flawed work of art.
Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 5:56 am
good news: got a tenant to takeover my apartment in january! that means I only need to pay my rent up to december. woo! proves that God really does answer my prayers - thank you!
thing was I've been fretting over this for months, what to do when I pack up and go home but still have to pay rent for an empty apartment? plus, have also been trying to get a suitable 2 bedroom apartment that's available when xin & I come back around feb (but so far no luck, will keep trying). most are available either now or in december.. which landlord doesn't want to collect rent in the summer months right?
disclaimer: stop reading here if you think your parents are perfect/think you're a perfect parent. if you're the former, well, guess who won the genetic lottery and if you're the latter, you're just too big-headed, no one's perfect.
anyway, t'was just yesterday that the 'rents called up bright and early to give me a lecture about that. remind self to repeat very clearly and slowly to mother so as to avoid being misunderstood. I understand that dad totally didn't know what was going on but upon being egged on by mum, (could hear her booming voice in the background) took out his frustration upon me. also understand that money doesn't grow on trees and have not signed any contracts or done any formal agreement yet. have not even filled out an application yet. 'nothing is concrete or set in stone,' I told dad. we just have to keep looking around. dad finally understood and after hanging up, I expected the usual talk between the 'rents. mothers have a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill, at least mine does, but I have yet to see one that doesn't. ok, hordes of them don't air their dirty laundry out in public, but we all know what goes on behind closed doors. I believe I've heard the term 'mothers know best'. sometimes they think they do, when they should just listen first. I don't understand why they'd rather listen to their so-called adult friends and doubt their kids. why would I squander my dad's hard-earned money right? he brought me up better than that. I know of kids my age who burn cash like it's paper. (even so, should always recycle paper rather than burn 'em) am not saying I'm the perfect kid, but I KNOW what I'm doing. and if I didn't, I'd get help. I don't need some annoying know-it-all airhead auntie telling my mother that law is a doomed career or that her daughter went to oxford (brookes). no offence, weiyi. inilah reason aku nggak mau balik kampung, semua politics ni beh shiok lah. blum sampai rumah dah kena tembak kao kao.
dude, I miss swearing in my nyonya malay. as can be seen, I was quite peeved the whole of my sunday and hence served a haphazard dinner that was far too oily for my taste. and who the hecks burns spaghetti? sheesh.
but that's all over now, as there's good news today! whoopee!

Thursday, November 13, 2008 @ 9:55 am
tomorrow's my last exam of the ahem, freshman year - yay! no no, no clubbing or whatnot, just good clean window shopping and the occasional trying something on. :D
today's ATA: I actually had time to finish everything, but I left like a few gaps here and there cos' I didn't know how to do it. like seriously, I just blinked at the question. so no one said it was easy, okay, everyone thought it was a killer. he made everything so difficult lah!
am going through my bpa notes now. it's so heaty in my room that I dunno if anything's going through my thick skull.

Goals of the Purchasing Process under Purchase-to-Pay cycle:
- identify potential suppliers
- meet targets
- maintain inventory integrity
- receive payment

and for the Payment Process:
- active awareness of payables
- accurate records
- payments
- proper use of funds

Sunday, November 02, 2008 @ 7:25 am
Tues 11/11: Introductory Macroeconomics
Weds 12/11: Principles of Business Law
Thurs 13/11: Accounting Transactions & Analysis (the killer!)
Fri 14/11: Business Process Analysis

ok, ATA is the one that's gonna murder me. those who got it over and done with last semester told me the horror stories already.
1) I'm not going to finish all 12 questions in 3 hours. it is ridiculous.
2) you WILL come out of the exam hall pale, shivering and sweaty.
now I know why there's a shortage of accountants down-under. geez.

I feel like I've been preparing for exams for far too long, man. yeah I do my tutorial work and readings every week but I think I actually got down to the nitty gritty more than a month ago. my petrol tank has 3/4 less volume than when I started, and exams aren't even here yet. :(:(

what's worse is that we've already picked out our subjects for next year. as I'll be majoring in both Accounting and Finance, I really don't have much choice, not even when it comes to breadth. so far, nelsie and I are the only ones who've gritted our teeth and put down ICT for the next two years. *shudders*

I really can't wait to go shopping!!! saw some great stuff at billabong.com. yes, I've resorted to online catalogue snooping, which is very reminiscent of my ex-housemate hils. haha. speaking of which, am moving out from college square end of this year and moving in to a bigger, better apartment with a new housemate - a not-so-new chowchow. :) trying not to think of all the bitch talk and petty fights which I know is bound to happen but myeh, should be nice to have someone to bug besides bako heh.