world has seen the world economy react due to the bankruptcies of financial institutions and more recently the US economy bailout by the Feds. imagine, 6% of the country's GDP to save a flailing economy.
anyway, big news in Australia. the reserve bank cut rates by 1% today. that's a lot by the way, considering that before last month, Australia had never faced a cut at all in the past 7 years. my lecturer nilss was so excited last month when there was speculation that the reserve bank was cutting rates by a quarter of a percent. lately, there's been widespread rumour that there was going to be a half a percent cut. in lecture today, he said that he was going to be beside himself with excitement if that were to happen. (he shows the live announcement during his 2.15 class. yes, it's his version of Australian Idol results show) anyhoo, when we found out about the 1% cut, duane said nilss was going to piss in his pants. I kinda imagined him to be all jumpy and excited and then collapse cos' his poor ticking heart couldn't take it. take it easy, nilss, if you're reading this. I can't wait to hear what you have to say on thursday's lecture.
on the plus side, I've gotten rid of my two assignments that are due tomorrow. it's just thursday's accounting assignment that is troubling me, gwah.
ok, back to work!